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Even the tinyest of flames can turn into a fire!

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Courtney's P.O.V

I came back from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in my hands and passed it to the crying mess who was sitting on my couch, namely Frank.
His hair was greasy and messed up covering half of his face. His eyes were red from the night before and there were fresh tears building up in his eyes. His eyeliner was smuged down his cheeks and he was still in the same clothes he wore yesterday.

"It will all work out Frank" Gerard said as I motioned for him to move up on the chair so I could fit on.
"That's what I thought until last night Gee" He let out a small snicker "You know... I actually thought I may have stood a chance with her...maybe...just one day... but I was stupid to think that, I mean why the hell would she want me?"

"Frank don't" I said sturnley, he shouldn't be getting himself down like this, no one wants to see him going into depression again.

"Why not? It's true" He looked to the floor and sighed "You should have seen him... remember years ago when she used to go on about her perfect man, she would talk about him for hours, remember him?"

"Johnny Depp" Gerard interrupted

"Yeah, well that's him, that's her Johnny Depp, he even looks like him, only younger" He sighed again.

I walked over to him and knelt down in front of him.
"You do know that when she used to say Johnny Depp she didn't actually mean him... she was talking about someone else, someone she'd loved for a long time, someone who goes by the name Frank Iero, she just never wanted to tell you because she was scared?" I said as he slowly looked up.

"W-why?" He stuttered

"Incase you rejected her" I replied, he laughed slightly at what I said.

"How could I ever say no to her, she's the most beautiful girl alive" He mumbled, i heard Gerard let out a little cough and I saw Frank grinning before I turned round to see Gerard quickly hide the hand he had pointed towards me.
"Well, the most beautiful girl in the world to me" He said as I looked back towards him.

"Then fight for her" I whispered as I gave him a kiss on the forehead before I went upstairs to get ready.


Hollie's P.O.V

I stood in the freezing cold waiting for any sight of him.
"Come on!" I mumbled to myself
"The doors of the airport slid open and there stood Jared with his suitcases in his hands. He looked around and saw me as he dropped his bags to the floor. I started running as fast as I can towards him and he did the same to me. We met in the middle of the road and crashed into each others arms as he span me round.
"I've missed you so much" I mumbled into his jacket.
"I've missed you too babe" He answered putting me down but still keeping a tight grip on me. We started to lean in for a kiss when a car beeped it's horn, we looked to the side and realised we were holding up angry taxi drivers.
When we got onto the pavement Jared spoke up.
"I've got something to ask you" He got down on one knee and reached into his pocket. At which point I could feel all the oxygen escaping my lungs and I began to feel quite queasy!
"Hollie... I love you so much, and being apart for so long just made me realise that so..." He opened up a small box that he held in his hand to reveal the most beautiful engagement i'd ever seen.
"Hollie, will you do me the honour of being my wife?" I stood in shock for a few seconds until I finally let the breath escape that I had been holding in for about a minute and screamed a Yes and pulled him into my arms. After a long hug he pulled back and grabbed my hand, slowly putting the ring on my finger whilst saying...

"Mrs Hollie Leto"


Hayleah's P.O.V

I sat in Starbucks trying to clear my head of the many thoughts running quickly through it. I started to feel dizzy from all the thinking so I sipped the last of my coffee and stood up to leave. I turned round sharply and collided with someone.
"Sorry" I said keeping my head down and carried on walking.
"Hayleah?" A voice perked up from behind me
"Jason?" I replied, he smiled and pulled me into a kiss but surprisingly I pulled away.
"What's wrong" He asked and it was at that point that I saw that his eye was all bruised.
"Is that a black eye?" I asked lifting my hand to touch it but he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug
"It's nothing babe, just some lad that came over to me after you left last night" He said to my shoulder.
"A mugger?" I asked as I pulled away for the second time to study his face
"I thought so... but he didn't take anything from me... he just started hitting me and then he ran off" He replied
"Did you see his face?" I asked now extremely curious and strangely worried.
"No, he had a red hoodie on and his fringe was covering half of his face all I could say was that he was small, about 5'4 and I think he had tattoo's on his fists, as obviously that's the last thing I saw before he punched me". He replied, he stood looking at me for a while as I just stood thinking 'Small, tattoo's, sounds like...'
"Are you okay?" He asked snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Oh yeah, I'm fine, but I better get going, I've got a few things to sort out" I said beginning to walk away. Suddenly I felt him wrap his arms around me and spin me around before his lips crashed into mine for the second time, except this time I didn't pull away. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he deepened the kiss. The flicker of a flame that I felt for him before turned in to a rageing fire quickly burning up inside me. I know he felt it to because i felt him smile into the kiss before I realised that I was as well.

And my thoughts of Frank just seemed to float away...

You like? I hope so! =]This is the first chapter i've kinda been happy with!
Thank you very muchly
much love xxx
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