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Chapter 10 - I don't love you... Or do I?

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Courtney gets a shock, Hayleah realises something!

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Courtney's P.O.V

I woke up and smiled as I saw Gerard's smiling face asleep next to me. I tried to move but realised that I was locked in his grasp. Dammit I need the toilet, Slowly I grabbed his arm and lifted it from around my stomach. He turned over and started mumbling.
"Ummmm... Courtney"
I giggled and quickly remembered how much I need the toilet and ran to the bathroom.

I walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen. WHAT THE!?!
I looked around to see empty beer bottles all around the kitchen, Has Gerard started drinking again. I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!
I picked up the phone and dialled Mikey's number, as I waited for him to answer I wondered into the living room.
Just as I finished shouting I saw Frankie popping up from under the covers on the couch, I heard Gerard getting out of the bed.
"FRANK WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!" I shouted angrily before getting my breath back.
"Stop shouting. Jesus Christ women, my head" He replied rolling off the couch, so it was him that was drinking last night. I heard Gerard running down the stairs and turned around to see him in his boxers and I started smiling.

Hayleah's P.O.V

"So how did your date go last night?" Hollie asked as I stopped drinking my coffee and sat back in confusion.
"How did you know?"
"I saw you meeting him at Starbucks, I was with Frank" She answered raising an eyebrow and I looked up again.
"Did he..." I began.
"Yep, I tried to convince him that it was your brother, but I forgot that he knows almost everything about you and that you don't have a brother and I guess it didn't help that Jason then shoved his tongue down your throat." She replied.
"Shit" was all I could say.
"So then Frank stormed off and I haven't seen him since" She continued.
"You mean he didn't go home?" I asked
"Nope, but I phoned around and apparently he slept at Gerard's" She answered "So how did it go?"
"Okay I guess" I said getting up and putting my empty cup into the sink
"You guess?" She asked
"Yeah, I mean he's really nice and everything but... well... oh I don't no" I replied
"Was he bad in bed?" Hollie said
"WHAT... no... I mean I haven't slept with him, I don't sleep with someone on the first date"
"Oh, well what is it then?" She pushed.
"I don't know" I said leaving the room
"IS IT FRANK?" She shouted after me and a sudden realisation came into my head.
Why didn't I like this Jason? He's cute, sweet, funny and Hot. He's the proper gentlemen, he's almost perfect except... well... he's not Frank! I heard Hollie's footsteps coming up behind me and I felt myself mumbling the only word that meant anything to me now.
"Yes" I walked out of the front door and was about to get into my car when I turned round to Hollie to find and giant smile on her face and I could tell she knew what I was thinking.

I still love him!

Hey! Sorry it's been a while, but i've got a whole week off college now so i should be able to update a bit more... and once i've finished writing this story i'm thinking of writing another one and i just wondered what you guys think of the first part, so here it is...

These probably won't be the names used but i just couldn't think of some, and i think it will be an Auditions story!

It's going to be about MCR but inspired by Vampire Knight (if you've not seen it then watch it cos its awesome)

"Jessy come on were not supposed to be out at this time" I pleaded with her as I looked around for any sight of another person.
"Oh come on Kelly, what is there to be afraid of?" She asked. I spun round
"Shhhhh don't say that, the person who says that is always the first to die" I whispered. She rolled her eyes and carried on walking into the darkness of the woods.
"You watch to many horror films" She shouted back towards me.
"Wait up" I shouted back chasing after her.
The further we went into the woods the darker it got, the trees seemed to be closing in around us and they were growing taller and taller towering over us just to make the point that there's no escape.
"I can't believe you've got me traipsing through the woods at..." I looked at my watch which I could just make out in the moonlight "1 o'clock in the bleeding morning, just so you can get a look at the night students, you realise if we get caught then we'll be expelled don't you?"
"Shhhh" Jessy said cutting me off "Did you hear that?" She asked
"Stop messing around Jess, it's not even funny" I replied shooting my eyes from side to side.
"I'm not joking just listen will you" She said before we both went silent. There was a rustle behind the bushes closest to me and I jumped to the side.
"I think we should go back now" I said turning round, just then the rustling started again but even louder.
"It's getting closer" Jessy whispered
"Exactly, so lets go already" I replied pulling on her arm.
We started walking, jogging, running, sprinting back towards the school as fast as humanly possible until I could finally see the little hope I had in front of me as the light from the school swarmed around me when I reached the end of the woods. I collapsed on the floor in a choking fit. When I finally got my breath back I spoke up.
"You know... we were probably just over reacting... I mean it could easily have just been a rabbit" I said scrambling to my feet.
"Jess..." I looked round but I couldn't see her "Jess" I said a bit louder as I looked into the woods "JESS" I screamed. I started to panic, when did I lose her, it was so dark and I couldn't see anything, but I could still hear her running behind me until I got out into the light.

Was the footsteps her running behind me, or maybe they wasn't running with me, maybe they were running after me.

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