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I CAN wait for tomorrow!!!

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Maille's let in with the secret!

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Hayleah's P.O.V


I tossed and turned in my sleep.
"GO AWAY" I shouted back to whoever it was, but the shouting just got louder and now they were banging on windows and screaming through the letter box. Oh for god's sake can't anyone get a good night sleep around here. I looked at the clock 11:03am.


"I'M FUCKING AM" I shouted back, if this isn't a life and death situation then I'm going to kill this person. I sluggishly creeped down the stairs and opened the front down to a very tired looking Hollie. She flew past me and into the living room gasping for breath.

"Oh come on in Hollie, don't mind me" I mumbled to myself as I went after her.
"This better be good" I said sitting down.
"I've got a big problem I..." She began just as there was another knock at the front door. I stood up and went to answer it, at the door stood Maille, Karina, Sarah and Courtney.

"What's up?" I asked letting them in.
"Urmm it's the bridesmaid dress fitting today remember?" Sarah said.
"Oh yeah" I answered
"Yeah, now hurry up and get dressed already so we can get going" Courtney said ushering me out of the room.
"Fine I'm going, we'll talk later Hollie" I said
"Okay" Hollie shouted after me.

I finished getting dressed and began walking down the stairs.
"OMG do you really have Lolita clothes?" I heard Maille asking Hollie

'It's a Beautiful Lie
It's the Perfect Denial
Such a Beautiful Lie to...'

"Hayleah you're phone's ringing... Jason... who's Jason?" Karina asked as I pelted downstairs and grabbed the phone.
"Just someone I work with" I answered and ran in to the back garden to answer it.
"Hi Hayleah, it's Jason"
"Oh Hey, what's up?"
"I was just wondering if you were doing anything tonight"
"Urmmm no, I don't think so" I was now twiddling my hair, I've not done that since high school.
"Cool, well do you want to come out for dinner then" Orrrrr he sounds so nervous, it's cute.
"Sure, where to?" I asked
"Oh urmmm, I don't know"
"Well I guess I'll decide then"
"Okay, yeah, see you then, oh, where do you want to meet?"
"I'll meet you at Starbucks at about 7"
"Yeah, bye then"
"Bye" I put the phone down and went back inside.
"Ready?" Sarah asked
"Yeah" I replied.

We all piled into two separate cars as there wasn't enough room to get into one. There was Sarah, Courtney and Karina in one car and Me, Hollie and Maille in mine.

"Where did you get the money for this?" Maille asked looking around the car and playing with all the gadgets.
"Oh... I just saved up" I responded keeping my eyes on the road.
"Yeah right, you were never able to save money" She said now messing with the electric windows.
"Well I've got a decent job" I said turning the corner sharply to avoid a cat in the road.
"It's a bit more than decent" Hollie perked up
"What?" I asked
"Nothing" She mumbled "So about what I was going to tell you"
"Well remember what I said the other day... you know about the visit thing off you know who" She said now whispering.
"Well it's happening a bit earlier than I expected"
"How earlier... GET OUT OF THE FUCKING ROAD JACKASS" I shouted to a pedestrian who'd just ran out in front of the car.
"As in tomorrow earlier" She said as I almost missed the red light and nearly crashed into the others in Courtney's car.
"Who's visiting?" Maille interrupted, she must have finished looking around the car.
"No one" I answered
"Well you know I'll find out anyway so you might as well tell me now" She answered slouching back in the back seat pouting. I looked over to Hollie and she let out a big sigh before she began explaining.

~Time Laps 5 mins~

Maille sat back in shock as Hollie finished explaining.
"Wow" Is all she managed to say
"OMG is Mallie actually speechless" I said as we pulled up at the mall.
"Any ideas of what to say to Frank?" Hollie asked hopefully
"Urmmmm... no" She replied
"Don't tell anyone Maille" I demanded as we got out of the car.
"I won't" She answered smiling
"What?" Hollie asked
"Oh nothing, I just can't believe you're going out with Jared Leto" Me and Hollie spun around.
"Shhhhhh" We both said as we walked up to everyone else.
"Sorry" She replied.


We sat outside the dressing room waiting for Sarah to come out in her wedding dress. No one had seen it yet so everyone was very anxious.

"Ready" Sarah shouted and we all sat up and waited for the big reveal.
She walked slowly out of the dressing room and everyone sat in shock and no one spoke. She looked so beautiful, her dress was long and tight, fitting her perfectly and then it flared out at the bottom with a small trail at the back. It was white and red with ruffles in all the right places and I couldn't see a single thing that looked out of place. (If you want to see what I mean then go here: I thought of it in my head first but then I found this and it's perfect)

"OMG you don't like it" Sarah said sounding panicky.
"Oh no... It's perfect" Karina said
"Yeah you look stunning" I perked up. She let out a big sigh of relief.
"Good" She said "Now it's your turn" looking at us all then she turned round and went back into the dressing room. Suddenly we were all whisked into separate rooms by the shop assistants where we all had our dresses. (This is what they looked like: it's the red one) Wow she certainty knows how to pick dresses.
I walked out of the dressing room at the same time as the others to see Sarah already changed and sat waiting for us, she looked us all up and down as we did the same to each other.
"Perfect" She said.

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