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Just an Authors note

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-08-20 - Updated: 2008-08-20 - 124 words

okay so i don't have long on here so i'll make it quick, sorry i haven't been updating as much on here as i'd like to be but i'm REALLY busy at the moment and not sure when i'll get the spare time, i would of put it up tomorrow but i've got to go get my exam results and go for enrollment, and i'm busy friday aswell. Today i'm not feeling so well (to tell the truth i feel like crap) but i've got a party to organize also but i will proberbly be able to get it up at weekend some time. Just thought you guys ought to know.

Thank you for your patience
and thanx for reading

much love xxx
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