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Chapter 8 - Coffee Shop Romance!!!

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I think Christmas has come early!

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Hayleah's P.O.V

As I pulled into a car park just outside a Starbucks I heard a phone ringing.

It's a beautiful Lie,
It's a perfect denial,
It's a beautiful lie to...

Oh that's my ringtone. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, nothing. Then I heard Hollie speak up.
"Hello" She answered as we got out of the car. "Oh hi hunni"
Me and Frank looked at each other and I could see the older brother in Frank about to pop out.
"Really?" She continued "That's awesome...Okay... well I'll see you soon then... love you too babe... bye" With that she put the phone down and looked up at us staring at her.
"What?" She asked.
"I'll let you go first Frank" I said as I walked into Starbucks.
"Who was that?" He asked as they sat down and I went to the counter.
"Is it any of your business?" She said.
"Well it doesn't have to be, but if you don't tell me then I'll just have to phone mum up and see if she knows anything about it" He replied pulling out his mobile.
"NO" Hollie shouted getting a few weird looks from people.

"Excuse me miss, can I help you" I looked around and saw that I was next in line.
"Oh sorry" I said looking up at the person serving. Wow he's hot! I stood staring at him for a while but he didn't seem to object as he was staring as well. He had black hair in a sort of emo style swept over his eyes, I could just about see his eyes were a very dark brown, almost black, he had his lip pierced and he had a plug in his ear. Wow I think Christmas has come early this year.
I decided to stop staring and pick up my jaw from the floor when I heard Frank shout.
"Come on Hayleah I'm in desperate need for some coffee here".
"Sorry" I shouted back.
"Urmmm, can I have a 2 Cappuccinos and a Black coffee please" I said as he seemed to snap out of his thoughts.
"Oh sure" He said turning around to the coffee machine "Wouldn't want to keep your boyfriend waiting"
"He's not my boyfriend" I said to his back.
"Oh good" he mumbled.
"Good?" I asked now with a big smile on my face, I must have looked like a clown 'coz I was grinning from ear to ear with rosey red cheeks.
"Yeh" he said handing me the coffee's. I gave him the money and was about to say something else when I heard frank practically screaming.
"WHAT?" He shouted.
I grabbed the coffees and sat down.
"What the hell is wrong with you" I asked as Frank quickly grabbed his Black coffee out of my hand and started drinking it.
"All I said was that I'm going out with someone called Jared" Hollie said as I passed her, her cappuccino.
"And the next bit" Frank said in between sips.
"Oh yeah, haha and the fact that he's 18" She said nervously.
"So" I said still looking over at the lad behind the counter.
"SO!?!" Frank shouted as I turned back round in shock.
"Frankie shhhhh" I whispered lowering my head "You're making a scene"
"I don't care... A sixteen year old girl can not go out with an eighteen year old boy... it's perverse" He said
"It's not that bad" I answered.
"Yes it is, and what are you taking her side for"
"I'm not I just think you're over reacting" Suddenly he stood up.
"Dammit... I need the toilet, this isn't over" He said pointing at Hollie and then me, he walked over to the lads toilet.
"So what's his name again?" I asked
"Jared... Jared Leto" She answered as I spat my coffee forward.
"As In THE Jared Leto" I said looking around for some napkins.
"Yeh" She replied with a small smirk appearing on her face.
"OMG how did that happen?" I asked curiously. I looked round and saw Frank coming out of the toilets.
"Don't answer that" I said turning back towards Hollie "Oh and don't tell him Jared's second name"
"Why?" She asked
"Because Frank hates Jared Leto" I replied
"Shit" She whispered "Did I mention that he's just got off tour and he's coming round in a couple of days"
I shot a worried glance at her as Frank sat down on the now coffee soaked chair.
"What the hell?" He mumbled standing straight back up.
"Oh yeah, I had a bit of an accident" I said smiling innocently.
"Let me get that for you" I voice from behind me said. I turned around to see the lad from behind the counter.
"Thanks" Frank said moving out of the way. He started to wipe down the chair and table and then went to grab the 3 cups but started struggling as he already had 2 in his hands.
"I'll get them" I said as Frank shot me an evil glance.
"Thanks" The lad said with a warm smile
I walked to the counter and was about to walk back to the table when he spoke up.
"I'm Jason by the way"
"Hayleah" I replied
"So I was just kind of wondering... well you know... If you maybe wanted to go out sometime... I mean it's okay if you don't" He said nervously, I looked over at Frank and felt slightly guilty, WAIT! Why should I feel guilty? I turned back round.
"I'd like that" I said
"Oh really" He answered looking up "Great" He got a piece of paper from the side and written his number down and I did the same.
I went back over to Frank and Hollie and grabbed my bag quickly stuffing the piece of paper into it and walking towards the exit.
"What was that about?" Frank perked up as soon as we got outside.
"Nothing... he was just thanking me for helping" I answered.
"Really?" Hollie asked with a raised eyebrow. I gave her a warning glance and then smiled.
"So what was that Jared's second name again Hollie?" I asked
"Shhhhhh" She responded making sure Frank didn't hear.

We got into the car and drove back to Maille's place.
We walked into the front door cautiously looking into every room but couldn't find anyone, we walked into the back garden but still couldn't see anyone. All of a sudden everyone appeared and next thing I knew I was shoved into the pool along with Hollie and Frank. I managed to throw my bag forward just in time so that it didn't go in as well.

"That's what you get for waking us all up this morning" Ray shouted as I clambered out of the pool.

sorry there wasn't alot of people in this one but i had to fit it in somewhere.

So Frank's not happy about Jared, he'll be even unhappier when he finds out who he is, and i wonder how he'll feel about Jason!
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much love xx
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