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Chapter 7 - WAKE UPPP!!!!

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Wakey Wakey lol...

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Hayleah's P.O.V

I woke up and dopily sat up holding onto my head and trying to remember everything that happened last night. After a while we had all decided to have a few drinks, OMG underage drinking, I've never heard of such a thing! Lol. Anyway I looked around the room to see Gerard and Courtney snuggled up on the reclining chair, Bob and Sarah had claimed the sofa using the we're inviting you all to the wedding excuse, Maille and Ray, well I couldn't see them so they must be in bed and Mikey and Karina were no where to be seen. There's no point in me mentioning Frank and Hollie because I know they will already be up, they were morning people, unlike me. I stood up and stretched as I felt my back crack back into place. Me, Hollie and Frank had slept on the hard wooden floor under a double bed quilt Ray had brought down for us.
I sluggishly walked out of the living room wiping the sleep out of my eyes and not looking where I was going, big mistake. Next thing I knew I came crashing to the floor, I looked towards my feet and saw Mikey and Karina asleep, I mean who sleeps in the hallway?
I scrambled to my feet and looked up to see Frank and Hollie giggling quietly to themselves trying to divert their eyes from me.

Frank's P.O.V

I looked around to see Hayleah on the floor. She must have fell over Mikey and Karina, they just turned over and carried on sleeping. I started giggling quietly to myself and I looked over to Hollie who was doing the same. Hayleah got up and looked towards us, we quickly looked away from fear that we might burst out laughing, and get something thrown at us, Hayleah really wasn't a morning person, I know this because when we were younger I tried waking her up by scaring her so I climbed through her bedroom window, and well lets just say I didn't make it to far before I ended up on the grass below with a fractured arm.

Hayleah walked over to us and sat down on the breakfast bar next to Hollie.

"How was your trip?" Hollie asked and I just burst out laughing.
"Huh?" Hayleah responded. I looked at Hollie.
"Give her time to wake up, she'll soon figure it out" I said smirking.
"Shut up and make me a damn coffee Iero" She mumbled into her hands. Hollie looked at me for a second not sure what to do.
"She means me" I said clearing up the statement as I walked over to the coffee machine.
"So what we doing today?" Hollie asked.
"Going home and getting back into bed" Hayleah said now with her head fully on the table.
"Noooooo" I said passing her the coffee, she mumbled a thanks and started to drink it.
"Should we wake everyone up or leave them asleep?" I asked sitting down as Hayleah looked up from her coffee. I looked over at Hollie and saw a small smile creep across her face and she got an evil glint in her eyes that she used to get before she caused a riot! Some things never change. Hayleah must of noticed it as well because she shot a worried glance at me.
"Lets go!" Hollie said jumping up.
"Where?" I said, she ran out the front door without saying anything. Hayleah and I looked at each other before we charged after her.

Hayleah's P.O.V

Turns out that she wanted us to go to the nearby shop. Me and Frank waited outside until she finally came out with 3 football horns (really loud horns, if u don't know wot they r). We ran back to the house laughing until we got to the front door.
"Shhh" I said opening the door quietly and we all tip-toed towards the livingroom, we stopped at the door being careful not to fall over Mikey and Karina.
"3,2,1, NOW!" Hollie shouted and we all pressed the horns down and watched everyone jump. Bob and Sarah rolled off the sofa and straight onto the floor, Gerard and Courtney jumped so much that the reclining chair flew back up and they went flying forward and Mikey dived up and hit his head on the self above him, knocking Karina off his lap at the same time. We heard movement upstairs and we all looked at each other
"Oh shit" We said and ran out of the house. We just about heard Maille shouting
"WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON" before we got into my car and quickly drove away.

this one is really short (sorry)

I have a question for sweetrevenge:
okay so Hollie who do u like more?
-30 seconds to Mars
-Elliot Minor

much love xxx
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