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Chapter 6 - Wipe Off That Make Up What's In Is Dispair

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"Forgive me Hayleah, please" I said with the tears starting to build up in my eyes "Why should I Frank, give me one good reason"

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Frank's P.O.V

I sat watching her as she smoked her cigarette.
"I thought you were going to give them up" I said. She just kept quiet for a minute.
"Want one" She said holding out the packet and looking at me.
"Thanks" I replied taking one and lighting it up.
"Remember what I said" She said looking away again.
"what?" I questioned confused.
"Well you asked me about smoking, now do you remember what I said about it?" She asked again.
Suddenly I realised what she meant and I looked at the cigarette in my hand.
"You said that the day I give up is the day you give up" I answered defeated, she was always good at tricking me. I saw a flicker of a smile appear on her face before she stubbed out her cigarette and stood up to go inside.
"Hayleah" I said quietly, putting out my cigarette.
"What?" She asked without turning round.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything I said, I never meant to say any of it" I said.
"But you did" She simply replied.
"Please Hayleah, I wish I could take it all back"
"But you can't"
"Forgive me Hayleah, please" I said with the tears starting to build up in my eyes, she turned around and I saw her crying.
"Why should I Frank, give me one good reason" She said, I just kept quiet, she shook her head and opened the front door to go back inside.
"I LOVE YOU" I screamed, she stopped and slowly turned around again. She just stood there as if in shock but didn't say anything. I looked behind her to see everyone stood also in shock in the hallway, they all turned to look at Hayleah. I looked down and closed my eyes, dammit why did I have to say that.
Suddenly I felt someone wrap their hands around me and pull me into a hug. I opened my eyes, it was Hayleah and she was crying into my chest. I held her tight, I never want this moment to end. I began crying again aswell.
"I've missed you so much, please forgive me" I asked hopefully.
Just then she broke the hug and I missed the contact immediately.
"I... w-wish I could" She stuttered in between crying. My heart sank as she walked past everyone and back into the house. The girls walked back into the house as the lads walked up to me.
"I'm sorry man" Bob and Ray said at the same time. "JINX" they shouted at each other, before looking back at me.
"Not exactly the time or place" Gerard said to them.
"It's fine" I mumbled "I should have known she'd never forgive me, I should just be happy you did" I looked up at Gerard and felt fresh tears coming to my eyes. He pulled me into a hug.
"I just love her so much" I said into his shoulder.
"I know man" He replied
"She'll come round" Mikey interrupted
"Yeah" The rest replied. I turned to Ray and Bob
"I thought you to weren't allowed to speak until someone said your names." I said lightening the mood, I heard Mikey and Gerard laugh.

Hayleah's P.O.V

I sat in Courtney's arms crying as Maille went to get me some water.
"Are you okay?" Karina asked, I let out a big sigh and sat up.
"I will be" I said wiping my eyes on the tissue Sarah had given me.
"Do you want me to kill him?" Hollie said "Because I will you know"
I just let out a weak laugh
"No, it's okay" I said pulling her into a hug "But I know you would"
Maille walked in and passed me the glass of water and sat down next to me. I took a sip and put it on the table.
"It's okay to hate him, you know" She said. I let out another small laugh.
"I wish I could, it would make this so much easier" I answered
"Then why can't you forgive him?" Sarah asked.
"Because I'm scared that if I do then I'll start to fall for him again, and I've spent the whole year getting over him" I replied as Maille pulled me into a hug.
"He'd never hurt you again Hayleah, there's not a day gone by when he's not regretted what he did" Maille said.
"Yeah and I've not stopped hearing about you from him since I've been with Mikey" Karina said.

Frank's P.O.V

We were about to go back inside when I saw Hayleah stood at the door again. The guys all walked past her each of them hugging her as they past and Gerard shut the door on the way in offering me a smile. She walked forward and I could still see the dried tears glistening off her face in the moon light.
"Hayleah I..." I started
"No Frank" She cut me off "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have over reacted"
"You didn't" I replied moving forward "All I want is for you to forgive me Hayleah, we don't even have to be friends again if you don't want, b..."
"No, I want to be friends" She said giving a small smile.
"Really?" I asked
"Yeah, it's just... I can't be hurt again like I was when I left Frank I was so upset th..." I cut her off as I pulled her into a hug.
"I will never hurt you again, I promise" I said. She pulled back slightly as she looked up at me smiling. She was so beautiful even with a tear stained face she was still perfect. We were interrupted as we heard clapping, cheering and whistling coming from everyone as they were all hanging out of the living room window. We just started laughing as we walked back into the house.
"You're all so immature" Hayleah shouted at them and they all started pulling weird faces at the window. We just laughed again as we walked through the door.
"So friends again?" Sarah asked, we both looked at each other smiling.
"Yeah" We both said at the same time.
"JINX" Bob and Ray shouted, everyone just looked at each other and then to Bob and Ray before we all grabbed the nearest cushion to each other and launched the cushions at them.

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