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Check Out These Hipbones

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I know, I know. You thought I was gone for good, and it’s been close to a year, hasn’t it? Whateverrrr. I’ve changed…a loooot. But I still love writing, and today, I had close to literatly nothing to do. Which is kind of out of the ordinary for me…soo after doing everything I could possibly be entertained with on the internet, I decided to just log onto my old ficwad account, and spend an hour or two reading all of these old stories… I WAS SUCH A BAD WRITER!! Hahah, I did have some classics, though…:] and I realized how much I missed writing fan fiction, so I decided to actually update this, because it’s my best “going” looool. :] Sooo, I’ll see if anyone reads it/remembers it/remembers me, and if not, at least I’m not bored anymore :] Enjoyy, fuck faces.

Chapter Six: Check Out These Hipbones

Amanda’s P.O.V-

I can’t sleep.
I glance at the clock; 4:34.
Tossing myself onto my side, making a soft thud, and pulling the fleece blanket a little further over my left shoulder, I stare at the wall in front of me, and seriously contemplate death.

Was Brendon right? Do I have any chance at all with Ryan?
He loves Keltie…not me.
They’ve been like, dating…actually dating, for two whole years!
I’m just this fan girl that Brendon decided to be friends with.
Wait, scratch that. I’m just this fan girl that Brendon decided to pursue.
Ryan doesn’t care about me, at all.
Maybe if I’m lucky, he thinks I’m an alright kid, but that’s it.
Brendon genuinely cares about me.
How stupid was I to not be able to see that before?
Well, I did see it…in the beginning, when Katie told me not to go for him, and to use him to get closer to Ryan, but I thought that he got the hint.

And I never, ever took the real time to realize how amazing he really was.
How hypnotizing those chocolate eyes are, and how perfect his hair always falls around his flawless face. I guess I’ve just never noticed those lanky arms, and I guess I never really realized how wonderful they feel when they’re wrapped around me.

I sat up, all at once, and suddenly knew what I had to do. I jumped out of bed, and threw on a pair of black skinny leg jeans, a ‘The Beatles’ t-shirt, & my black and grey plaid pea coat.

I switched my bedroom light on, touched up my makeup, took out my black 00 gauge plugs, replacing them with silver rings, slid my two feet into my uggs, and crept quietly down the stairs, trying not to wake up my mother.

She was a heavy sleeper, and houses in my neighborhood were close together, so I decided that rather then calling up a cab, and wasting my money, I’d take a chance well worth it, and take my car. I grabbed my keys out of my Coach that laid on it’s side, on our marble kitchen island, and silently open the sliding screen door, tiptoeing out, and onto the back deck, and then closing it behind me, again silently, before making a run to my car, starting it, and heading out towards Brendon’s hotel.

Brendon’s P.O.V- I can’t sleep, my eyes are too itchy. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world, rightfully. I should have noticed how much they talked on the phone. I should have realized how eager she got whenever she talked about him. I rubbed my eyes, again, as more tears pushed their way out from behind my eyes. I let out a sniff or two, and buried my head into my pillow. When I dropped her off, she didn’t even say goodbye. Just thank you, and then she practically ran right into her house. That’s all I could really think about. I kept my phone on vibrate, and right by my side, just in case she calls to apologize, even though I know that she won’t. I always get fucked over by girls. Always. Every girl that I’ve ever liked; ever had expectations for; has fucked me over, and I -


My heart jumped, and I sat up, as my phone started to vibrate. I got up, and frantically started to search for it, intertwined with the sheets, grabbing it when I spotted it, even though I knew it wouldn’t be…Amanda?! I quickly clicked Talk, and put the phone up to my ear.
“Heh-ello?” I studdered, realizing my voice was glazed with exhaustion.
“I’m sorry. I must have waken you…” She spoke, softly.
“No, no…actually, I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping tonight.” I told her, truthfully.
“Me too. Which is why I decided to take a drive…” she said.
“Alright…” I said, not quite sure what she was getting at.
“Brendon, could you do me a favor, and look outside, over the balcony?” she asked.
“Sure.” I replied, not picking up the drift. I held the phone to my ear, and rolled out of bed, opening up the double doors, and walking out onto the hotel room balcony. When I looked down, I brought the phone from my ear, subconsciously, and clicked End.

There she stood, right underneath me (three stories below, to be exact.) just starring up, and smiling.
“What’re you…” I started to say, raising my voice, before I realized that it was like five in the morning. I stopped myself, and held out my finger to her, to indicate that I’d be just one second. I ran into my room, threw on some dark blue skinny leg jeans, a ’The Doors’ band t, and my grey pea coat (it was a little windy outside), and let myself out, sprinting down the hallway, and to the elevator. I rode it, impatiently all the way to the lobby, and when it finally rang, and the two doors opened, I shot out like a rocket, towards the doors, not caring who saw me. I ran out through those seriously annoying rotating doors, and outside, to the parking lot. When I saw her, standing there, I sped up a little, until I finally reached where she stood. I huffed and puffed, and looked up, as the wind starting to really hit my back. “What’re you doing here?” I asked her, out of breath, and chilly.

Without a word, she giggled, and her hands rose up, and landed on my cold cheeks, as she beamed into my eyes. At that moment, I knew what she wanted. She closed her eyes, and leaned in, and I did the same, feeling a complete shock surge through my body, lacing itself through my soul, as our lips met, finally. I kissed her softly at first, and then, after a second or two, I kissed her hard, and she kissed me even harder, and soon, our tongues were dancing, and our hands were flying, and at that moment, we were unstoppable. I couldn’t get enough of her, and I knew that as much as she probably wasn’t used to the idea, she couldn’t either. I kissed her neck, and she kissed mine. I bit the bottom of her lip, as her hand crept in-between my legs. I traced her waist line, and she rubbed my hipbones. My hand trailed to her back, and then to her ass, and hers soon trailed to mine, until she finally pulled away, for a breath. I breathed even heavier now, and she caught herself, and then glanced at me, with a half smile-half pant, and let out a laugh. I laughed with her, and then she kissed me again, and again, and then I pulled away, and laughed. I intertwined my fingers with hers, and motioned my head, asking her to follow me.

We walked, silently, into the lobby, and onto the elevator. We stood on the elevator, simply holding hands, and waiting for the number three to flash, and the bell to ring. We stepped off, and walked down the hallway, with out a word, and I took out my card-key, and swiped my way into the room. When I closed the door, she backed into the wall, and I almost immediately started to kiss her. I kissed her hard, and I dragged my tongue across her teeth, and then along the roof of her mouth. She slowly slid her hand down my pants, and made no detour automatically starting to rub up ‘Little Brendon’, and I slowly unbuttoned her pants, and rubbed her for a while, until I finally let her have it, and stuck my middle and pointer right on up. She squeaked, as if she hadn’t seen it coming (no pun intended) and I pulled away, and watched her bite her bottom lip, as I worked my fingers deeper and deeper inside her. I kissed her neck, as she whimpered, and bit onto that lip for dear life. When I finally think she had had enough of my teasing, I picked her up, and carried her to the bed, before laying her on top of it, and pulling off her pants, followed by unbuttoning mine, and pulling them off, as well. I got on top of her, and kissed her lips a few times, before looking down at her. “Why’d you come her?” I asked her, in a whisper. She looked up at me, with a smile. “I realized how much I needed you.” she whispered back, and with that, she pulled the back of my head closer, and I spread her legs apart with my hands, and led myself into her, moving slowly at first, as our breathing had time to catch up.

She moaned, and gasped, and moved, and she ran her fingers through my hair, and I looked down at her, as she mouthed the word ‘harder.’ I started to thrust myself into her, harder now, as our hipbones both clanked against each others, and my neck soon gave out, giving way to my head, which now fell back, almost finding support on my back, as I thrust myself into her, harder and harder. “Shit…shit…” I whispered. She was so tight, and that wasn’t even the whole of it…she just felt so good…so satisfying…and it felt like I had won the lottery, to finally be as close to her as I possibly could be. And at that moment, I finally realized that I was making love to her…to my dream girl. I was connecting with her, I needed her, and she needed me. I was making her happy; thrilling her, exciting her, and making her feel wonderful. There was a certain urgency here, as if we just had to be here, doing this, and I threw my head back and looked at her, as she bit her lip, and arched her back. She whimpered my name, and I whimpered hers. She tossed her head, back and forth, and my eyes rolled half way in the back of my head. When I felt myself close to orgasm, I leaned down, and whispered softly in her ear.
“Are you almost there?” She let out a little giggle.
“Actually,” she huffed. “I’ve finished like three times. But once more wouldn’t…hurt.”
I smiled, and gripped her shoulders, thrusting myself harder, now, then I had been, even before. She moaned louder, now, and tossed faster. Things started to get intense, on my last endeavor to the end, and I could feel the beads of sweat trickling down my forehead, and falling onto the bed, and I huffed, and puffed, and cussed, and moaned.

Finally, my mouth fell open, in an O-shape, while her back arched, and she sighed once more, as I collapsed onto her. We sat, and we both breathed heavy now, almost in sync. Soon, our breathing got slower, and more steady, and I managed to roll myself next to her, and pick my upper body up, looking down, into her eyes.
“Thank you, so much.” I said.
“Don’t mention it.” She said, with a smile, raising her arm over her head, and beaming up at me. We starred at each other’s pupils for a while.
I skewed my mouth to the side, and raised my eyebrow, as she just starred.
“This sounds really gay in my head…I’m kind of contemplating whether I should say it…” she said.
“Shoot, I’m completely alright with anything gay you might have to say, especially at this point.” I assured her.
She smiled, and continued.
“It‘s funny, no one’s ever made love to me like that before…I mean, I kind of sound like a slut here, at the ripe age of eight…technically seventeen, but I have had my fair share of sex, and it’s never, ever been like that.” she told me.
I smiled. “You know, I can honestly say the same thing. I hope you believe me.” I said.
“Surprisingly, I can completely believe that, Mr. Urie.” I smiled, and kissed her.
“And, you’re not a slut.” I told her.
“How would you know?” She asked, with a smirk.
“Actually, I happen to be a pro at picking out sluts. You just don’t come off as the slut-type. But what do I know? You could be a secret slut.” I said, raising my eyebrow.
“Well I assure you, I am most certainly not a secret slut.” She told me.
“Good to hear.” I said, with a smile, kissing her, for another countless time.
“You’re beautiful.” I added.
“Who are you trying to kid? I’m a sweaty mess.” She argued.
“If I like you at your worst, I’ll like you at your best.” I said, shrugging.
“Well, this is definitely me at my worst.” She laughed.
“And you look beautiful, you hard worker, you.” I told her.
She rolled her eyes. “You always look good, Urie.” She told me.
“Ew, you’re crazy.” I said. She just laughed, and kissed me a few times, before positioning her head onto my sweaty chest.
“How does that feel?” I asked her.
“Sweaty. I can feel your heart beating, though.” She said.
“Well, that’s a relief.” I joked. She let out a chuckle, and then sighed.
“I feel happy.” She whispered.
“You have no idea.” I spoke, almost to myself, as I starred at the ceiling.
“Where do we go from here?” I asked her.
“We could move to the floor…or the shower…” she smiled.
“That’s a super idea, my dear.” I said.
“Not exactly what I meant, though.”
“I know.” she said, sitting up now, and looking into my eyes, skewing her lip to the side.
“What do you think?” I asked her, again, sort of beating around the bush.
“I don’t know.” She shrugged.
“Well, do you want to embark on the highly arduous adventure of actually having a relationship with me?” I asked her.
“I just want you.” she told me. I rolled my eyes.
“Not helping. How’re we going to pull this off?” I asked her.
“I’m moving to Nevada soon, Bren. It’ll be easy.” she said.
“What about your college…and my touring. You’re sure you want to work around that?” I asked her.
“Positively.” she said, kissing me softly. I smiled.
“You know, I can totally see myself falling in love with you, Brendon Urie.” She added.
“I think it’s a little too late for me.” I told her. She smiled, and kissed me, again and again and again. And then suddenly, she pulled away, looking at me, with her bright eyes, almost like a deer in headlights.
“What’s the matter?” I asked her.
“Katie…and our plan…and…oh my god…” she muttered.
“What? What does any of this have to do with Katie?” I asked. She just put her head in her hands, and rocked back and forth, for a while.
“Baby, what’s this about?” I asked her, actually starting to get worried. This was so fucking haphazard. One minute she can’t get enough of me, and the next she’s having this huge anxiety attack.
“I’m sorry Brendon…it’s just…I feel kind of bad, you see- Katie and I, ever since we were really little…ever since we started listening to you, we always had this plan. We’d live together in the same apartment in Nevada, and I’d get Ryan, and…she’d get you. We knew it’d never work out, but when we actually started talking, she was kinda feeding me all of this propaganda…it’s like, I knew you liked me at first, and I told her, so she started reminding me that you were rightfully hers, and I had to keep focused on Ryan…and she kind of convinced me to…almost use you…to get to Ryan. Ugh…she’s going to be furious at me.” She explained to me. I was speechless.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” I said.
“Are you seriously considering ending what hasn’t even started, because Katie was trying to dupe your happiness, so that she could get in with me?” I uttered, getting furious.
“No, Brendon, no. I’m not considering anything. I want you. I don’t care right now. I’ll deal with her later…in fact, maybe we shouldn’t tell her…or anyone, just yet. Not until we get settled in Nevada. Is that alright?” She asked. I felt relieved.
“Whatever you want to do, baby.” I said, with a smile. She smirked back at me.
“What’s that look all about?” I said, raising my eyebrow.
“Did you say that this room had a shower?” She asked. I smirked.
“No, but nice assumption.” I said, kissing her, and planting my hands firmly underneath her, so that It’d be easier to pick her up.

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