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A Memorable Prom Indeed (Part Two)

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amanda and brendon both let a little secret slip...

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I bet most of you have forgotten me...i haven't updated my stories for ages...partly because i've been busy, partly because i hate ficwad. it's changed so much from the ages of people like i, and moocow, and all of the really good writers. no offence, but i find it hard to get into the newer stories, because all of the talent has fled, because the ideas have been soaked up. i'm sorry; i used to have so many of your hearts and reviews. i remember one of my stories even got four hundred+ reviews...more then any other story of those times. i miss you, and i'm sorry i've been gone. you'll see updates like this from time to time, but don't count on me ever truely returning. sorry guys. i'll always love you.

Brendon’s POV-

This night is going so well. I’m getting so close to her, and at the same time, she gets to be in the spotlight for once…well, for bringing me, whose always in the spotlight, no matter what.

After an hour or so, people start to get used to the fact that she’s with me, and that I’m here to stay, and soon we start getting treated like everyone else…

Kind of.

Sometimes, when we’re dancing, I can tell everyone is staring, longingly. I just want to jump on the stage and announce that Amanda is the only one I want, and I’ll ever want, and that no one else is getting me, or her. And that would be that.

Oh, and also, I’ve decided I want to kiss her tonight. I really, really want to kiss her.
Because I like her. And I have this huge crush on her.

“Hey Brendon, we’re going to get drinks!” I heard. I looked over, and saw that by zoning out, I hadn’t realized Amanda tugging on my hand. I smiled.

“Okay.” I said, as she lead me through the crowd of dancing people.

When we got to a table full of bottled and canned sodas, everyone just grabbed for them.

I saw the red bull. I couldn’t resist.

“Oh man, this is awesome!” I said, grabbing the red bull. Katie grabbed one too, while Amanda grabbed a mountain dew.

“C’mon. You have the choice of red bull!” I said, poking at Amanda.

“Uck. It’s way to zippy, and tangy.” she said.

“Oh my god, I live off this stuff.” Katie said.

“Same here!” I expressed.

“Oh cute. Why don’t you to drink it together, and explode together, and run around the school fourteen times together, then, you can crash and burn together. I‘ll stay here with Sylvia and Alicia.” she said.

I laughed it off. She wants me. I know she does. She’s just playing hard to get.

“Ha, right.” Katie said.

“Seriously, that stuff kills people.” Amanda said, sipping promptly on her mountain dew.

“The dew isn’t that impressive.” I said.

“Are you kidding?” Katie and Amanda said in unison.

“Of course, I haven’t had it in a while.” I said, grabbing for Amanda’s and taking a swig of it.

“Hey!” Amanda screeched, as I wiped my face.
“Eh, it’s good.” I said, smiling at her.
She smiled back. It was stunning. “How much longer does this go?” Katie asked.
“I think it’s until everyone leaves.” I heard. I turned and saw the other girls. Sylvia was talking.

“I still kind of can’t believe Brendon is here!” One of her friends said, for the millionth time.
“God Kristin, he’s been here all night. Calm down.” Alicia told her.

“Hey Amanda, I kind of need some fresh air…care to join me on a walk outside?” I asked her, with the sudden urge to make my first move. “Oh, sure. Be right back, guys.” Amanda said, turning to her friends, and then following me towards the door. I grabbed her hand, and counted seventeen heads turned on the endeavor to the outdoors.

Once the cool Boston air hit my face, I felt totally at ease, and just kind of let loose, and sighed. Amanda looked at me, and grinned. “Having fun, Brenny Boo?” She asked. I nodded, looking down at my shinny shoes, then looked up. “More fun then I had at my prom…considering I didn’t go…” I said.

Amanda gasped. “Wow, I would have never guessed. To busy playing video games?” she asked.
“Something like that…I kind of forget the night, anyway.” I said. “That’s cool. This is my first prom, too. So don’t worry about it.” Amanda said. I smiled, and hugged her. “It’s nice out here. Usually, in Nevada, it’s all desert, and like a thousand degrees. It’s just so chill out here.” I told her. “Yeah; it is. I guess a part of me will always reside here, considering it’s all I’ve ever known; but still, I can’t wait to get out.” She told me. I nodded. “I guess I could understand. You scared?” I asked. “A little. It’s just; so much responsibility is about to be dumped onto me…no longer will I be able to depend on my parents to take my problems away, or pay for me if I don’t have the money. It’ll be me and only me.” She said, looking down.

“I’ll always be around to help you, Amanda. If you ever need anything. Your one of the most remarkable humans I’ve ever known.” I told her. “Thanks Bren, your not to bad yourself.” She said. We came to a stone bench, and decided to take a seat. “Ryan thinks your intellect is of first rate, too. He’s fond of you.” I told her. “Really?” She said. “Really.” I told her.

Big mistake.

She giggled. “What?” I asked her, with a smile. “Can I tell you something, and be assured you’ll keep mum?” she asked. “Sure, anything.” I said, not expecting such terror.

“Well, I kind of have this huge, dumb crush on…” she started. I smiled…what an idiot.

“On who?” I asked, pushing her.

She giggled. “Just say it…” I said, with a smile, expected the opposite.

“Ryan.” she mumbled.

My poor heart. It totally dropped into my stomach, and I felt like my stomach and face were on fire.
Ryan? My best friend? No…no. This can’t be happening. I was so sure she felt the same way.

“What?” I asked, starring at the ground. “Yeah, pathetic, I know. But I just…couldn’t help totally falling for him.” she told me. “But…you don’t even know him.” I mumbled. “I know…but I figured once I move out there…” she started.

“He has a girlfriend.” I said, vainly. “I…I know.” she said, putting her head down. “And he really loves her…” I told her. “I know…” She said, quietly. “You have no chance…” I kind of shot out, feeling ready to cry. I liked her so much.

She looked at me. “Gee, thanks mr. obvious. That was nice.” she said, in a strict, hurt tone.
I just looked at my shoes.

“You know, I thought you’d take this a little better…” She said, squinting her eyes with confusion. I looked up at her.
“It’s a little hard…” I started.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s a little hard to take news like this.” I said, in a monotone.
“Why? Please, shed some light on the reason your being such a fucking douche.” She said, her face turning a little red.
“It kind of sucks hearing that the girl who you have a huge crush on wants your best friend.” I shot.

She just kind of lingered. “What?” she asked, quietly.

“Oh, like you didn’t know? I have a crush on you, obviously. I’ve liked you since I saw you, in the crowd. Your fucking gorgeous, and I thought…I don’t know, that maybe in some crazy other dimension you’d like me too, someday. But I guess I was terribly mistaken.” I said, my face now turning red.

“Bren…I…I thought we were best friends?” she said.

“I can’t handle this.” I said, getting up, and walking off. “Where are you going?” she yelped.

“I’m going to call a cab. I’m sorry for ruining your night.” I said.
She got up, and I could tell she was running to me.
I turned around when I felt her touch my shoulder.

“Brenny boo…” she whispered, looking down.
I was in so much pain. I couldn’t even look at her. She was soooo in love with my best friend, anyway.

“My name is Brendon. And I have to go. I’m sorry.” I said, turning around, and storming off. I could almost hear her sobbing…I just wanted to die. I made her sad…I can’t do this.

I turned around, and when I saw her in the parking lot, all alone, sobbing to her hands, I ran back to her, and threw my arms around her.
“I’m sorry…I’m just really hurt.” I whispered.

“Same here, dickhead.” She sniffed. “I shouldn’t have let my petty emotions take the best of me. I can’t believe I made you cry…I’m such a douche bag…I thought this night would be amazing…” I said, rocking her back and forth, in my arms.
She just sobbed. “I’m sorry Bren…I feel so bad.” she cried. “No, don’t say a word about that. You can’t just have feelings for me because I want you too. It’s fine. I’ll get over it.” I said. She just sobbed. “Don’t cry.” I whispered, over and over again.

“Don’t cry…” I said, one last time, before Katie came out.
“What the fuck?” she asked, standing close. Amanda freed herself from my grasp, and wiped her tears. “Uh…I’m fine.” she spit. “Oh…that’s apparent.” Katie said, sarcastically. “Hey, what do you girls say we head out, stop for some ice cream? Have a good time? Best friends?” I said, trying to lighten the mood, and pretend that my heart wasn’t broken.

“That sounds amazing.” Amanda said, as melancholy as I’ve ever heard her.
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