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A Memorable Prom Indeed (Part One)

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Brendon shows up. Friends are speechless. And Amanda worries that Brendon will try something stupid.

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Chapter Five: A Memorable Prom Indeed. Part One.
Amanda’s POV-

“When’s he gonna be here?” Katie asked, as I straightened her hair in my room.

“On time, Brendon Urie is always on time.” I told her. Only three more hours till prom. Only three more hours until Brendon Boyd Urie, from Panic! At The Disco takes me to my senior prom.

“How do you know?” she asked.

“He told me.” I said.

“Oh, so-he really likes you, huh? What if he tries to like-kiss you, or something?” Katie asked.

“I dodge, or bob when he weaves…” I said.

“Haha, you know, I don’t think we need to John Tucker him here, Amanda, that’s cruel.” Katie said, chuckling.

“Yeah, it is. BUT, I need to make a game plan, I mean, what if he does try to kiss me, or something?” I said.

“Yeah, we’d have a problem.” Katie said.

“I’ll just turn my head, and tell him things are going to fast.” I said.

“Alright, sounds good.” she said.

“Or, I could kiss him, but not full on, leaving him feeling like maybe I don’t feel the same way.” I said.

“Uh, I don’t like the kissing part of that.” Katie said.

I laughed.

“Alright, I’ll deal with it when the time comes, I’m good with improvising, and spur moments.” I said.

“You are. I’ll trust you.” Katie said, as I ran a comb through her hair.

“Lovely.” I said.

She looked in the mirror.

“Thanks. How are you doing your hair?” she asked me.

“I’m curling it.” I said, plugging the curling iron in, and letting it heat up.

“Want me to do it?” she asked.

“Good idea, we can talk more.” I said, letting my hair down, and sitting in the chair, as Katie started.

“I love your hair.” she said.

“Thanks.” I told her.

“So, what do you think he’ll be wearing?” she asked me.

“Uh, he said he got his suit the other day, he said it was simple.” I told her.

“Cool, is he renting a limo?” she asked.

“Yeah, and he said you, and if you had a date, could ride in it too.” I said.

“Yeah, too bad all the guys at our school are douche bags.” she said.

I laughed. “Got that one right.” I said, agreeing.

“He said he can’t wait too meet you though, cause I told him a little about you, and he said you seem wicked cool.” I told her.

“So you’ve told me.” she said. Of course, I had already called her after he said all this too me, before.

“Haha, yeah.” I said.

“So, when did he fly in?” she asked.

“No idea, he said he likes to be stealthy.” I told her.

“He knows where you live, right?” she asked.

“Of course, I gave him directions from the airport.” I said.

So, about twenty minutes later, my hair was done, and it was like, perfect. I loved it.

“Thanks, Katie, seriously.” I said.

“Should we get dressed?” Katie asked.

“No, we still have like, an hour and a half left until we need to leave and stuff.” I said, not wanting to ruin the dresses.

“Alright.” she said, finishing up doing her make up after I was done. We were just in normal clothes, I was in a dinosaur tang top, and plaid pajama shorts, and Katie wore a clandestine Hemingway shirt, and red shorts.

Suddenly, we heard my mother yell from downstairs.

“Amanda, Brendon’s here!”

Katie gasped.

“Oh my gosh.” she whispered.

“It’s okay, just breath, come on!” I said, taking her hand, and leading her downstairs. When I rounded to the top of the stairs, I saw my mom, and Brendon himself standing near the front door. Brendon looked up at me, and beamed. He was wearing a normal tux, and was holding a bouquet of flowers, pretty ones, at that. Usually I find receiving flowers so awkward, I’m a really awkward person, I find dinner dates awkward too, but Brendon looked so cute, I smiled, and rushed downstairs, and into his open arms, and he hugged me tight.

“It’s so great to see you!” he said, as he gave me a bear hug.

“You too!” I said, as we let go.

“Nice dress.” he said, smirking, and regarding my attire at the moment.

I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks.” I said, getting in on the sarcasm.

He looked at my hair and makeup, and his smile grew bigger.

“You look-…wow.” he said, putting a hand on his hip.

I smiled.

“Uh, thanks. You to. You cleaned up nice Brenny Boo.” I said, smiling.

He smiled a toothy smile, and turned to a blushing, freaking, Katie.

“And your Katie, unless I’m mistaken?” Brendon said.

She nodded, and stepped up towards him.

“Hi.” she said, shaking his hand.

He shook it, then pulled her in for a bear hug.

“We might as well start off nice, if we’re going to be neighbors.” he said to her. She just beamed, and so did I, as I watched him. Not a care in the world.

“Oh, these are for you.” he said, handing me the flowers.

“Cliché, Bren. Thanks.” I said, smiling, and handing them off to my voluntary mother, who went to put them in a vase.

“So Brendon, are you going to be fine waiting down here, while me and Katie change real quick?” I asked.

He nodded.

“I hope. I tend to get into things unsupervised.” he said.

I rolled my eyes, and me and Katie took off up the stairs and too my room.

“Oh my god Amanda, he’s so hot.” Katie said, as soon as I shut the door.

I chuckled.

“You can have him.” I said.

She giggled.

“Just make him happy tonight, he must really like you.” she said, with a gulp.

“I know, right?” I said, sliding on my dress, as she did the same.

“Zip me up.” she said, shoving her back in my face.

“Okay.” I said, zipping her up, and turning my back to her.

“Same here.” I said.

She zipped me up, and we checked are hair, and did our make up one more time.

“Alright, let’s go.” I said, as I opened my door.

We went down the stairs, but no sign of Urie.

“Hmm?” I said, as Katie obviously thought the same thing.

Soon, we heard laughter coming from the kitchen, I looked in, and saw Brendon and my mother laughing at the table.

I cleared my throat.

Brendon and my mother looked up, and Brendon gasped.

“Man oh man.” he said, beaming.

I and Katie chuckled.

“Man oh man? Who says that?” I asked him.

He just shook his head.

“You two are gorgeous.” he said, getting up, and hugging me, then Katie. I’m so glad he’s friendly with her, this is great.

“He’s right, you two look gorgeous.” my mother said.

“Thanks mom.” me and Katie both said. Katie didn’t much like her mother, so she always referred to my mother as hers.

“To bad Dad’s away on business, he’d like to see this.” she said.

“Lucky for Brendon.” Katie said.

“What, is he harsh?” he asked.

We all just nodded.

Let’s just say, my father, and the late Ryan Ross’s father, would have been best friends, if given the chance.

“Oh.” Brendon gulped.

“Its okay, he’s away on business all the time.” I reassured him.

Brendon nodded.

“Good good.” he said.

“So, pictures, then your off?” My mom said, grabbing her camera.

“Okay.” we all agreed.

She lined us up and stuff, and snapped about 500 pictures of us, ridiculous.

“Shall we?” Brendon asked, as my mother bid us a farewell.

“Sure.” I said, linking my arm through his, and walking out to our white limo, very nice, actually.

Non of my friends knew about me bringing Brendon to prom, what a surprise they’re all in for.

We all sat in the limo, and closed the door, as the driver began off.

“So, is everyone going to flip?” Brendon asked.

Me and Katie just smirked, and nodded in unison.

“Great.” Brendon said, smirking.

“It’s okay Bren, I won’t let them mug you.” I said, holding him close.

He smiled widely.

“Good, I feel nice and safe when your involved.” he said.

“Cheesy much?” Katie said, laughing. I laughed after, and Brendon soon chuckled too.

“Katie, upon spending the night with us, you must know, I’m a real cheesy guy.” Brendon said.

Katie nodded, and bit her lip.

Soon, we arrived at the hotel that prom was taking place in.
Brendon got up, opened the door, and held out a hand.

“Shall we?” he asked, as I took it, and we linked arms.

I nodded.

Katie got out behind us, and we began for the door.

“Amanda! Katie!” we heard. I turned around, and saw my friends, Sylvia and Alicia running for me.

“Whose this?” Sylvia asked, Brendon still being turned around.

“Oh, my date, Brendon.” I said, with a smirk, as Brendon turned around and smiled.

Sylvia and Alicia’s faces soon became priceless.

“Hi there, I’m Brendon.” Bren said, outstretching a hand, to shake.

Sylvia was the first to sort of snap out of it. She used to have the biggest crush on Brendon before Panic became sell outs, now, she hopes he gets cancer.

“B-but…how?” She asked, taking Brendon’s hand for a shake, and turning to me.

“Haven’t I already told you the story?” I said.

Alicia was kind of like Sylvia’s shadow, she followed everything Sylvia did, only she was more spontaneous, and she also believed strongly that Ryan looked and acted like a lesbian.

“What no lesbian?” Alicia asked.

“No, unfortunately not.” I said, with a frown. Good thing he knew nothing about Alicia’s beliefs.

“Hello cocky sell out.” she said, shaking Brendon’s hand.

“Hi there, I‘m Brendon!” he asked.

“Are you aware that your band mate is a lesbian?” she asked him.

Good god, I never knew how spontaneous she was with stars. Sylvia looks star struck.

“Uh, which one?” Brendon asked, slipping a hand around my waist, and raising an eyebrow. Katie and Sylvia laughed at this gesture, and Sylvia then just marveled.

I gave Alicia the eye, and she thankfully caught it.

“Uh, Spencer.”

“Oh, really?” Brendon said, playing along.

“Yeah, he’s a big lesbian.” Alicia said. I would be asked to repay her for this later, I’m sure.

“One panic boys enough for me. He’s not cocky.” I said, laughing.

Brendon laughed his bellowing laugh.

“God Amanda, you didn’t have to bring the sell out, you know. I secretly believed you.” Sylvia joked.

“Be nice to him, he’s a good boy.” I said.

Brendon pouted.

“I really am.“ he said.

Sylvia rolled her eyes.

“Just make sure he doesn’t prance around with a wand and a red suit and top hat, alright?” she asked.

“Hey, it was a cane.” he said.

“I stand corrected, frankly, I could care less.” Sylvia said.

Katie scoffed.

“Behave you two.” I shot.

“So, have you totally dumped all of hope Ry-” Sylvia started, before I covered her mouth.

“Riding lessons? Yeah, horses just don’t like me.” I said, giving her the eye, and looking over at Brendon, who stood clueless. If he ever found out I had the biggest crush on Ryan, he’d be heartbroken.

“You don’t ride-” Sylvia started again, before I elbowed her.

“I’ll talk to you later.” I said, pointing to her as we began to walk in.

“I can’t believe this.” she said, almost to herself.

When we walked in, I heard about forty gasps off the bat.

Brendon just smiled, kind of oblivious and we made our ways to the ticket taker, who just sat there, looking up at Brendon, with one eye brow raised.

“That’s the top hat guy!” She suddenly shouted, coming to some kind of profound realization.

Brendon smiled.

“Brendon, nice to meet you.” he said, shaking the ticket takers newly outstretched hand.

“Amanda, I never knew you knew this guy. He’s on TV!” she said.

I hardly knew this person. I think she’s apart of student council or something.

I smiled.

“Yeah, Brendon’s a good friend of mine.” I said, as Brendon put an arm around me.

“That’s so neat. Well, unfortunately we’re holding up the line, talk to you later?” she said.

I shook my head. Sure, even though I’ve never talked to you in my life before. Sure.

Sylvia, Alicia and Katie gave the ticket taker their tickets, and soon followed us in.

“Holy fuck, that’s Brendon from Panic! At The Disco!” I heard a voice say. I turned, and my face shifted when I saw one of the fakest bitches I knew.


“Wow Amanda, I’m impressed.” She said. Her dress what the slutiest thing I had ever seen, it made me puke in my mouth. I hate this bitch.

I just smiled and nodded, surprisingly, holding Brendon closer.

“Hi, I’m Brendon.” Brendon said, shaking Cassie’s hand. Cassie laughed obnoxiously, and shook it.

“Hey, the names Cassie. Me and Amanda are good friends, we’re in math class together, right Amanda?” she said.

I just nodded, giving her the evil eye.

Her face dropped, and she raised an eyebrow, and coughed a little.

“Uh well, good job, he’s really good looking. TTYL.” she said, stopping off, looking mad.

“You hate her?” Brendon asked, turning to me, with a smile.

“She’s a fake whore. Of course I do.” I said, nodding.

“Oh, cool.” Brendon said, as we walked on.

“God damn Amanda, you weren’t kidding!” I heard. I turned around, and saw Erica and Chanell, two more of my good friends.

“No, this is Bren.” I said, turning around.

“Hey there.” Brendon said, shaking hands with the girls.

“Wow, that’s so cool. It’d probably be cooler if I liked more panic at the disco, but still. It’s so neat to meet a star like you, Mr. Urie.” Erica said.

“Thanks, call me Brendon, or better yet, call me what ever the fuck you want.” Brendon said.

Chanell just stood speechless. She used to have a crush on Brendon too, she still loves panic, just not as much anymore.

“You okay?” Brendon asked her.

She nodded.

“It’s a pleasure Brendon, really.” She said, stuttering a bit.

“Please, the pleasures all mine.” he said, smiling a warm smile. I smiled at that. He was so amazing with them all.

After about thirty more minutes of more friends and classmates getting there fill on Brendon, then dinner, then the fun actually started.

“So Brendon, you’re an amazing dancer, show me some moves?” I said, as we all kind of stood around.

“Sure, come on.” He said, taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor.

glad you guys like this. =) It’s fun to write!
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