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Idiot Promdate

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"So get this, Prom is in a week and a half, and I have no date, it’s fine with me, I mean, all the boys in my school are assholes, but today, I got this amazing idea."

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Chapter Three: Idiot Prom Date

Amanda’s POV-

Brendon calls me all the time, I wouldn’t say to much though, because frankly I love him, and talking to him always gets me in a better mood, I just do NOT like him like that, in the least, and I honestly think he likes me like that, I really do.

Me and Brendon have been “Bestest Buds” according to him, for like, two weeks now. We talk on the phone non stop, and we talk on AIM a lot, too.

And sometimes, I get lucky and Ryan steals the phone, we’re becoming friendly, too.

So get this, Prom is in a week and a half, and I have no date, it’s fine with me, I mean, all the boys in my school are assholes, but today, I got this amazing idea.


I know, I know, like Brendon would fly up from Vegas (tour is over) just to go to prom with me, yeah right, but hey, what do I have to loose asking him? I just need to consult with Katie.

Walking through the halls of school, I thought about all this.

Most of my friends thought that the whole Brendon thing was bull shit, I’ve showed them the pictures, and they believe me that I met them, just not so much on the “Brendon Urie is my good friend, and I think he likes me a lot.” thing.

Some of them have gotten the pleasure to talk to him on the phone with me at sleep over’s, so I’m slowly getting them to believe, but I figured Prom would be a perfect chance for him to meet my friends, especially Katie.

“Hey Katie!” I said, spotting her at her locker.

She shut it, and turned around.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“I have an awesome idea.” I said.
“Okay, shoot.” she said.

“I’m going to ask Brendon to go to prom with me!” I said.

Katie raised an eyebrow.

“Why would you do that? Do you like him?” she asked, getting defensive.

“No, I just figured I could bring him up here, and he could finally meet you, and you could get in on the action, finally, and plus, all of our friends would believe me, and we’d pretty much be the talk of the school for like, ever.” I told her.

“Wow, I see your point. Perfect idea, now, are you sure he’d say yes?” she asked.

“It’s worth a try, but I think, from the hints he’s been giving off lately, that he really, really likes me.” I said.

“Sweet, make sure not to return the hints, Amanda.”

“Dur? I never return them I just kind of pretend their nothing.” I said.

“Good girl.” she said.

“So, when should I ask him?” I asked.

“Uh, whenever, after school, next time he calls you.” she said.

“Alright, that narrows things down.” I said.

She giggled, and walked off to her next class.
I sighed, wondering what Brendon will think, when I ask him to accompany me to the prom.
Brendon’s POV-
School ends in twenty minutes, then I can call her.

Man, I’m smitten. I think I’m in love.

Every conversation makes me smile, every time I’m feeling down, I remember Amanda, and smile.

She keeps me smiling.

But the thing that gets me, is Ryan thinks he’s like, her friend or something, and always tries to steal the phone away to utter some kind of a long hello thing.

But whatever, if she liked him, she’d talk to him, personally.

Ah, she makes me so happy.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing, I sprung up, and clicked it open, and to my ear.

“Hello!” I said, being very chipper.

“Hey Brendon, listen, I have a pretty serious question for you, it’s pretty ridicules too, but it’s worth a shot.” she said.

I smiled, and my stomach filled with butterflies.

“What could it possibly be?” I asked, smite in my tone.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d make an effort to fly out here, so that maybe-you-being my Bestest friend, quote unquote, you could accompany me to my senior prom?” she asked.

I swear my heart grew wings, and fluttered into my throat.

“YES! OF COURSE!” I screamed, before she could change her mind, just in case.

She giggled.

“Wonderful! Really? Your willing to fly out and everything?” she asked.

“Of course! Proms a big thing, and your going to be some hot shot, showing up on the arm of Brendon Urie! Ah! This is so great, I’ve gotta go get a suit, and a limo, and..what color dress are you wearing? OH! When is this?” I asked, excitement just filled up to the brink.

She chuckled.

“Uh, a week and a half away, my dress is black, and light blue slash tealish, they’re polka dots, and there’s light bluish lace on the bottom.” she explained.

“Ah! Your going to look so pretty, I can’t wait.” I said, putting my hand on my chest.

“I’m just glad my best friends coming up to see me!” she exclaimed.

“So, are you doing this just so all your friends believe you, or so that you become a legend, or what?” I asked her, sarcastically.

“Uh, all of the above, plus more.” she said.

“Plus more? I like that.” I told her.

She giggled.

“And, you get to meet my best friend Katie, she’s really awesome.” she said.

“Is she the one that I held the sign for?” I asked.
“Yeah, you’ll love her, I promise.” she said.

Amandaaaa’s POV-

“Yeah, you’ll love her, I promise.” I said.

“I hope so, anyone cool enough to be hanging out with you, is someone I want to meet.” he said.

“Flattery Mr. Urie, doesn’t work with me, remember? You’ll never get in my pants that way.” I said.

“Amanda?” I heard, in the background.

“Ryan!” I heard Brendon whine. I smiled a toothy smile, Ryan was going to steal the phone. Just perfect.

After listening to the muffled fight between Brendon and Ryan, I heard the angelic voice come on the phone.

“Hi sweetheart.” Ryan said, seeming a little out of breath.

“Hi Ryan.” I said, trying to act casual. We were some what of acquaintances, now.

“So, Brenny looks exited, what are you two planning? I can read this sucker like a book.” Ryan asked.

I smiled.

“He’s coming to prom with me.” I told him.

“What really?” Ryan asked, seeming astounded.

“Yeah, does that surprise you?” I asked.

“Very much so, why would you take Brendon? He’s ugly?” Ryan joked.

“I’M NOT!” I heard Brendon screech in the background.

“He’s my bestfrann.” I told Ryan.

“Ohhh, and your other friends don’t believe you, correct?” he asked.

“Correct. Touché, Mr. Ross.” I said.

“I’m good, I know. So Brendon’s gonna fly out?” he asked.

“Mhm.” I said.

“Sounds like fun. When did you say you and your friend Katie were moving up hither?” he asked.

“Well, sometime after we graduate, we both got into Nevada U.” I told him.

“Serious? What are you studying?” he asked.

“Creative writing, and music.” I said.

“No? Wow-sounds familiar.” he said.

I laughed.

“Yeah, it’s my passion.” I said.

“Sweet, great passion, really.” he said.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Uh, Brendon’s a wild beast, I must bid you a farewell, toodles?” Ryan said.

“Toodles, Ryro.” I said, as I heard the phone being handed back to Brendon.

“Sorry, he’s a fool.” he said.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” I said.

Brendon chuckled.

“So, what day should I fly out?” he asked.

“Uh, make it a surprise.” I said.

“Alright, and-should I book a hotel?” he asked.

“Plan on it, my mom’s touchy. Cool, wicked cool, but touchy about boys sleeping over, especially 20 year old rock stars.” I said.

He chuckled.

“Totally understandable.” he said.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I said.

“Ah shit, cell phones dying, talk to you later?” he said.

“Yeah, sure. Bye Bren.” I said.

“Bye Amanda, love you!” he said, sweetly.

“I love you too, Brendon.” I said, before shutting my phone completely, and setting it on the desk beside my bed.

My school is going to fucking flip when I show up at prom with fucking Brendon Urie.
Chapter Four: Brenny Boo, I Really Like That.

Amanda’s POV-

As I sat on my bed, just listening to The Academy Is, and trying to let the events of the past couple weeks sink in, my phone vibrated.

Great, just who I need to screw up my realization time.
I glanced over.

New Text from Brendon Urie(call him plz!!!) flashed onto the screen. Just who I thought. I smiled. I’ve been meaning to change that, but something inside me just won’t do it. Memories, I live for those.

I flipped my phone open, and read the text.

Hi sexy.
I’m bored, and texting excites me.
Anti-drug. Fo shiz. -Bden

He did make me smile, I love this kid, definitely friend material.

Brendon, you’re a complete fool.
But alas, we still appreciate your vocals.
That’s why you have a house.
If you didn’t sing good,
you’d live in a box.
And have no friends.

I smiled, and sent my text message to the boy, and waited on my bed, singing along to LAX to O’Hare.

Soon, I found my cell phone buzzing again. I picked it up, and checked out what I had to read.

Harsh, I guess I’ll have to think about
that next time my 48459345$ check comes in
the mail.
Tisk, tisk.

I rolled my eyes, so arrogant, so hilarious.

Brenny Boo, you complete me.
End of story.

What? He does, just, not in that way. Half the reason he completes me in the first place is when Ryan steals the phone. Ah, I’m going to make myself swoon. Oh, there goes my cell phone again, what a fast texter.

Brenny boo, I really like that.
Brenny boo. You know what?
Your hereby the only one calling me that.
Got it, punk?

Ah, I love the possessive nickname game. This kid makes me laugh.

Got it. Have you made any preparation for my
fucking prom, Urie?

I set my phone down, and stared at the poster of Ryan on the ceiling. So adorable. My heart melted just looking at him.

Yes, lot’s already, they just haven’t left my mind yet.

Typical Brendon.

Lovely. Listen, I’m beat, so…
I’m going to crash. Talk to you tomorrow,
Brenny Boo.
I texted him.

I set my phone down, and covered myself with the blankets, resting my head on the pillow, as Ryan started to fill my mind.
My cell buzzed for the last time that night, and I picked it up to read it.

Goodnight sweetheart.

God, this kid and his crush will be the death of me.

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