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Chapter 13

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Energy and Feeling Pretty

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The boys were nice and let us sleep through the two interviews. They woke Chelcie, Brooke, and I up at around noon. I didn’t think that I could sleep that long, but I was really happy that I got to. Sleeping in wasn’t a common thing when you toured with the Jonas Brothers.
I was a lot more energetic today, which I knew was because I had caught up on my sleep. I was always happier when I got enough sleep. I noticed that Chelcie and Brooke were also more energetic.
“You all seem awfully energetic.” Kevin noted. “Well it’s because us girls haven’t exactly had much sleep lately.” Brooke answered. “Hey it’s not our fault!” Kevin shook his head. “Yes it is. If you guys weren’t so famous and were touring I would be getting plenty of sleep.” she teased. “Well I guess from now on we’ll just have to work on being not famous.” he rolled his eyes. I laughed at them.
We walked up to a helicopter. “We get to ride in this?” I asked. “How else can we get there in time?” Joe replied. I shrugged. The helicopter ride wasn’t too long. It actually was pretty cool to get to ride in it.
We walked in the building. We talked to the secretary for a moment and then their stylist came out. “Hello boys.” she said shaking their hands. “And you three must be the girls Denise told me about.” she looked at us girls. “Ya.” I replied. “Well I’m Michelle.” she spoke again. We all said our names. I looked at her, she had a fierce look about her. I had to admit she was slightly intimidating, the only reason I wasn’t scared was that she had a warm look on her face.
Michelle worked with the boys first, which left Brooke, Chelcie, Denise, Paul, Frankie, Big Rob, Garbo, John, Jack, and me. Garbo, John, and Jack were all pretty entertaining. They just couldn’t manage to leave each other alone.
The boys finally came back out. “Took you long enough!” Garbo teased. “It’s not our fault we want to look good.” Joe defended himself. Garbo just laughed and started playing with Frankie. Frankie loved when he got Garbo to wrestle with him, which really wasn’t that hard.
“Alright girls come on back.” Michelle told us. We followed her back into a room. There was lots of people walking around. “I’m going to assume you want dresses.” she said drawing something in a sketch pad. “Sure.” we all replied. We just stood there as she walked around us and continued sketching. “How do you like these?” she showed us her sketches. I was slightly shocked. In a matters of minutes she drew out these beautiful ideas. “They’re amazing.” I smiled. “Ya. I agree.” Chelcie said. Brooke just nodded. “Good because I really didn’t want to have to think of different outfits.” she nodded and then went to look at materials.
“I feel special.” Chelcie smiled. “Ed.” I murmured. She frowned over at me. “I’m just kidding.” I laughed. “No she’s not.” Brooke said. I slapped Brooke’s back. “Ow…” she pursed her lips.
Michelle walked back over to us and began doing some sort of measuring. She was really good. You didn’t even really have to move around a whole lot, she just worked around whatever you happened to be doing.
We watched as she looked through racks of designer clothes and found exactly what she wanted. We all three put the outfits on and then she fitted them to us. I felt like a princess getting ready for a ball.
At last it was over and we could leave. “So how’d it go?” Kevin asked us once we stepped back out. “Good.” we all three replied. “What are you going to be wearing?” Joe asked. “You’ll have to wait and see.” I smirked at him. They always wanted to know what we would be wearing, the clothes freaks…
The helicopter ride back wasn’t as cool since we had already rode in it once. We finally landed and then got right back on the bus. At least tonight we would get to sleep in another hotel. You know its sad when the hotels just don’t seem as luxurious as they did when you started the tour.
All of us got to the hotel. Everyone got a room. I noticed that Nick and Chelcie went in the same room, Brooke and Kevin went in the same room, and Joe and I went in the same room. I knew that we all had our own rooms, but I also knew that sleep was always better when you could snuggle up to a Jonas.
We spent the rest of the day sleeping actually. I snuggled up beside Joe on the couch. I rested my head on his chest. “Do you know what’s after tomorrow?” Joe whispered. “The day after tomorrow.” I laughed. “No! Well…technically yes, but that’s not the point. What’s after tomorrow is our last concert of the tour.” he answered. “Really?” I asked. “Yep.” she wrapped his arms around me. “Holy crap, this whole thing has went by awfully fast.” I murmured and then went to sleep.


I was completely asleep when I felt Nick move. I took my head off his shoulder. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.” he apologized. “It’s ok. I wasn’t really all that tired.” I shrugged. “Well do you want to do something?” Nick asked. “Sure.” I replied. I don’t really think that either of us knew where we were going.
I thought that it was funny Big Rob drove us. Personally, I think that Nick was just to embarrassed to let me drive since he couldn’t yet. Although it wouldn’t be too long since his birthday was coming up.
We pulled in this this little ice cream place. Nick opened my door for me, he was always such the gentlemen. We walked in and he order a large milkshake. He popped two straws in it and sat down at a table towards the back. “Are you too cheap to get us two?” I teased. “No, of course not! I thought this would be more romantic.” he smiled. I laughed and sat down.
It was just like in the movies, where the guy and the girl would drink a milkshake together in some retro restaurant. The only way it would’ve been more like the movies would be if we had clothes from the fifties on. I almost started laughing at the thought of Nick and I in fifties clothes.
Nick was so sweet and funny. Most people thought that he wasn’t funny, but they’re wrong. Nick was quieter, I’ll give them that, but he was definitely funny. I laughed as he told a joke. It got quiet and I looked into his chocolate brown eyes. He had the prettiest eyes…
It stayed quiet, us just looking at each other. He placed his hand on mine and smiled at me. “What are you smiling at?” I asked. “Your breathtaking beauty.” he replied. I blushed and looked away from him. “Thanks…” I mumbled stupidly. Who says thanks after the best guy in the world tells them that? “I was serious. Chelcie you really are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” he just stared at me with his lovely eyes. I sighed and smiled. I couldn’t even think of anything to say to that. Once again it fell silent and we just stared at each other.
Big Rob told us that we should probably leave if we wanted to be back before everyone woke up. He was always good at helping you out. Big Rob would help you do anything as long as he didn’t think it was wrong or dangerous.
We got back to the hotel. Big Rob took the elevator up, but Nick said that we should take the stairs. Nick and I were almost all the way up the stairs when he stopped me. “What?” I asked. He pulled me into a kiss. I was shocked, but gladly kissed back. He pulled away and grinned. It wasn’t just his normal grin, this grin was the one where he showed his teeth. Those grins were always my favorite.


I woke up and heard Nick and Chelcie out in the hallway. I thought about going out there and interrupting, but I decided that would be too mean. I had to admit, I liked bugging Nick and Chelcie or Brooke and Kevin when they were having ‘romantic’ moments. There is definitely something wrong with that, but what can I say it’s funny. I got off the couch that I was laying on.
I noticed that we had pretty much slept the day away. Joe woke up. “Wow…we’ve slept for a long time…” he stared at the clock. “Yeah we have.” I agreed. “It’s hot.” he complained and took off his shirt. Why did he have to do this to me?
He noticed me blushing madly. Joe smirked as if he thought it was funny. “If you’re uncomfortable I can put my shirt back on and smother.” he said dramatically. “No…its fine…” I felt my face getter hotter. He laughed once and then put his shirt back on. “It’s ok now, Aubrey, you can look at me without fainting.” he taunted. “The only reason I would’ve fainted over that would be because its so scary.” I said back. “Ow! Now that hurt right here.” he pointed to his heart. “I hope it did.” I crossed me arms. “You’re mean.” he pouted. “Yep.” I smiled.
Joe wrapped me up in his arms. “Do you know what I do to mean people?” he asked. “What?” I said. “Tickle them.” he tickled me. I was laughing so hard that I was almost in tears. I struggled to get away but I couldn’t. “Please! Please!” I begged. “Then take it back.” he laughed. “You aren’t scary without your shirt on!” I said through the laughs. He let me go and then whipped me around. “Now that wasn’t so hard.” he smirked and kissed me. I pulled away, “You are such a goofball.” I smiled. “Yeah, but you like it.” he winked.
Joe and I didn’t do much, but it was perfect. I hadn’t done nothing for a long time. No one ever came into the room. I realized that everyone wanted couple time, probably even Denise and Paul.
“You have to go to your room to sleep.” I told Joe. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes, or I’ll never be able to sleep.” I said. “Why?” he tilted his head. “Because I’d rather be kissing you than sleeping.” I laughed. He laughed and gave me a kiss goodnight. I crawled in bed and went to sleep.
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