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when a girl finds out what's really at the end of a dead-end street.

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your name is aiden mankalue and you're currently 16. you just moved to a newer part of town and you were about to get you license...and a new life.your father is...well, let's just say he's a gambling man and he puts himself before other people. well, for once he did something good and won his game of poker. he bought you and your twin sister cars and bought a new house.your mother is a drunk and spends her days laying on the coutch, passed out. (this sorta starts out fantasy-ish, just warning ya)
~story start~
two days after moving to your new house in the recent islands, you noticed the big iron gates...and the signes. they all said the same thing: "approach dead end roads at own risk of death". you thought nothing of it since you've always been told stories about people sneaking into the dead end roads and dissappearing. they presumed they just died because of the term "dead end" but whatever, you didn't really take that into much interest. you were much more preocupied with your new pet wolf,shain.he could read your thoughts and talk to your through thought.[when something is in ( ) is when you're talking to shain in your head]. walking into your room, you sat on your black silky bed and sighed.(you:even though i'm in the new islands, it just doesn't feel like home.) the pure white wolf sat down by your side, looking you in the eye.(shain:i know. i felt the same way when i was a pup.i never thought i'd find a home, i thought i'd be a stray for my life.then i got taken in by the pound and was put up for adoption.) you hugged the huge wolf around the neck. (you:that's so sad shain. i wish i could've taken you in when you were a pup.) he shook his head and, eventually, his whole body. (shain: no, because that made me the wise old wolf i am today.) you nodded and sighed, standing up. (you: i'm going to go explore, are you comming?) instead of replying, he simply barked and followed you to the window and walked onto the balchany (you: can you make the jump?) you heard shain snort and before you knew it, he was diving to the groud. he landed softly in an almost ghost-like manor. (you:for an old dog, you're pretty young) he laughed and you jumped off the thrid story balchany, landing beside him.on the journey down, your sock cap fell off and your white wolf ears poked out of your ears"oops.stupid hat." you quickly put it back on and continued walking. you reached the town and looked at all the huts and bustling people with their children, pets, and ears.that's one thing that even remotely connected you with anyone were the animal ears on top of your head. so, of coarse, you hide them under a hat.boy:"hey, you look lost. can i interest you in a zippy?" you:"um..." you looked at the slightly cute boy behind the"a zippy eh? well, i'm not verry good at them or else i would-" boy:"oh well, wait just a sec, i'll show you." you sighed as the boy exited the show with two zippies in hand.boy:"my name's" you:"aiden." he nodded.nickolie:"alright, so, you just put this foot straight, and this foot slightly pointed right, and you use the front foot to stand on while you push with the back foot." you nodded and slowly made you way around the shop.nickolie:"alright, great! you're a natural!" you smiled and"alright, i'll take...that one, the one with the pink lining." he nodded and you paid for it. nickolie:", you wanna hang out sometime?" you"yea, sure." you shrugged and started towards your house when you noticed that nickolie was chasing after you on a zippy.nickolie:"aiden, wait! you forgot your bag!!!" you stopped and he caught"oh, thanks! my dad would've killed me if i forgot it." nickolie:"no problem." you nodded. you:"so, you wanna walk with me?" he nodded, smiling foolishly.nickolie:"sure." you were walking for a few until you spotted a heavy black"hey, what's with that?" nickolie:"oh...that's the place where everyone goes to committ suicide. that's a dead end street.they say you die instantly once you pass the sign." you"i don't believe that.i just don't think they want to deal with building more roads and just made that up as an excuse." nickolie:"no, my best friend walked through those gates. i never saw him again." you"i think everyone is just being plead into a fear trap." nickolie:"oh really?why don't you walk through it then?" you stopped dead in your"fine, i will." you put your sock cap on and walked to the gate, easily jumping over it. (shain: are you sure this is safe?) (you:you don't have to follow me in your don't want you know.go ahead and go home shain. you've been through enough already.) shain shook his head and sneazed before leaping over the fence and walking with you. you walked up to the dead end street and looked at the beaten had some dried blood splattered on it as sighed and took a step forward.
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