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you couldn't quite tell what was going on but it felt like your molecules were being individually ripped and fed to a wild beor (or a boar to people in the real world). you groaned and noticed that shain was missing (you:shain, where are you?) (shain:i'm getting help, you're bleeding, you landed on a trap of some sort.don't move.) you sighed and noticed that he was right.huffing, you looked around to see dense woods and a small lake just past them. (shain:people are comming, act fainted.) you did as told and waited patiently for help after making sure your hat was on securely. you didn't know what these things would be like. it wasn't a minute before you could hear people.boy1:"oh jeez, looks like a kid got caught in a trap of some kind." you groaned and heard 4 different voices muttering.boy2:"i'll pry open the trap and you pull her leg out of the way." boy3:"okay." you opened you eyes and sat up only to hiss in pain as your leg was removed from the trap.boy4:"oh god, those cuts look deep.i think we should get her to the hospital." one of them bent down really close to you and shain started to growl.boy2:"easy boy, we just want to help her." you weakly put out your"down shain." he emediently stopped growling and let the boys pick you soon found yourself in an infirmary." you:"ugh, i hate these lights.what did they do? gather moonlight into jars?" you said as you layed in the bed. the doctor then came in along with the 4 boys from"well, i'll leave you miss, uh..." you:" name's aiden." he"i'll leave miss aiden to meet her rescuers." you nodded and the doctor left.boy1:"hey, i'm jon.what happened out there in those woods?" you shrugged. you:"your answer would much suffice, if not surpass mine." ryan:"um...okay? by the way, this is brendon, and ryan, and spencer.they're all too shy to talk in front of a pretty lady." you"i do retort but that's a bit contridictery to the silence is it not?" brendon:"no but you don't have to talk sophisticated with us. we're just causual people." you"sorry, i didn't know what to expect.first, nickolie dared me to walk through that damned dead end road-" spencer:" came through a dead end road?...HOW?!" you raised an eyebrow." you:"um, it was just a fence, you just jump over it...where's shain?" jon:"the puppy is outside, no pets allowed in the hospital." you nodded.brendon:"oh great...that can't get back." your eyes"what?...why?" ryan:"they literally destroyed all dead end roads. there's not one dead end...they're all connected to another road." you"greaaaaaaaaaaaaat." you sighed and put your hands over your eyes.spencer:"well, if you really need a place to stay...we're doing this contest to spend a year with panic at the disco...we could just pick you as the winner." you shook your"no, i don't want to be rude or ruin someone elses' hopes and dreams...wait, why would you get to pick and what is panic at the disco?" brendon:"it's a band. we play music. and that's the name of the band and we get to pick because we're the band." you"i get it. so, like...guitar, bass, drum, and vocals?" they nodded. you:"oh, i love the drums.i was going to get a set of them but my father said they wern't fit for a young lady." you shrugged. (shain:you know, one of them there likes you) you smiled. (you:well then, don't ruin the suprise) brendon:"so, your name's aiden?" you nodded. ryan:"i like that name but not as much as i love your hat. can i try it on?" he went to reach for it and you grabbed his"NO!, no...i have" brendon:"oh, like we care." you shook your"no, i don't like my hat being toutched." they all nodded and you started to found out alot about them and that they were really nice guys.brendon:"so, whadda ya say? will you spend a year with panic?" you"i'd love to." you were left alone to rest and prepare for the moving into panic's house.
~two weeks later~
you'd gotten a job at a local diner and was helping pay for some bills here and there and getting your own clothes. you dyed your hair a darker black and started to wear eyeliner and other make day after work, you road your zippy, or as you've learned to call them "skate boards", back to the guys' house to see what they were up knocked on the door and spencer answered. spencer:"aiden, you live here now, just walk in." you"sorry, it's a reflex." he nodded and sleepily walked into the living room. they were all just getting up from last night. they all went to a club after another consert and got smashed. you:"i'll get you guys some asprin and some water." they all nodded and you got them what you'd promised. you returned to find them all sitting on the coutch,"that's what you get for drinking." you said as you served them their releif. spencer:"hey, aiden, come here." you followed him up to his"yea?" spencer:"why are you so intent on keeping that hat on? what's underneath it?" you looked down and stayed silent. spencer:"come on, you're like my-our best can tell me." he gently toutched the material before you grabbed his"don't. i'm a freak." he shook his head and you let him slowly lift the hat away from your head while you looked at the ground in shame.spencer:"what are you ashamed of?they're amazing." you looked up,"how could you say that? they're ugly and i'm a freak. i haven't seen anyone else with any of them, have you?" he stayed silent and you"i thought so." you jerked your hat from his hands and quickly put it on before walking out of the room. you walked into the kitchen and started to cook while you were silently crying.about ten minutes of cooking whent by before spencer walked into the kitchen. spencer:"that's why i think they're one else in the world has them." you dropped the spatula you were holding by"i-i...sorry." you quickly bent down and grabbed the spatula and quickly washed it in the sink before continueing cooking.spencer:"i...i'm sorry aiden. it's just you're my best friend and i don't thin you should be ashamed with all." you:"spencer, i know you're my friend and all but, honestly, what's not to be ashamed of? i'm a weird little freak in a world of normal people.i'm basicly stranded here, working for a boy band." spencer:"you do not work for us, you're our friend." you:"spencer, when was the last time anyone in this house done laundry?" spencer:"um...two weeks ago?" you raised your"uh huh...and the last time anyone cooked?" spencer:"um, now?" he looked at the hamburger helper in the pan and sighed and giggled, placing the pan of food on the table before whistling to the"hey guys, dinner's finnished!" before long, the boys were in the kitchen, grabbing plates.brendon:"thanks aiden, you're the best! mmmmm, cheezy." you rolled your eyes and chuckled as you ate your few bites of hamburger helper.jon:"aren't you going to eat any more than that aiden?" you:"um, no.why would i?" you said shrugging as you quickly washed your plate amd"i'll be back." you walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where you picked up the cups the boys were just drinking out of and tood them to the kitchen.silently, you washed the cups and placed them into the rack to dry.ryan:"hey, aiden.why don't you just sit down?you've done enough,it's time for you to get some rest." you:"no,i'm fine.we mankalues are known for stamina." spencer:"wait, what did you say your last name was?" you"oh, it's mankalue.not that it matters anyways. my parents are dead and one day i'll just die alone because of my cursed ears." you heard the sound of a chair scraping on wooden floors and turned to see spencer had spilled his drink all over his"oh here, let me help you." you quickly grabbed 2 towels and started to clean up the table with one while you handed the other to spencer to wipe himself off with.spencer:"ah shit." you"do i want to know how you managed this one?" spencer's face turned red as he looked at his wet pants.spencer:"um...i don't know. one minute i was taking a drink,-" ryan:"and the next minute his penis wants a drink." you raised your eyebrow up at"his WHAT?" everyone's mouthes instantly dropped open.brendon:"you don't know what a penis is?" you:"um, no. should i?" brendon quickly whispered into your"oh, you mean the penticle.okay." (you:jeez shain, these people sure are weird.) you thought to him as he nodded in agreement.jon:"i've never seen a dog nod." you"it's amazing what communication can do eh?" they all nodded. you had to explain to them on the first day that shain wasn't a normal dog.brendon:" hey aiden...earlier you said something about your ears...but i see nothing wrong with them." you toutched your mortal ears. they were quite obsolite but they were there for"oh...not these ears. the ones under my hat. you see mankalue, in my world, means the family of wolves." you took off your hat. you:"so, each family is a different animal and they all have immortal ears to prove their stature." they all nodded.ryan:"aww, they're cute." spencer:"that's what i tried to tell her but NOOOOOO!" you rolled your"well soooooorry!" you bumped his chair with your hip and giggled.spencer:"you did not just do did NOT just do that!" you:"oh i just did." he poked your forehead.spencer:"well i just did THAT." you:"oh god forbid..." you said monotonedly as you picked up the guys' empty plates.jon:"alright, that's it. it was nice of you to help around aiden but you're not a slave.relax and sit down." you were forcefully put into the wooden kitchen chair as brendon sat the dishes in the sink.ryan:"i think it's time we took aiden out for a little fun on the town." you raised your eyebrow yet again in only a way you could"ryan, i'm 16, i don't need fun out on the town, i need to gett a better paying job so i can move out." brendon:"i have never heard a more depressing sentance in my life." you rolled your eyes.spencer:"no, you know what? i think it would be good for you to relax and unwind." you"well don't you guys have to be a certain age to do anything?" jon:"nah, i know a club we can get into.go get ready and meet us at the car." you nodded and ran were up there for 15 minutes when you heard a knock on your"yes?" ryan:"hey, it's me.they sent me up to get you." you:"come you think this outfit looks slutty?" you said as you turned were wearing a black skirt, a red tank top, some red and black striped knee socks with combat boots that came up to your knees, many bracelets and necklaces, a spiked leather choker, and, of coarse, your sock cap. ryan:"woah! not at all! damn, you look hot though. come on, let's go." you walked downstairs to see all the guys waiting.once they noticed you, all eyes were glued.brendon:"wow, you look sexy!you know, if i wasn't sure you were single, i'd be all over you." you"um, no thanks.i give up on men, they're pigs." jon:"outch, right to the heart." you:"well, the first guy i met in my new island, he purposely told me to go through the dead end street." you looked to see spencer looking like he was going to strangle someone.spencer:"well, forget him. he's an ass who deserves to die." you felt a little bad.if he hadn't had told you to go through that gate, you wouldn't have met these"actually, i totally forgive him." everyone nodded.brendon:"yea because he gave us our best friend!" you laughed and got into the sat uncomfortably next to spencer the whole way to the club but finally arrived to see a huge line jsut to get in. you made it in emediently and was lead to the dance floor by jon. jon:"hey can i tell you something?" you:"sure!" you two were screaming over the music.jon:"spencer really likes you." you looked at him"he what?" jon:"he likes you!" you"thanks for the info!" you walked away and went to find spencer to confront him about it. when you found him though, you wanted to confront his face with your hand.there spencer was, all over some little tramp in rags that would barely specify as glared at the girl and smirked as she ripped away from spencer, running and puking all over slumped down at the bar and sighed. guy:"hey there sweet heart, can i buy you a drink?" you turned to see one of the best looking guys you've"only if you want to." guy:"hey bartender, give this lady a round of the good stuff, my treat." the bar tender handed you a pleasant smelling mix drink.guy:"i'm trevor." you:"aiden." you both continued to talk and drink soon, you were dancing on the dance floor. it couldn't be slow dancing either, it had to be extra-dirty dancing.after you finnished, you went to get another drink when you ran into spencer,"ow-oh, hey spence-" spencer:"don't 'hey spence' me, what are you doing?" you:"dancing, what does it look like?" spencer:"do you even know that guy?" you"yea, his name's trevor. it can't be any worse than what you were doing to that nearly naked tramp in the corner.your hand was practicly up her skirt!" trevor:"hey, is there a problem here?" you:"no, trevor, go away. spencer,, i'm going to get another drink." you sat down at the bar and found jon sitting"well, so much for that info. it's not true.i saw him in the corner making out to some girl and then when i FINALLY find someone to dance with, he flips out.he's being an ass." jon nodded.spencer:"hey aiden, can i talk to you in the VIP room for a few?" you rolled your eyes and followed him to the room, drink in"yeah?" you sat down as he sat beside you.spencer:"look, i know what i did was wrong, and i'm're right, i was being an ass." you"well, next time i want to see if you want to dance, i'll just forget the thought ever even happened."
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