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spencer:"now come one aiden, don't be that way.look, i seriously messed up so please don't be mad.i'm sorry." you" you're so lucky i'm a verry forgiving person." he smiled and you had to laugh. you both walked up to the bar and got a drink.spencer:"how many of those have you had?" you:"um...about now? i lost count at 6." you winked so he could tell you were joking. you:"no, this is me 6th right here." spencer:"wow, you hold your liqure pretty well." you:"oh yes, it takes a bit to get me drunk." bartender:"oh really? well how'd you like to try our newest drink little miss? it's called a's the strongest legal drink on the market." you"sure, bring it." he brought out a smoothie of some sort that was rainbow quickly started to drink it. you finally finnished the giagantic cup and smiled. you:"well, it's got great flavor and a little electrick-feeling kick. i like it." the bartender looked at you with wide eyes. bartender:"well little missey, if you think you could handle it, i'll give you a refill, for free, just for trying my new drink." you"sure, i like those." he nodded and got you a refill in a bigger"hey spencer, let's go find the others and sit down. he nodded and followed you into the crowd of people dancing. you made your way through the crowd with spencer holding your wrist so you wouldn't get finally found them all at a table laughing and drinking with a few"hey guys, try this." you had them all take a sip and then had spencer try it before you took it back and gulped it down quickly.girl1:"um, so, how did YOU meet panic?" she said"that's my own bussiness." the other one snorted.girl2:"what, did one of them knock you up while they were drunk or something?" you raised your eyebrow and held in a deep"excuse me?" girl1:"oh, no offense, but no rock star in their right mind would EVER go out with you." all the guys exchanged glances with wide eyes, looking from each other to you to see what you would do. you:"what are your names anyways?" girl3:"we normally don't give our names to low lives but i guess we can make an exception. i'm cassaundra, or cassie. that's jessica, or jessie. and that's jamie." you:"well, cassie, jessie, jamie, why don't you come with me and i'll introduce you all to my older brother. he's a star footballs player who's getting a contract with a modeling agency." you smiled a convincing smile and stood up while they all giggled lead them outside and around back to the alley.jessie:"alright, where is he?" you turned around to face them and in a few swift moves, punched them all in their"i think you all need to get lives. and stop being stuck up little bitches RIGHT NOW before i fucking RIP YOUR THROATS OUT AND LET YOUR BLOOD SPILL ON THE PAVEMENT!" you left them laying on the floor and pulled out the phone you'd only recently bought and quickly texted spencer telling him you were walking home.text reply:"you didn't like, kill those girls did you? because that's kinda illegal here." you rolled your eyes.yourtxt:"no, but i did break their noses." you laughed a bit evily as you started to walk back to panic's were only walking for a few whenever the guys pulled up in their car.jon:"get in." you sighed and got into the car.luckily, you were sitting next to spencer and not anyone"look, i'm sorry for smashing your dates faces in-" brendon:"don't worry about that, i thought it was pretty cool." you stayed"i...i'm still sorry.that could've at least been a good time for the night for you guys and i ruined it." you said quietly. ryan:"no, we're not really like that.we've put off that image a few times but that's just for the media." you looked at him and"that's so...stupid. that actually dissapoints me.i thought you guys, of all people, would be yourselves in all circumstances." jon sighed.jon:"yeah well we didn't want to either.but they said they'd cut the contract if we didn't put out the image they thought people wanted to see." you nodded. once the car pulled into the driveway, you got out quickly and walked up to the door.brendon:"it's locked, you'll need the-" he didn't even finnished his sentance when you waved your hand and the knob turned blue and unlocked itself.brendon:"key..." you walked in and up to your were already in the bath tub when everyone got upstairs.brendon:"hey aiden? can you teach me how to do that?" you:"it's not something that can be taught brendon, it's an instinct." you said as you tried to relax. you were silently crying as you finnished your felt like you'd just ruined the night for not only yourself, but for everyone. and you knew those girls were right, you were nothing. you wern't even pretty like them. you didn't have the perfect eyelashes, or the newest haircut, or the weird, ugly, "name brand" shis they were were just you but aparantly it wasn't good enough for them. (you:oh shain, i hate being a freak. as if i couldn't fit in in my world, now it's ten times as bad here!) (shain:oh you're just going through a rough patch.i know things will get better. i can see farther than just today, unlike most wolves.) you giggled. (you:shain, what would i be without you?) (shain:well, for one, hopeless, and two, without me.) you laughed and got out of the bath and got dressed in a pair of boxers and a wife-beater. you sat in front of your wall for about fifteen minutes just looking at yourself in the mirror when you heard a"it's open." in walked spencer.spencer:"what are you doing?" you:"realizing that those girls were right. i don't belong here, and you know this.i'm an ugly peice of shit living with a bunch of rock's not right." spencer sat beside you.spencer:"don't say that aiden.if those were guys saying those thing earlier, i would've punched their faces in emediently. but it was a girl, so i'll let you do that.besides, i know you can handle're stronger than you look." you gave a sad half smile and looked in the mirror to see your eyes change to grey.spencer:"i guess that means you're sad?" you nodded. you:"yea, and i guess it's a good thing they don't come with a de-coder like the mood rings do." you said half-heartedly as you stood up.spencer:" well, i came up here to get's time for supper." you:"oh god, i'm so sorry, i forgot to cook!" spencer:"no,no. chill. we ordered chinease." you gave him a funny look.spencer:"come on, you just have to try it." you nodded and followed him down the stairs. you reached the kitchen to see everyone eating and laughing...and people you've never met. brendon:"hey, aiden! i want you to meet pete, patrick, andy, and joe.they play that song you like so much.grand theft autumn." you nodded and blushed a"oh, um...hi.i think i'm just going to go get dressed now-" pete:"nonesense! hell, take your clothes off if you want to.come, have a seat." your cheeks turned a bright red as you sat in the open seat between pete and spencer. pete:"so, i hear that you came from a dead end road, is that true?" you nodded while you ate with the chop stick skillfully.pete:"what's it like there? you know, where you're from." you:"oh um...i don't know, we live in islands instead of suburbans or towns... and there's only 1 dead end road per, that's about it." they all nodded.pete:"huh...and i thought people were like suppose to have powers or something if they're from dead end roads." you coughed a bit from inhaleing your food.spencer:"you okay aiden?" you nodded and took a drink of your"yea, it just got caught for a sec." he nodded and patted you on the back"um...okay i was lieing. i have weird ears poking out of my head and powers that i hardly ever use unless i'm upset...that's about the sum of my world.besides the fact that every family is an animal and has the ears of that animal." everyone's eyebrows were raised.patrick:"that's fucking cool!" you stared at him in disbelief. patrick:"so what animal are you?" shain walked"i'm a wolf." you took off your hat and pete toutched your ears.pete:"that's, you don't even use your human-looking ears?" you shook your"nope.they're obsolite." he nodded and you could hear spencer's breathing deepen for some reason. you could tell he was angry about something but you didn't know"um, well, i'm full so i'll just go get dressed and wait for everyone else to get done." jon:"why? we didn't use up any dishes tonight. besides, we told you to stop cleaning so much." you:"sorry, it's just something to keep my mind busy." you said as you ran put on a pair of baggy pants and a hoody on over your pajamas. you walked back downstairs and sat in the living room while everyone was talking.pete:"hey, welcome back!...i liked the first outfit better but that works to." you sat next to spencer and looked at everone as they discussed a new"um, what's a guitar look like?" you said out of no where. patrick;"oh wow, you've never seen one?" you shook your head no. ryan:"this is a guitar." he said handing you his. you:"oh, i've seen one of these.we called them candices though." you played a little peice of a song your old band use to play at every consert.pete:"woah, woah, what was that?" you:"oh, it's from a song me and my band back home use to play at the conserts." you said quietly. patrick:"you had a band?" you"me and my sister, and our two friends, park of the coyote family.our band was called moon one point, we got even the panther family to like us and that's not an easy task." you said smiling. joe:"what did you do in the band?" you:"i was the candice, matragon, and voacs." spencer:"um..." you:"but i guess you'd call them guitar, piano, and vocals." they all nodded.brendon:"you're a singer? you never struck me as the time to be a're too shy." you:"i sometimes played, i think they're called drums but we called them badons." spencer:"you didn't tell me you were a drummer." you noticed him smiling at you and you felt good for some"yea, i love to just keep a beat for hours or keep no beat for even longer, just for the sound and the adreneline." andy:"i know exactly how you feel." you smiled.pete:"well, are you sill interested in a musical carreer?" you"i'd like to give it a second shot sometime but...i want to make friends and a band because i know couldn't do it without bandmates." joe:"you know, i just keep liking you more and more." you laughed and felt the guitar in your hands once again.ryan:"can you sing me that song you were playing? pwease? i wanna hear it." you:"why?it just puts people to was always our closing song.people would be passed out before they got to their cars." andy:"so people have cars?" you"yea, we're actually verry technologically advanced. our zippies, are what you call hover boards. but they're close to a skate board." pete stood up.pete:"no. way. do you have it wit you by any chance?" you"yea, it's in the spare room.brendon:"that's 'YOUR ROOM' get it right." you rolled our eyes. (you:hey shain, can you bring me down my zippy?) (shain:sure thing hun, i'm on my way) pete:"can i see it?" you:"oh, yea. shain's getting it.i just asked him to." patrick:"whos shain?" you:"he's my demon and the best friend anyone could ask for.i have other best friends of coarse, he's just been my true friend since i was small." everyone nodded as shain walked in, zippy in"thanks shain, you wanna sit and stay?" he shook his"well, alright, go have fun...and stay away from that little german shephard down the doggy style unless you're going to be with her for the rest of your life." he barked and walked back up the stairs. patrick:"so you can to animals?" you:"'s complicated." you laughed as pete picked up the"here, put these on, they're the safety bracers, in case you fall....well, for WHEN you fall." pete:"hahaha, now help me out. how do i turn it on?" you:"the button on the side that says on." he nodded and turned it on. you:"alright, it stays at a foot off of the ground but you can lean back and forward at the same time to make it go up...if that makes any sense." soon, pete was toutching his head to the"it's gounna be a loooooong night...alright guys, have fun and don't break anything, especially my zippy, and i'm going to sleep. i'm tired." they all nodded and told you good night. you layed down in your bed with shain for about an hour when you noticed that the door was sighed and sat up. you walked into the hallway to see smoke comming from brendon's room. your eyes widened and you ran in to see he'd left a shirt hanging over a lamp and it was now on"BRENDON URIE!" you grabbed the shirt and stomped it out by the time everyone got upstairs.brendon:"what?what happened?" you:"you left a SHIRT ON YOUR LAMP and it CAUGHT ON FIRE!" you winced in pain at the burn marks on your hand.brendon:"oh my god, i'm so sorry aiden.if i hadn't had been a dumb ass, your hand would be fine and not melted and burned." you:"it's fine, it'll be gone by tomarrow." spencer walked up and looked at your hand.spencer:"outch...that looks horrible." you:"no, it's fine.see? it's already going away." you said as your hand started to heal.he was still holding it and looking at you. everyone left the room, shutting the door on their way"outch!" you yelped as he accidentally toutched a peice of burned skin.spencer:"oh shit, sorry." you"it's fine spence." he let go of your hand and sat on the bed, holding his face in his hands.spencer:"god, i just keep hurting you, don't i?" you didn't say anything, you just placed your head softly on his"spencer, don't say were one of the first friends i have here. and that did nothing bad for me, now did it?" he shook his head.spencer:"no, i guess not...hey, pete and them brought alot of liqure and asked if we wanted to party tonight. you want to?" you:"yea, i'll take a cold bottle for each hand." he laughed and you both stood up and walked downstairs to them already"alright, what do you have that's strong?" pete:"hmmm, try this." he handed you a mixed concoction. you:"hmmmmmmm, i like." it took a couple of hours but you were finally smashed. you were dancing and singing to the"hey spencer, don't you owe me and dance?" spencer smiled and stood up, also smashed off of his ass, and started to dance with you.pete had invited some chicks over so everyone was paired up and somehow found yourself up against a wall with spencer's lips attached to yours and his hands running up your wasn't long before you were walking upstairs, and stumbling into someone's room.
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