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a sleepover with the horrors

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This is about the band the horrors. its 3:41AM. Ive eaten a giant bag of marshmellows. Ok I'm hyper.

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setting: my house. Multiple juice boxes lay on my living room floor. Slleping bags are rolled out and are empty. Candy wrappers are discarded everywhere. A pillow has just been bust open over Joshua Von Grimm's head. Feathers are everywhere.

Me: Josh are you okay?! laughs

Josh: dazed whaa?

Farris: crying while laughing it just broke!!!

Joe: how do you stand such an immature being? secretly placing feathers in toms hair so be looks like a chicken

Me: no idea. hugging Joshua wait...counts only four boys were missing someone.

Rhys: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! runs in with bag of sugar

Tom: what are you doing?

Rhys: giggles madly making sure I dont fall asleep!!!

Farris: maybe Joe coulve used that. laughs
everyone looks over at Coffin Joe who is out like a light

Me: aweee look at how cute he is!!!! throws blanket over him

Joshua: I thought I was cute!!!

Me: you are the cutest one.

Joshua: smiles

More later
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