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An unexpected offer

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A struggling comic book artist takes a job as a nanny for an upper east side widow for her two kids. Inspired by the tv show the nanny only more serious lol

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Gerard groaned rolling over as his alarm clock beeped incessantly. He looked around his tiny bedroom in his New York City apartment and sighed. Life hadn’t always been this pointless he thought as he looked out at the New York City skyline. Gerard pulled a cigarette from the packet which was resting on his window sill. He stuck one between his lips and flicked his lighter til it caught and he could light his cigarette. Gerard wandered into the small kitchen and poured himself a coffee looking down at the notepad he’d scribbled an address down on.

Gerard was a struggling comic book artist and the investors in his latest project had just pulled out, the address was for a possible new investor he was going to see today and present his work to. Hopefully the guy knew a work of art when he saw one; Gerard didn’t know how much longer he could survive working at that Barnes and Noble with Mikey. Gerard quickly finished his coffee off and wandered off to get dressed. He quickly showered not just standing under the hot spray like he usually did just enjoying the feel of the water pounding into his back. He quickly stepped out wrapping a towel loosely around his waist. He quickly brushed his teeth and wandered back into his tiny bedroom, he pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans along with a white shirt in addition to a black vest and a matching black tie. He pulled his old battered converse on his feet and ruffled his hair. He walked out of his small apartment closing the door and locking it as he left.

Gerard walked briskly through the cold it was late November and it was already getting cold in New York City, he pulled his leather jacket tighter around his frame as he turned the corner and continued to walk. He began to look at the addresses and finally reached an imposing cream coloured townhouse. Gerard straightened his tie and pressed the door bell. He waited a few seconds until he heard footsteps and the front door opened a butler opened the door and let him in taking his coat and putting it in the closet by the door, before bustling off to find the potential investor. Gerard looked at his surroundings. The floor was polished white marble with dark veins contrasting against it giving it a cracked look. There was an imposing staircase leading to the second floor of the Town house, it was carpeted in cream carpet against a dark oak wall panelling and dark oak coloured banister. A couple of minutes passed before the butler re-entered the foyer with a woman who looked in her late 20s. She had hair blacker than the night sky against pale porcelain skin, her lips in contrast were full and red he body was slim and delicate. She was wearing tight black pinstriped skinny jeans with an iron maiden tank top which made Gerard raise his eyebrows slightly. He didn’t think a woman like this would like that kind of music. Gerard watched as she strode of taking Gerard hand and shaking it firmly she smiled as she spoke.

“Hello I’m Ivy Vanderbilt” she said with a softly spoken English accent with a small smile. “You’re from The Manhattan Agency right?” she said as she wandered over to a couch and sat down pouring herself some coffee from the old fashioned silver tea set placed on the glass coffee table between the two couches. Gerard looked at her confused and sat down removing his messenger bag from his shoulder and placing it down on the couch beside him. “The Manhattan Nanny agency” she said as she handed him a cup of coffee.

“I’m not a nanny” Gerard said his forehead wrinkled in confusion at what Ivy had said to him. “I came to see..uhh..” he said pulling the scrap of paper from his pocket and reading it. “Mr Jack Vanderbilt” he said looking up at her.

Ivy frowned her face up with a sad sigh. “Jack passed away five years ago” she said with a sad smile at Gerard. “He died in a car accident” she said quietly sipping her coffee. “You probably spoke to the CEO of his company who said he would invest.” She said simply. “Im no longer in charge of his business but I still own half of it so they need to consult me when we decided to invest on specific things” she said picking up a plate of oreos and taking a bite from one. She offered the plate to Gerard who shook his head. “Look they showed me your comic book and it’s good but I don’t want to invest” she said brushing her hair from her forehead. “However you are here and I need a nanny, I’m a busy woman I have my own fashion label and I need someone to be around for the kids, preferably a male cause the kids don’t have that influence in their lives anymore since their father passed away. Do you have any experience with Kids?” Ivy enquired looking Gerard in the eye.

Gerard shook his head, his messy black hair falling in his eyes. He pushed it away gently. “No none at all” he mumbled looking at his feet.

“Well you can’t be any worse than the previous nannies I’ve had” Ivy said. “Look I know your very talented I also know you working at Barnes and Noble part time. That can’t pay too much. Look I’ll pay you $1500 a week. You’d live here so you wouldn’t be paying bills or anything you can save and I’ll help you find another investor for your comic book. How does that sound?” Ivy finished looking at Gerard. Gerard watched Ivy, he saw the desperation in her eyes. He knew what it felt like to have no other options than to take what was right in front of you and just have to make the best of a bad situation.

Gerard sighed resignedly. He didn’t really have much of a choice. The lease was nearly up on his apartment so he was going to have to find a new place soon, working at Barnes and Noble was fun but was crappy pay. Mikey barely managed to survive himself; he’d been interning at a record company as well just to make ends meet to live. Gerard fiddled absentmindedly with the cuff of his jacket thinking it over in his mind before answering Ivy. “How many kids do you have?” he finally said breaking the silence that had laid itself over them for the past 5 minutes.

“Two, a 4 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. Their names are Madison and Jay” she said with a small smile. Gerard heard the padding of soft footsteps behind him, he turned his head and saw a short boy with a sweeping black fringe hanging in his face and glinting snakebites near his lips, he was wearing tight grey skinny jeans along with black and white chequered vans on his feet. He had on red hoodie with a black batskull on the chest. He looked up at his mum pulling his head phones from his ears, he glanced warily at Gerard. “This is Jay” she said to Gerard who nodded at him. “Jay this is Gerard the new nanny” she said, Jay’s lips twisted into a frown before he turned around and walked out the front door without a word. Ivy let out a long suffering sigh and looked at Gerard again. “He’s been like that since his dad passed away. He’s not really a bad kid just depressed” she said with a sad smile. All of a sudden a little girl in a pink dress and matching pink Mary Janes on her feet ran into the lounge, before jumping into Ivy’s lap. Gerard looked at her curiously, she had chestnut coloured locks and green eyes with a cute little smile, she buried her face into her mums shoulder making Gerard chuckle slightly.

“I assume this is Princess Madison” Gerard said with a smile at Madison. Madison lifted her head and looked at Gerard, she bit her lower lip slightly and smiled at him cutely. “Hi” she said with a light lisp, Gerard noticed one of her front teeth was missing. “I just lost my toof” she said lisping again cutely. “Are you the tooth fairy?” she said to Gerard which made Ivy and Gerard burst out laughing.

“So those are the kids?” Gerard said warming slightly to the idea of being a nanny. “Yes these are my kids” she said hugging Madison tightly to her. Gerard leaned back into the couch.
“So when do I start?”


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