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Gerard talks to Mikey

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Gerard walked back to the bus feeling a bit calmer. At least he knew he had one more liar out of his life. He opened the door and stepped on to find Mikey sitting at the table in the living room, totally zoning out.

"Earth to Mikey" he said as he waved his hand in front of his brothers face.

"What" Mikey said, not moving his eyes from their fixed position on the wall.

"Please just let it go, it's not your fault Mikes, I promise" Gerard said, sitting down next to his brother.

Mikey turned to face him, "It is in a way" he sighed, "If I hadn't of told you everything would be fine still"

"Yes but then I would have eventually found out, and you would have lied to me all that time"

Mikey saw that his brother did have a point, "I guess your right, yeah, you are. Let's just forget it" he said feeling a bit better.

Gerard got up and headed over to the fridge, "Were are the guy's and Charli?" he asked, tossing Mikey a soda.

"They went inside to say bye to some people or something" Mikey said shrugging as he opened his drink, "They should be back soon, we leave in ten minutes"


Harper was sitting watching TV, bored out of her mind. All of her friends were either taking their vacation or at another venue styling. She was going to be busy this afternoon but after that she had nothing booked for a week and a half.

A knock at the door disturbed her from her thoughts and she got up to answer it. She was suprised to find Frank, Ray, Bob and Charli all standing at the door.

"Aren't you guys meant to be leaving now?" she asked, stepping aside to let them all in.

"" said Frank trying to catch his breath.

"I take it you ran"

They just nodded and came inside. Once they had all settled down Frank spoke again.

"Harper do you know the date?" he asked her.

She looked puzzled, "Yes Frank it's the 11th"

"The 11th of what?"

"November" she replied looking and feeling puzzled.

"Frank just get to the point" Ray said nudging him.

"Fine! Can't let me have my fun can you?" he said as he rolled his eyes, "Tomorow is Jade and Gerard's anniversary day and we want you to come up to suprise Gerard. With all this 'stuff' happening lately he really needs his mind taken off it. And as seen as your his girlfriend, well your the only one who can if you get my drift."

Harper felt a bit stupid for not realising earlier, "Aw guys. That's a great idea. How on earth did you lot come up with that?"

Bob pretended to take offence, "We are higly sensitive men Harper. We do have feelings, honest."

She laughed as Charli just stared at Bob with the most confused look on her face, "Yes of course I will come up"

Ray handed her a piece of paper with an adress on it.

"That's the venue, be there for six exactly okay?"

She nodded and stood as they all did. Charli held onto her hand as they walked towards the door and pouted when Frank told her she had to leave.

"Me's no wanna go" she said, tightening her grip on Harper's hand.

"Aw jeez, Charli c'mon were late already" Frank said as he lifted her up.

She then wrapped her other hand around Harper's so she was hanging over Frank's shoulder holding onto Harper with both her hands. Harper gently removed her little hands and kissed her on the nose.

"I'll see you soon, I promise" she told her.

Charli smiled and relaxed onto Frank's shoulder, waving frantically as they all said goodbye and left. Harper continued to wave to Charli until they were totally out of sight.

"Sweet kid" she said to herself as she pinned the adress onto her fridge door.


Gerard was almost going out of his mind just as the guy's piled onto the bus with Charli in tow. He bent down and wrapped her in a giant hug.

"I've missed you today kiddo" he said, picking her up.

"Me has been to see Harper" she told him as he carried her to his bunk.

"Yeah ok" he said, not believing her although she was telling the truth, "I think somebody is tired" he said as he lay her down in his bunk.

She kicked her legs and messed the quilt up, "No! Me is not tired daddy, me is not" she shouted.

Gerard climbed in with her and put his arms around her protectivley, "Shhh, be good for daddy" he whispered as she closed her eyes, yawning.

He always talked to her, telling her things she probably didn't understand but it comforted him.

"I wonder if mom misses you like I would kiddo. I bet Harper misses you more though, she thinks your great" he said as he smiled at the thought of her with Charli.

"When your older, I hope you understand why I stopped you from seeing my mom. I hope you don't hate me for it" he said, yawning too.

He leaned over and saw Charli's eyes were closed and her breathing was steady. He kissed her gently on the cheek and pulled her closer to him.

"I knew you were tired" he whispered as he fell asleep beside her.

A/N- Sorry it's short and crap, I have writers block.


dondon xo.
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