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Harper and Gerard discuss times while Mikey is forced to make a decision.

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"Seriously?" Gerard said, making sure he heard her right.

Harper nodded, "If you want me too, and like I said I would love it"

He smiled and took her hand in his. They joined the rest of the guy's who were sitting on some sofa's with Worm.

"Gee, it's mom, she want's to talk to you" Mikey said, handing him the cell phone.

Gerard took the phone and stood up, walking over to a quiter spot.

"Hey mom, it's me"

"Gerard, I'm coming back tonight and I want to know if Charli can come stay with me for a few days"

"Yeah sure, I don't see why not"

"Oh good, I'll text you later when I land"

"Okay bye ma"

He flipped the phone shut and went and gave it back to Mikey. They decided just to head back to the bus and sleep for a bit as seen as they were changing venues the next day.

"You coming back with us?" Gerard asked Harper as they got up to walk back to the bus.

She shook her head, "I haven't been to mine for like two whole days, I need to get some stuff ready for the next bands coming to this venue"

"So does that mean your not coming with us when we move to the next state?"

"Afraid so. Phone calls will have to do for the moment, I have a four day break coming up soon so I can come out then"

Gerard had totally forgot all about them not being on the same bus the whole time. He felt sort of dissapointed they had just started getting close and were now not going to see eachother for a while.

"That sucks. So when is your four day break?" he asked.

"I'm not sure yet, but it's soon I know that"

Bob called him over, "Gerard c'mon were going for something to eat first, hurry your ass up"

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming" he shouted back.

"It will be strange not seeing you every day" Gerard said as he turned back to Harper.

"I know but we have to get used to it, were going to be apart a lot you know Gerard" she said, "Are you sure you still want to strike up a relationship with me?"

He didn't answer but instead kissed her, "Does that answer your question?" he said when they pulled away.

She grinned and nodded, "Yeah it does. Now go on, your friends are waiting"

"Can I see you before we go tonight?" he asked.

"I'll make some time, I promise, now go!" she said kissing him one last time and pushing him towards his awaiting friends.

He waved and jogged to catch up with them.


"Hey mom it's Mikey"

"Mikey please, I'm having a nice last day don't start again"

"I'm not letting it go until you own up"

"Why? Everything has settled down now, no point bringing up the past"

"Just because it has settled down it doesn't make what you did right"

"It was right and you know it"

"You reported your own son and grandaughter to the social services. They could have been split up, what part of that is right?"

"I said don't start Mikey"

"Either you tell him or I will. I have no choice"

"You have every choice Mikey, you want to be the cause of me and Gerard falling out? Fine go ahead"

Mikey didn't reply, he just hung up. If he told Gerard then his mom would be mad at him and Gerard would be mad at his mom, but if he didn't tell Gerard then he felt like he was betraying him. Either way something bad would happen. He headed out of the bathroom and back to the table were the rest of the guys were.

"Mikey before you sit down go get us some straws" Ray said.

He half growled in annoyance as he put his phone on the table and headed over to the counter. He was mumbling to himself about his situation when he got back to the table.

"Dude, you shouldn't hang up on mom, you know it pisses her off"

Mikey looked confused to how he knew this but Gerard passed him his cell that had a text message up on the screen.

Don't ever hang up on me again

Make your choice and I wont

I'm not making any choice. Leave it Mikey. Tell Gerard and you know the shit it will cause

Mikey could feel a headache coming on. He didn't reply to the last text, instead he just slammed his phone down on the table and sighed really loudly.

Before Mikey could stop him Gerard grabbed the phone laughing, "What the hell is making the oh-so calm Mikey mad?" he said, pressing god knows what buttons on the cell.

Mikey tried his best to get it back off Gerard but Frank stopped him, thinking it was just a joke.

Slowly the smile on Gerard's face faded into a confused expression. Mikey knew what was coming next, he held his breath waiting.

"Tell me what Mikey?"

He exhaled loudly, "Nothing, it's nothing" he lied, knowing fine well Gerard wouldn't believe him.

Under the table Gerard was clenching his fists, he hated being lied to, especially by his own brother. The rest of the guys could only watch as the drama unfolded before them.

"I'll ask you again, tell me what Mikey?" Gerard repeated through gritted teeth.

Mom? Gerard? Mom? Gerard? This was all Mikey could think. He didn't want to betray either one, but he couldn't stall much longer.

Suddenly Gerard shot up, "I'll ask you one more time Mikey, tell me what?!" his voice was getting louder and Ray stood up next to him, putting his hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down.

Mikey's eyes were tearing up and a lump formed in his throat, "I-I know who reported you" he finally said, letting a few tears fall down his cheeks.

"You mean to the social services?" he asked, sitting back down.

Mikey could only nod in defeat.

"I think we should let these two have a talk" Bob said as he, Ray and Frank left the table.


Harper had just gotten out the shower and was feeling extremley happy, although she did feel kind of strange not being with Gerard. She wrapped a towel around herself and dried off her hair then scooped it up into a ponytail. As she looked for her phone she was humming to herself, she felt on top of the world.

"Ah there it is" she said, seeing her phone lying behind her microwave.

Missing you already, when should I come over?

I'm busy

Oh, okay. Well should I call you later?

I'll call you if I have time

Suddenly Harper's good mood dissapeared. She wondered what she had done wrong already. After calling him three times and failing to get an answer she gave up.

Maybe I'm a bad girlfriend without realising it she thought as she sat on her bed, cell phone in hand.


Gerard felt really guilty taking his mood out on Harper but he was too angry to deal with anything right now. He justed wanted answers and Mikey still hadn't said anything, he was just sitting there, staring into space.

Gerard cleared his throat, "So are you going to tell me?" he asked quietly.

Mikey shrugged, "Do I have a choice?"

"Whoever it is we can all get through it Mikey"

"All? Who is all?"

"Well me, you, the guys, Charli, Harper and mom"

Mikey scoffed, "That's the problem Gerard" he said, wringing his hands together. "It was mom"

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