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Binkie and Bam-Bam

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The story of two best friends.

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Do you know what it's like to loose a best friend? No, of course you don't. Me? I do.

Think of your best friend. Think back to the first time you ever met them, where you were, what was happening, what you said to eachother? Bet your smiling right now, just thinking of it. I would be too. But then imagine, growing up with them and being inseperable and then suddenly falling out and never being friends again. Being able to walk past and ignore eachother as if you never even met. Imagine them hating you, not because they feel it, because their other friends do. Not smiling now I bet.

Gerard's POV

I remember the day, as if it had only just happened. A new house, a new start. The rain had stopped, only just and I went out to explore around my new street.

As I walked around some houses I came to a small hill, covered in grass, then I saw a few small steps surrounded by a wall. On the wall was a girl sitting playing with a barbie, by herself. I wandered over and she looked up as she noticed me. She smiled as if to welcome me over and I sat on the wall opposite her, swinging my feet as I watched her playing.

"I like your barbie" I said, breaking the silence.

She smiled at me and turned to face me, holding the barbie up in front of me, "Thanks. I got it for christmas"

I nodded and noticed she didn't seem to enjoy playing with it. I got up off the wall and moved to sit next to her.

"I have a better idea" I said as I took the barbie from her hands. She looked confused but let me take it anyway. I raised the barbie above my head and brought it crashing down, hitting it's blonde head off the wall I had been sitting on. Suprisingly she laughed and took it back off me, doing exactly the same as I had.

We both took it in turns, laughing with eachother and mudering her poor barbie until finally it's head fell off onto the ground. She picked it up and put it in her pocket, still holding the decapitated body in her hands.

"Want to come and see my bedroom?" she asked, "I just got a new one"

I nodded and followed her down the hill to the house on the corner. As we walked in I took my shoes off and felt the warm smell fill my nose, she started up the stairs and so I followed her. As I walked along the landing a small blonde girl toddled out of the bathroom and sped past me.

"That's my little sister" she told me.

We walked into her bedroom, which was pale blue with a dark blue carpet. It had a large bunk bed in it and a bookshelf that was beside the door. She went over to her wardrobe and opened it, throwing her barbie inside.

"My mom will kill me for that" she laughed as she took out the head from her pocket and tossed it inside the wardrobe too.

That is the first memory I have of Amy. We were only 9. That was seven years ago.


I used to love summer, no school or early mornings. Summer was a time for friends, a time for best friends. This is the best summer I had, the summer I spent with my best friend.

"Come on, hurry, they will be filling it up already" Amy shouted to me through the door as I pulled my trunks on.

It was the first day of the summer holidays and we were in my house that was at the end of her street. She was waiting for me to put my swimming things on because she had a pool set up in her garden.

I finally pulled them on and grabbed my towel, almost knocking her over as I raced her down the stairs.

"Bye mom! Going in Amy's" I shouted as we both bolted out the door and sprinted along the street to her garden.

We walked into her garden which was quite big and already full of her family which were practically my family too. Her house was on the corner so the sun was shining directly into it, making everything warm, especially the water.

When her dad had finished filling the pool up we jumped straight in, splashing everyone that walked past. We swam around the sides, had breath holding competitions, you name it we did it that day. Her mom and dad kept fuelling our energy with ice lollies which most ended up floating around in the water after being dropped in excitment.

About five hours later the sun was going in and the water was starting to get cold.

"Come on, time to get out now" her dad called from the door.

We both got out and wrapped ourselves in our towels, running into the house barefoot. As we got in we dried off a bit and got changed in her bedroom.

"Today was great" I said to her as I dried my hair with her hairdryer.

"I can't wait for tomorow now" she laughed.

I smiled, knowing more great times were going to be had. After we were dried and fed I hugged her goodbye and ran home, sleeping as soon as I got in just so I could wake up and have another amazing day with my amazing best friend.

At least back then we were both naive and still thought we were going to be best friends forever. Too bad things change, most times for the worst.


The summer had passed and turned into a cold autum/winter. We still didn't let it stop us going outside and having fun.

We were quite bored and sitting in my house watching TV had lost it's appeal over an hour ago. Zoey 101 repeats got tiring after you had seen three in a row.

"Let's do something exciting" Amy suggested, getting up.

"Like what though?"

She thought for a moment, "A time capsule! Y'know with our memories and stuff in, it will be great. Then when were older we can dig it up"

I agreed and we started making it. We gathered up photos of us both, little things that reminded us of the great times we had together. Then Amy said we should write a note about what we mean to eachother, but not show the other one until we dug it up years later.

After we had done that we got a tin and put everything inside a bag then inside the tin. Outside on the grass we dug a sqaure hole in the ground and put it in, burying it over with mud.

Everyday after that we were tempted to dig it up but we resisted, knowing it would be worth the wait.

We never did dig it up together.


The end of the summer holidays was only a few days away and me and Amy were sitting on top of a tall garage roof that was placed at the end of our street.

We played on that roof all the time, jumping from the small end when we wanted to get down.

"Let's jump off the big end" Amy said as she walked over to it.

"I will if you do" I told her, throwing my shoes onto the floor below.

She hesitated a bit and then jumped. When she landed on her feet and then stepped back it made me feel better.

"Come on, jump, it's fine" she said, encouraging me too.

I thought nothing of it as I pushed myself away from the roof and went flying towards the ground. Then I felt it. A searing pain shooting up both my legs. I collapsed to the ground and tore at the grass beside me, cursing everything under the sun.

Amy screamed as I writhed in pain on the ground. She ran along the end of the street and got my mom and dad who came running out, phoning an ambulance as they came to me. Amy explained to them what happened as her sister and her friends gathered around seeing what was the matter. Everyone was crying but me. I was just swearing my head off, for once my parents didn't mind.

Amy sat by me and held my hand the whole time, only leaving me once to go in and get a blanket which she wrapped around my upper body to keep me warm. When the ambulance arrived I was given gas and air which made me sleepy and a little bit crazy. The woman checked me over and they picked me up to put in the ambulance. Amy wasn't allowed to come with me but she promised she would be there when I got back the next morning.

It turned out I wasn't returning the next morning, I was staying in for a while so they could operare on me because my injuries were to bad to heal on their own. I was scared stiff the day before I went in for my operation, Amy wasn't allowed to visit me in hospital and there was a risk I wouldn't come round after my operation. I was worried I would never see her again. Infact I was terrified.

The day before my operation my mom came back in the room, followed by Amy. I was so excited! She sat on the end of my bed as we talked and joked on just like nothing was the matter. She stayed for as long as she was allowed before she had to go but before she did she handed me a note in a little envelope. When she left I read it.

/Heya babez it's Amy, absoloutley missing you like crazy. I heard what happened about your op and I'm sorry about it. I know how you must be feeling right now and I'm scared for you too, but I know your brave and will get through it. Can't believe we jumped off and that happened to you, just wish we could turn back time. I need my best friend back home soon, you'll be fine, keep up the spirit./

/I love you loads and loads, your my darling. Everyone misses you!/
/Amy xxx/

/P.S I put a picture of me and you in for you, so you know I'm with you all the way./

I looked in the enevelop and there was a picture of us both in. On the back of it she had written;

/You can do it! I believe in you!/
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