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A Happiness

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The next chapter to Envy! Whatever will happen to Envy?? Newest Characters: Benjamin.

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"Shit, Kristine what the hell am I going to do?" I ask as we sit on her bed while we do our math homework late Wednesday night; a day after seeing the doctor.
"About your math homework?" she asks obviously not understanding what I'm talking about.
"No Kristine!" I say frustrated by how slow she can be sometimes. Kristine may be way ahead of me in math, but not in the friend intuition department.
"Jeez, you don't have to yell." She says holding her arms up in mock surrender.
"I'm sorry...It's just...I'm worried, that I might be prego." I say glaring at my tummy; using the known nickname for pregnant.
"But you won't be, so stop worrying." She says confidently, while chugging down yet another energy drink. Damn, if I drank as many as her I'd be sick; but she has an addiction, just like I'm addicted to coffee. By the end of the night she's acting like a chipmunk on crack, and won't let me sleep. By the time I fall alseep Kristine has woken me up to get ready; I throw on skinny jeans and a random shirt. Now Kristine and I have to begin the long walk to highschool. She's already on her second energy drink after staying up the whole night, she needs one. I'm drinking coffee, but it doesn't help much. We walk all the way there, and after that I'm exhausted. She leaves me at first period, my least favorite class; science. Miss Kessler walks in with yet another terrible mood. She dresses the same every day, her blonde hair is tied up in a severe bun; wearing slacks, and a long sleeve buttoned up shirt. By the middle of class, I'm dozing off. I dream of many weird things, and awake when I hear smack! I look straight up into the eyes of Miss Kessler.
"There is no sleeping in my class Envy." she says strictly. "Go sit outside my class, I'll deal with you later." she says glaring at me. I grab my stuff and shuffle out of class, while several students look at me; happy it wasn't them. I quickly close the door behind me, and slip down the wall.
"This is all your fault Kristine." I grumble, promising myself I will get back at her. I pull out my phone, knowing her phone is on full blast, and call her. I hang up, and laugh.
"Having fun?" A guys smooth english voice asks. I look up into just about the most hottest guy ever.
Ummmm. Yeah?" I say laughing a little, and look at him. His blonde hair curls about his face, and his green eyes glowing brightly like a moon, he looks perfect; like an angel wearing dark skinny jeans, and a red band tee.
"Who were you calling?" he asks curiously
"No one." I say smiling, I feel a pain in my head, and touch it; then it disappears. He looks confused for a minute, but recovers quickly.
"Who?" he asks smiling again.
"My friend Kristine." I say raising an eyebrow.
"Isn't she in school too?" He asks frowning slightly.
"Yeah it's payback." I say smiling widely.
"I'm sorry, my name is Benjamin." he says before I can ask him.
"I'm Envy, you must be new here."
"Yes, I moved here from England, and It's very confusing here."he says half-smiling.
"What's your next class?" I ask, he hand me his schedule. I look at it quickly, and realize he has:First period Science, Third period art, and sixth period english with me. I smirk, and hand it back.
"What?" he asks frowning.
"Oh Nothing, you have the meanest first period teacher with me, and I have art; and english with you too." I say smiling softly. The bell rings, and I realize I've kept him outside all first period.
"Sorry I kept talking to you." I say frowning lightly.
"Hey, you can repay me by walking me to my second period." he says smiling, almost hypnotically.
"I don't know...I guess." I say smiling at his confused face. I walk him to second period, and as I'm about to go he catches my arm.
"Thank you for saving me from first period, Will I see you at lunch?" he asks his cold breath in my ear.
"Yeah. You can sit with us...You can meet Kristine." I say before hurrying off. After my meeting with Benjamin, I am wide awake and ready for art. I settle in my seat at the back of the room, and a few seconds later Benjamin comes in and sits next to me.
"Hey." He says smiling, making his eyes glimmer.
"Hey." I say, as the bell rings, and the teacher silences us. We sit through the rest of the class in silence, and when the bell rings he says good bye, and leaves. I walk to fourth period, and it suprisingly goes by fast. When I walk to lunch I look around until I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn, and Benjamin smiles brightly; making me melt. I grab his hand, and pull him to my table. Kristine jumps up in wild colors and all, and waves at me crazily. I sit, and motion Benjamin to sit beside me. Every girl in my group, I swear sighs when they see how gorgeous he is except Kristine...who is in love with another guy. I look to Kristine.
"Helloo." she says Enthusiastically. He waves lightly to everyone at the table, and turns back to me. I point at Kristine. "That is my bestest friend Kristine, Who I called when you came up to me."
"That was You!!" she says pointing, then pouting.
"Yeah." I say laughing so hard, I begin to cry.
"That was so meany-head." she says in her I'm angry with you tone...which conviently sounds like a five year-old. Benjamin begins to laugh too, and every girl at our table laughs too.
"Hey, Envy...Can I talk to you...Alone?" Benjamin asks
"Can I come?" Kristine asks still pouting, but looking at Benjamin hopefully.
"No." he says with a laugh. "But you can next time." he says smiling to Kristine. He pulls my arm lightly outside.
"Yes?" I ask curiously.
"Your friends are scaring the hell out of me." he says.
"Sorry. They're boy crazy." I say smiling at him, shivering. He hands me his Atreyu jacket, and I greatfully put it on.
"Are they going to be like that every day?" He asks frowing cutely.
"Yeah. Pretty much. I'm sorry." I say sympathetically.
"We should eat lunch elsewhere then." he says smiling hopefully.
"Only if Kristine can go." I say with a laugh.
"Of course." he says leading me back indoors. I try to hand him back the jacket As we near the table, but he says no, and holds me back breathing in my ear. "Can I walk you and Kristine home?" he asks.
"Sure... But how'd you know I walk home with Kristine?" I ask curiously.
"I think you told me." He says looking into my eyes. He breaks contact, and the bell rings.
"Keep the jacket. I'll take it back after I walk you guys home." he says.
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