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A Change

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The third chapter to Envy. Please be up... =//

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"Hiya!" Kristine says in her usual hyper state. "I love it when your not being a grumpy!" she says her face twisting into a bright smile.
"I'm not a 'grumpy'." I grumble, with a half smile. The teacher signals us to be quiet so she can call role. The bell rings, and I am startled out of my thoughts; time for sixth period. I practically skipped down the halls, so happy that the school day is almost over. I glide into my seat at the back of the room alone, and a moment later Benjamin gracefully slides into a seat beside me. My favorite class of the day English. I sigh, at peace. I feel eyes in my direction, and look up; literally every girl is looking...not at me, but at Benjamin. They look at him like puppy dogs, and Benjamin notices them and turns to me.
"Why do they look at me like that?" He asks with a confused expression.
"Have you ever looked in the mirror?" I asked him whispering so the girls can't hear. He looks at me intensly, and I blush lightly.
"What?" I ask him wondering why he's so focused on my face.
"Nothing." He says breaking his contact, shaking his head a smile upon his beautiful face. Our amazing teacher Mr.Percy, calls our attention.
"Class." he says with a bright smile, "Today we will be working in partners, analizing one of my favorite poems." With that, he passes us each a poem, and Benjamin and I begin our work.
I sit at home, after walking home with Kristine and Benjamin, who I now call Ben. He tells me Benjamin makes him sad, and when I tried to ask why, and just became more depressed, and wouldn't talk; Which didn't last long...Thank god I have Kristine. As soon as she noticed he was sad, she went into a crazy fashion of trying to cheer him up, and it always works; she's just too darn cute. I glare at my walls, a light green, and inspect my room. My beds light green, and so is my carpet, but everything else it purple. I sit and wonder who Ben really is, and where he came from...And why after one day, have I completely trusted; and fallen under his spell?
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