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Please R and R. I'll return the favor. =]] Well...Newest chapter to my story!! those of you who read this... =]] Newest characters: Lydia =]] (A real life friend of mine; like Kristine.)

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I stood on the balcony facing away from the vampire palace, letting the rain fall on my upward tilted head; when I felt my brothers emotion. My and my brother have a strong vampire bond, I can read his thoughts, his emotions, and when they are strong enough; I am mentally there with him; joined with him. He is frightened, then I am suddenly with him... He's running away from the palace and into a forest. He feels my presence, and glances at me with sorrow filled eyes.
"Leave with me now...Please?" He asks, and I mentally shake my head.
"You will come eventually." He says frowning, before shoving me out of his mind. I pound into my own body, and crash to the balcony floor. My head aches terribly; I feel half empty due to the lost connection, after he forcibly shoved me away...
"He's never done this before." I whisper to myself, but I am too exhausted to dwell on anything, and get up from the rain filled balcony, and slip into my bed.
I woke up when I heard a pound on my door.
"Lydia!" I hear a palace guard shout.
"Yes?" I ask, terrified, if my heart beat like a humans; it would be pounding.
"Shes' still here!" I hear him shout as he walks away from my door...realizing they were talking about my brother and I. I rose from bed, and brushed out my forever straight hair, looking at my pale complexion, and gray eyes. I put on my black eyeliner dark, and throw on some aqua of my many random colors. I pull together a yellow shirt with a rainbow, and some grey skinny jeans; before I rush downstairs. I'm one of the very few that try to keep up with human trends, and try to look like a human...well as much as possible. The palace is a mess. Everyone is running about, it looks like a human one you'd see on tv. Everyone stops when they see me, and my mother and father rush to me.
"Lydia, darling!" My mother says.
"You must go, and bring Benjamin back here." My father says his eyes determined, "And If he won't come back...We'll have to kill him."
"No! We can't kill him!" I say yelling, my loud enugh for the whole palace to hear.
"Honey." My mothers voice interjects, painstricken. "You know the rules, if they won't come back they must be found, and killed." I hung my head silently, and wished I had tears at that moment; it's sad we can't cry.
"You must go now, and find him. The king orders that we find him." My father says sad, but not showing it.

I run through the forest my brother ran through at the speed of light...well at least as fast as we can run; which is almost as fast. I weave around trees until I find a cave where I can sleep through the daylight. It's not that we'll die if we're in light... it just makes us uncomfortable.
"Shit," I mumble to myself waking up in the darkness of the cave, realizing though It's dark, It's still morning. "I might as well travel now; I'll only get sunburnt." I say to myself, walking out of the cave beginning my search once again.


Note from Kirstie:
Sorry it's short getting late. Write more soon
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