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Please R&R I'll rtf.longest chapter I've written in Envy, and it's written in Benjamin's View. ENJOY =]]

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There's something about her, that makes me think that not all humans are toys, or food. She is open, and comforting. I haven't thought of a human in a good way in so long, it almost feels foreign to me. I miss the palace, but that life is behind me now; no need to treasure the one thing I'll never see again. Her layered black hair shades her face like a veil, hiding her pale complexion and very attractive face. I'll watch her when I think she's not looking, then she'll look up, and meet my eyes. I must try to be less kind to her, because it will only cause me harm. If things could work between us I'd be hiding a part of myself, and she'd eventually find out and try to kill me; or tell everyone. I can't let that happen. I thought to myself, as I sit in our sixth period class once again, so close I could almost bite her. I feel the want and shake my head, trying to shrink my lengthened incisors.
"Ben?" She asks looking at my pained face.
"Hmm?" I ask sucessfully shrinking my incisors back to their holding place, I'll have to feed soon; I thought to myself.
"What's wrong?" she asked, peering at my face.
"Just this Worksheet." I say grimacing, with a half smile upon my face. She looks like she's going to question me, but motions me over to her. I sahke my head, and stay in place. She then gets up, and moves beside me. I feel my canines lengthen again, and worry.
"Go back to your seat Envy." I say through gritted teeth. She looks startled, as if I was holding a knife, and rushed back to her seat; the pain visible in her expression.
"I'm sorry, Envy...It's just-" I begin before she cuts me off.
"Don't talk to me okay?" She says angrily, before masking her face of all expression, returning to your work. I begin to think she really doesn't care about me, and suddenly feel dizzy. I feel a sudden rush betrayal; and anger. He obviously doesn't like me, he probably just felt sorry for me, the jerk. But then I felt a deep sadness; before I realized I was somehow in her mind. I wonder what's wrong with him? I was only trying to help, I wonder to myself. I pull myself away from her mind, back in english; right in time since the bell rang. Envy gathered up her books quickly, shoving me on her way out. I couldn't help but think she even looked cute when she was upset; and not many humans can pull that off. I follow her quietly, since I walk them home. I trail behind, until I see Kristine. I walk up to her quickly, before Envy gets to her. I grab her arm, and we walk out the doors to me Envy.
"Where's Envy?" asked Kristine.
"She's mad at me." I say sighing running my free hand though my hair. "I kind of snapped at her to go away...It's just I have a lot of problems right now." I say smiling sadly at little Kristine, who looked at me.
"It's otay."She says using one of her own words. "I understand." She says hugging me quickly, before pulling my arm, to search for Envy. We find her standing by herself, and Kristine rushes up to her dragging me along. She turns away, and walks quickly; but Kristine jogs up to her. Envy looks at Kristine, and Kristine glares, and Envy Hmmphs; then silence.
"He's walking with us, he's my friend too." Kristine says triumphantly. Envy stays quiet while we walk, and I try constantly to talk to her, though she ignores me. Kristine's chatter has quieted down to, since no one is talking to her. I see some guys standing at the top of the hill, and think they look slightly odd. They stand there as if their waiting for something; not something, someone. I begin to warn them; but one of them, swoops, and has suddenly got Envy by the neck, knife lightly touching her throat. Vampires. Kristine screams, but I cover her mouth, she turns to me her eyes worried beyord all words, tears delicately dripping down her chin.
"I'll save her, I promise." I say before telling her to go; she shakes her head, but I prompt her thoughts. She turns and walks home, no match for my mind control. I then look at Envy, her eyes wild; fighting back tears. I take a step towars them, and one of them steps close to me; hands out in a peace gesture.
"We just want a taste of your girlfriend there." The gravelly vampires voice says; smiling maliciously. I growl, exposing my fangs; and the guy not holding Envy leaps at me. But a fed vampire is no match for a hungry one like me. I grab him by the neck; punching him, throwing him to the ground; and knocking him out quickly. The other guy still holds Envy, I watch as he presses the knife a little closer to her neck; cutting it a little. A little droplet of blood drips from her neck, For a moment I'm trasfixed by it; but realize I need to save Envy. I leap at the guy, knocking the knife out of his hand, and falling to the ground with him.
"This is not the day to mess with me." I say though gritted teeth, he only bares his fangs; and smiles. I punch him continously until I'm sure I broken bones. I get up, and walk over to an unconcious; but still gorgeous Envy. I kneel down, and pick her up like a baby. I use one hand, and lightly caress her cheek. I see the blood, and the temptation is just too much, I lick the blood off; sealing the cut. I'm still hungry, but I won't use Envy. I walk to Kristine's bedroom window, which I learned is near a tree in her backyard. See? There is a purpose to prompting peoples minds, I say to myself; but that doesn't mean it's right, the other part of me says. While still holding Envy, I leap into the tree just level to Kristine's second story bedroom. I knock quietly, and she opens it.
"How'd you get up here?" she asks turning her head to the side; a child-like habit she has.
"Not Important." I say, "Can I come in?" I ask. She motions with her arm to come in; but I shake my head.
"Invite me in." I say my face set in a grim line. Stupid vampire traits, we can't go into a room without being welcomed in; or we'll be pushed out by an unseen force.
"You may come in." Kristine says dramatically; while concerned for her friend. I jump in, and lay Envy on her bed.
"Uh, is she okay?" she asks squirming.
"Yes, she's just unconcious." I say focusing on Envy only. Kristine starts to ask me mroe; but I hush her.
"Envy?" I ask quietly.
"Yes?" she asks quietly, not opening her eyes.
"You were awake?!" I ask confused.
"Yeah." she says opening her eyes; smiling mischieviously. "Ever since you picked me up." she says laughing.
"Envy!" Kristine says. "You're alright!?" she asks.
"Yeah just thirsty." She says. With that Kristine leaves.
"Thank you so much, you saved my life...I owe you mine." she says frowing; a tear slipping from her eye.
"Don't cry." I say softly; which only makes her cry harder. Without thinking, I kiss a tear on her cheek, and pull away. She stops crying, and then looks confused.
"I'm sorry...Was that wrong?" I ask looking at the ground.
"No." She says quietly, "I was just wondering how you carried me all the way to Kristine's, then jump all the way up to the second story and land on a branch; with me still in your arms."
"I don't know." I say looking down.
"I think you do." She says softly, "But, I'll leave you alone; you did save my life after all." She says, before crying again.
"Shh." I say pulling her into my arms, right as Kristine walks in with the water. I release her so quickly she almost falls, but I grab her arm.
"I've got to go." I say realizing how hungry I truly am.
"Can't you stay?" Envy and Kristine ask at the same time.
"No, but I'll be taking you guys to school, and home from now on, unless you have a ride." I say stubbornly.
"Fine with me." Envy says, both looking relieved.
"Goodnight." I say hugging them both before I climb out of the window, and into the dark night. I find a deer, and feed off of it for the night; still uneasy about feeding on people out in the open. I walk around for a few hours, before I realize; that it's not safe for me to be out either. I run at lightning speed back to Kristine's, right as Envy walks out the front door. She runs up to me, and throws her arms around me in a deep hug.
"Thank god you're here. Krsitine's mom told me to go home tonight, and I didn't want to walk home alone." She says shuddering.
"It's okay I'll walk you home." I say comfortingly; she shivers, and I put my jacket on her, putting my arm around her waist, and she huddles closer to me. We walk a few blocks, and I walk her to her house.
"Will you saty with me?" She asks looking terrified, clutching onto me.
"Yes." I say as she leads me to her bedroom window; also on the second story. I pick her up like a baby, holding her in one arm, and her wall in the other.
"Close your eyes." I prompt, both aloud, and in her head; once she does I jump. I grab the ledge to the thankfully open window and lift her to it, pushing her through the window. I then pull myself through; and realize we're not alone.
"Envy?" A person; I'm guessing her sister asks, rising from bed. She turns on the light, and realizes there's two people here. She grabs Envy, and pulls her to the opposite side of the room.
"Who is he, and what is he doing in our room?" her sister says, my heightened senses picking up everything.
"His name is Ben. He goes to our school, and walks home with me and Kristine. Someone tried to attack me with a knife after school, and he knocked the shit out of him, saving my life." She finishes, with only one tear this time.
"But why is he here?" she asks again.
"Emma, he saved my life, he's protecting me." she says growing frustrated.
"Fine." Emma says, "But if he rapes you it's your fault." She says turning ou the light, and climbing into bed. Tears spring into Envy's eyes, and she runs to the bathroom. I follow her, and close the door behind us.
"What's the matter? Is it your sister?" I ask the concern obviously visible in my eyes. She saheks her head twice, and goes silent except for her tears. I read her mind, and grow confused as I see the vision she sees from her past.
"I'm so sorry." I say, forgetting that she didn't tell me.
"About what?" she asks wiping her tears away.
"What happened to you." I say watching her face for her reactions.
"How do you know about it? Only Kristine knows!" She asks me.
"I can't tell you." I say shaking my head.
"You have to tell me."
"The truth? You have to believe me." I say quietly.
"I promise." she says quietly, looking into my eyes.
"I read your mind." I say quietly.
"Don't lie to me!" She say loudly.
"I'm not lying Envy; look into my eyes, and tell me I'm lying." I grab her chin, as lightly as possible, so I won't break her, and tilt it to my face. She gasps, relaizing I'm not lying, and goes silent.
"But how-" she begins, and I cut her off, pressing my finger to her lips. I pull my fingers away, and move my face a mere few inches away. She doesn't back up, only comes closer, I put my hand on her face, and lightly kiss her lips. I pull away lightly, and she tries to pull me back, but I scoot away. She smiles and yawns.
"It's time to go to sleep little Envy." I say picking her up, and putting her under her covers.
"You lay with me." She says, opening her covers. I climb in behind her, and put my arm around her, and she quickly falls asleep.
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