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Kristine The meet/ conflict

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Kristine's POV; she's getting suspicious, Hope you enjoy. =]] oh yeah, what are spoilers??

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"How did Ben get up to the second story?" I say aloud thinking to myself amid my messy, but empty room.
"Gah." I say groaning, getting up remembering I have to clean my room; or I won't be able to see Envy. I grab a Monster (energy drink), and begin to throw everything under my bed. My parents may not care where i am or what I'm doing, they just want me to keep me & my space; and their house clean.
"Kristine!" My mother yells.
"Coming mom!" I yell back, going down the stairs two at a time; and then I trip. I go crashing down the stairs, making a ton of noise; before clattering to the floor.
"Owie!" I say loudly. My mother comes up to me with very little concern on her face.
"What'd you do this time?" she says sighing, while silently muttering klutz.
"I hurt my ankle." I say quietly, already knowing I'm clumsy.
"You still have to clean the house." She says before walking away, forcing me to walk up the stairs on my own; sometimes my mom can be such a bitch. I try unsuccessfully to limp up the stairs; before crawling. It takes me five minutes, but I'm finally there. I clean my room slowly; the ache in my ankle growing. I finish, and lay in bed; slowly drifting off into sleep. Envy and Ben awaken me.
"Wake up sleepy-head." Envy says cheerfully. I groan, and sit up; glancing at my clock, my eyes widening at the time.
"I only have half an hour to get ready!" I say loudly, leaping to my feet before screaming, and falling to the floor in pain. I clutch my ankle, as Ben picks me up, helping me stand. I limp to the bathroom with my clothes, shutting the door quietly. I emerge, as close to ready as I can get; limping back to them.
"What happened?" They ask genuine concern on their faces.
"I tripped down the stairs." I say frowning sadly.
"We need to get to school, We're running way late." Envy says, shaking her head. I stand there feeling bad that I'm going to make them late and Ben picks me up, cradling me like a baby. We make it out the door, when Ben says "Envy, jump on my back, I'll carry you both." he says determined.
"Umm. . . I don't think you can carry both of us." She says.
"Come on, now." He says smiling lightly. She jumps on his back reluctantly, and he runs. I can't tell whether it's fast, or slow; but we suddenly are at a parking garage.
"What're we doing here?" Envy asks.
"I'm getting my car, and I'm taking you to school; and Kristine to the doctor." He says quietly. He enters a password, and we are in; we near a gorgeous black car, probably very expensive. I'm glad he has a car; cause Envy, and I got ours taken away. He opens the door, and I'm taken aback that it's his.
"Is this yours?" I ask my eyes wide.
"Yes, I paid for it; in full." he says before setting me in the backseat, and beckoning Envy to the front. I slide in, realizing the luxurious interior. He drives off the lot, and to the school. He pulls up at the front, and says goodbye to Envy. I can't notice the looks of amazement on some of the kids faces, as Envy steps out of the sleek car.
"Next stop; the doctor." Benjamin says before driving away from the school. The doctor says “My ankle is sprained, and that I need to stay out of school a few days to rest it.” I don't argue; a long weekend for me. Ben drives me home; getting back out of the car to carry me to my door. He puts me down, and knocks politely. My mother opens the door, with a startled look on her face.
"Why aren't you in school?" she snaps at me.
"Benjamin took me to the doctor. She says my ankle's sprained; and to stay home a few days." I explain quietly, as my mom lets us in.
"Let me see the note from the doctor." She says holding her hand out; glaring at me. Benjamin lightly hands the note to her, and she looks it over.
"Who is he?" My mother asks, noticing him for the first time.
"He's a friend of envy and me, he walks Envy and I to school." I say quietly.
"Oh, okay. Goodbye Benjamin; I need to talk to my daughter, and you need to be in school." she says frowning. He walks out the door, and jumps in his car; with just enough time to pick up Envy. I groan inwardly, and face my mother.
"Just go to your room Kristine." she says exacerbated
“How do I get up there?” I ask.
“The same way you did yesterday.” She says glaring at me.
“Fine!” I yell, beginning to crawl up the stairs. I lay down, and surprisingly fine myself asleep.
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