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~~~Envy is living two lives, one in the past, and the other in the future as Envyra, and Envy.
As Envrya she is in the past, but she acts futuristic.
As Envy she is in the future.
Newest characters in Envyra: Boy with purple hair (Will be later revealed), and Ella.
As always I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to R&R
The dagger came flying at me at an alarming rate, as I stood in my high school lunchroom. I wasn’t aware of it at first, but suddenly without thought I looked up as it came flying at my face; only a few feet away. I hit the ground in a flash, faster than I’ve ever been before. Unlike my dream, this was real. The knife actually tilted towards the ground heading towards me; plunging down to my face. I rolled, barely missing it before it found me again. I jumped up from the ground, looking around for something, or someone to save me. Everyone in the whole school stood stationary, watching me as the dagger repeatedly tried to murder me. I finally faced the knife as it came flying towards me once again. I held my ground as the knife came hurtling towards me, I dodged and turned around quickly. I reached out and caught the dagger, uninjured; I was amazed for a moment, until I realized someone was trying to kill me. I then turned around facing the crowd, as teachers and students rushed up to me.
“Get back.” I said growling. They stood by me refusing to move, as I silently lifted my hand to tell them to leave; they went flying up into the air. That was the first time I realized I was different; then I scoured the crowd looking for the threat, though I found none.
“Come out here you coward!” I yelled, for once in my life unafraid of danger. I grinned, and took a step forward. Half the school took a step backwards.
“Everyone go back to class.” I said aloud, and no one dared to move; except for the occasional smart person. I put out my hand and pointed to the door back to the classrooms.
“Go!” I yelled commandingly. Everyone turned at the same time like robots, except for one boy. His hair was lavender colored, almost down to his shoulders and covered one of his eyes; he wore black shorts, and a red tank top. He was covered in weird symbols, which I was sure each one had a specific meaning. He took a step towards me, as I twirled the knife in my fingers smiling. He had the same look upon his face; and his cheek bore a long black twirly symbol.
“Hello, Envyra. I’d like my knife back. His smooth voice says, the smile never leaving his face, as I laugh bitterly.
“You try to kill me, and you want me to give you your damn knife back? How do I know you won’t kill me?” I ask glaring.
“You don’t.” He says smiling before continuing. “Give me my knife.” He says commandingly, lifting his hand slightly; and when he does mine starts to lift, and I lower my arm easily. The knife goes flying out of my hand, and into his open one. He smiles his green eyes alight.
“I guess you didn’t see that coming.” He says triumphantly, before running out of the building. I break into a sprint following him, but he’s disappeared; so I go home, no longer caring about my education. I sit in my room smiling, as I test my abilities for the third day. I refuse to go to school, why go when I can focus on my gift? My dad and stepmom are weak, and with no gift; they have absolutely no control over me. I laugh at that, and focus on my dad downstairs, and I’m in his mind. I realized I can read certain peoples minds, (like close family, and friends) and influence their minds also. I head downstairs quietly.
“Dad, the remote is under the couch.” I say stifling my laughter. He grunts thanks, and I walk out the front door, uncaring of what he says to me.
“When you gonna be home?” He asks sighing. Sometimes I feel bad for the stress I cause him, but it disappears as soon as I think of her; the stepmom, the bitch.
“Late.” I say loudly.
“Will you at least take your little sister? I don’t care where you go, just take her.” He pleads. I jump up the stairs, and knock on my sister’s door.
“Come in.” Her quiet, but cheerful voice says. I open the door, and she runs up to me clutching onto me tightly.
“I missed you, I hate being alone.” She says quietly, tears running down her pale cheeks, and into her long brown ponytail. We look very alike, but I have white blonde hair. I hug her back tightly.
“Where have you been?” she asks concern flickering in her eyes.
“I was living on the street, but I got a job; and bought an apartment.” I say smiling.
“Does that mean I can live with you?” She asks being mature for being ten.
“I don’t know if dad, or that woman will let you.” I say frowning.
“Will you fight for me?” She asks her eyes wide and hopeful.
“Come on.” I say, hearing the stepmom inside the house, and realize she won’t let me take Ella; my little sister. I walk up to the window, and wait for Ella to follow. She grabs her bag from our last outing; and shuffles over to me. She is fairly familiar with my gift, and stands still as I lift my hand, moving her out the window, and safely to the ground. I on the other hand just jump, I’m pretty strong for my age; and have a high pain tolerance. My stepmom used to beat me; that was until I could overpower her, she’s never hurt Ella, which I’m very happy for. I’ve been a mother to Ella since mom died, when Ella was very little. Some psycho stabbed my mother, no one figured out why he stabbed my mom, but he was heavy on drugs when he did it; but I don’t care. He should have never killed my mom; Anyway, I’ve taken care of Ella since my mother died which was when Ella was two, and I was ten. I miss mom, but at least I’ve got Ella. I grab Ella’s hand, and walk with her in the dark, to a park. I call one of my friends, and they agree to pick up Ella, and I. I unlock the front door, and walk Ella into my two-bedroom apartment. It makes me happy that I thought about buying a two-bedroom apartment.
“This is it.” I say walking to her room. The room was blue, and the bed had purple sheets, and blankets on it. She shows me her ten year-old smile, before hugging me.
“It’s late. You want dinner?” I ask grinning.
“Yeah.” She says giggling.
“I’m getting pizza. Kay?” I yell heading to the kitchen phone
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To be continued Sorry I'm tired.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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