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The Beginning of It All

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The Call
Ch. 1
The Beginning of It All

“William get back here!”
“No! I’m not leaving with you!”
“Got you, you little bitch!”
“Mother! Mother where are you!”
“You’re mom’s dead, lets go now!”
“No! Mother!”
Billy Martin, age 18, screamed and tried to run from his father in his house. Billy’s real name is William Dean Martin, but he goes by Billy. He was tall and really skinny. He had hair that was long in the front and spiky short in the back. He had a middle lip piercing and both ears pierced and his right nose pierced and his left eyebrow. He had blue eyes and wore black all the time
Billy ran to the steps and started up them
Rick, his dad, grabbed his pant leg and pulled him down the steps
Billy cried and started shaking his leg to get him off, “Get off! Let go!” He cried
Rick pulled on Billy’s leg
Billy slide down the steps and hit his head
Everything went dark

“My hand’s aren’t moving… my feet either…”
Someone grabbed his feet and started dragging him
“Where am I… I can’t see…”
He was dropped on something soft
A bed
“Where am I…”
Something crashed
Billy jumped
“You awake boy?”
Billy looked around though all he saw was darkness. He nodded
A blindfold was pulled from Billy’s eyes
Billy looked around
The surroundings were very new, nothing was the same. Billy looked up at Rick
A bandanna was around Billy’s mouth preventing him to talk
Rick smiled and grabbed Billy’s shirt, “Like this place?”
Billy started moving
Rick let him go. He took the bandanna away from Billy’s mouth
Billy let it out, “You life sucking little bitch! I hope you rot in hell for this shit!” He screamed
Rick frowned, “I will let you figure out how to get out of them ropes yourself then… oh and if you do… your cell phone and the phone in hear are broken.” He said and walked out of the room
Billy started crying and put his face in the pillow
Hours later
Billy jumped and opened his eyes looking around the dark room, a light filled the room as a truck sounded outside and the light started going away, Rick was leaving. Billy started messing with the ropes, “Come on… please come undone…”
He felt around with his fingers and sat up looking around, “There has to be something…” He whispered to himself
He looked around and bent over and grabbed the night stands handle with his teeth and pulled the drawer out, the drawer hit the floor with a crash. Billy looked around through the things trying to find anything sharp. He smiled seeing scissors, “Thank you lord!” He said and rolled over off the bed and hit the floor, “Shit…” He closed his eyes tightly as pain went through his back, he landed on something hard. He rolled over and had his back to the things. He started messing with the mess. He found the scissors and grasped them in his heads. He started flipping them over
He dropped them
“Gah…” He rolled his eyes and started messing with the scissors again and started flipping them around. He got the pointed part facing the rope and opened them and started cutting at the rope, “This is thick rope…” He mumbled to himself
The light shown through the window
Billy looked up, “No!” He started cutting faster tears coming to his eyes
The door opened downstairs and shut
The ropes broke, Billy sat up and started cutting at the ones on his feet
The footsteps started down the hall
Billy looked up at the door crying
The rope broke
Billy ran up to the window and opened it and stopped as the door knob started to turn. Billy looked around crying and he ran off keeping the window open
The door opened and Rick walked in, “Billy. I am…” He looked at the window, “Hmmm… You couldn’t have gotten away that easy.” He looked at the rope and scissors, “Oh I see.” He started laughing and put a grocery bag down on the bed, “Hide and seek is it my lovely son?” He bent down looking under the bed
Billy stood in the closet looking through the key hole of the door
Rick stood up and smiled and looked at the closet
Billy lightly gasped
He started towards the closet door, “Billy that’s sad.” He grabbed the door knob and opened the door, “Hey Billy!”
Billy screamed and backed up
Rick reached in and grabbed Billy’s arm and pulled him out, “You know you can’t fool me boy.” HE pushed Billy to the bed and shoved him onto the bed
The bag fell over onto the floor and working tools fell to the floor, a screwdriver rolled under the bed
“Now behave boy.” Rick said and started ripping at his clothes
Billy started crying and screaming
Five hours later
Billy sat in bed looking at the wall, he was sitting there naked but the blanket covered his bottom area
He got off the bed holding the blanket to him and he walked up to the window still a big frown on his face…
“Daddy stop doing this…”
“Shut up and just do it!”
“No daddy!”
Billy closed his eyes the memories flying to his head, “Don’t do this father… stop molesting me…” He shook his head and looked at the bed and blinked
Under the bed the screwdriver lay
He walked up and grabbed it. He sighed and tossed it across the room
The screwdriver rolled and stopped by the broken phone on the floor
Billy looked back at it and then looked away, he froze and looked back at the phone. His eyes went wide, “That’s it!” He said and walked up to the phone and sat on the floor by it. He wrapped the blanket around himself, “I learn something of this from school…” He started messing with the phone using the screwdriver
After a few more hours Billy grabbed two wires and put them together, the phone started ringing, “Oh god thank you…”
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