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The First Call, Travel to Maryland!

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Ch. 2
The First Call, Travel to Maryland!
Hilary sat in her car at a stop light. She sighed and looked at Hannah her twin sister, “I hate stop lights.” She said and looked forward tapping her finger on the steering wheel
Hannah giggled and looked at her, “Sorry sis. It’s the way everything goes.” She said and looked at the light
Hilary sighed and glared at the light.
Hilary Ann Sangwin, 18 years old, is a High School girl from Miami, Florida. She has blonde hair a little past her shoulders and hazel brown eyes. She was skinny but short. She had a short temper but was able to get along with easily and bossy but she was also cheery in her good moods. She was about five minutes younger than her twin sister Hannah Lynn Sangwin.
Hannah Lynn Sangwin, Hilary’s twin sister, 18 years old, she looked like Hilary since they were identical, but Hannah had brown hair that went down only to her shoulders and she was skinny and about an inch taller than Hilary. Hannah had blue eyes besides brown. She was a cheerful girl and always looked for boys with Hilary.
Hilary hit her head against the back of the seat, “Oh come on!” She yelled
Her cell phone rang
“Ah!” They both screamed at the same time and looked at Hilary’s cell phone
“Oh god…” She pulled out her cell phone and looked at the number, “Unknown?” She said baffled, she pushed talk and loud speaker
“Oh god hello?” Billy’s voice came from the other side
Hilary blinked hearing the stressed out voice on the other end, “Uh hi?” she said confused
“Hello? Who is this?”
Hilary looked at Hannah and then looked at the phone, “Hilary Sangwin…”
“Hilary, please come and save me please!”
“Why what’s happening?” Hilary asked rolling her eyes unbelieving
“My dad…” He started crying on the other side, “My dad killed my mother and took me somewhere…”
“Who are you? Is this some kind of joke?” Hilary asked getting a little worried
“No it’s not… I really want to get out of here please help me!”
“I don’t know who you are but you better stop it?”
“I’m not… plea… get me… Maryland!”
Hilary looked at Hannah eyes getting wide and she looked at the phone, “You’re breaking up! Ok, here, we are coming! You’re in Maryland? Where in Maryland?”
“My… father… molesting me… sa… me…please…”
It cut off
Hilary shook the phone, “Oh god! Hello? Where are you? You father? What about him?” She screamed into the phone
Hannah hugged herself, “We need to tell the police.” She said looking down her whole body shaking
Hilary looked at her, “How and for what cause Hannah?”
Cars started blaring their horns and passing her
Hilary tossed the phone onto the seat and hit the steering wheel, they sat in silence
“We… need to save him ourselves.” Hilary finally said
Hannah looked at her, “For your information, Maryland isn’t small honey! We can’t save him! There’s no possible way. Lets just go to the cops and tell them!”
Hilary turned to her and grabbed the seat, “He needs help Hannah! We can’t go to the cops when we don’t know what we are up against, and barely know what’s going on… we are going to find him ourselves.” She said harshly and put the car in reverse and she stomped on the gas and spun the car around the other way and started driving the other way, Hilary tightened her grip on the wheel, “I don’t know how we are going to do this…”
Hannah looked forward, “See!” She crossed her arms looking at her, “I say we cant do this alone! We can just tell the cops but no!”
Hilary looked at her, “Hannah, do me a favor and shut up!” She screamed
Hannah opened her mouth and then looked away, “Fine! Don’t talk to me! Take me home!”
Hilary shook her head, “I’m not doing this alone! You are the smart one, so you are coming.”
Hannah looked at her glaring at her, “Oh you are kidding me! I will not get involved in your detective business!” She looked away
Hilary looked at her, “Do you want that boy to die?” She asked
Hannah looked down not answering
“Do you!” Hilary asked getting madder
“No! Shut up and lets go!” She looked away
Hilary looked forward, “Ok… Now that that is settled…” She said and took a deep breath, “On to Maryland!”
12 hours later
In the middle of nowhere, 2:20 a.m.
Hannah looked at Hilary, “Where the hell are we!” She said tossing her arm to the side
“I got this!” Hilary said looking around, “It’s cool. I got it…” She said and stopped the car looking around the emptiness, she tightened her grip on the steering wheel and laid her chin on the wheel mumbling, “I don’t got it…”
Hannah hit herself in the head, “Great! You don’t even know where we are? This is all your fault you know?” She said looking at her, “I thought of something, I bet family members or something of that kid will find out he’s gone and call the cops. Or what if that fucking kid was lying?” She yelled
Hilary looked at her, “He wasn’t lying! I know lying and not lying!”
Hannah smiled and hit the dash board, “Great. Well if you can.” She opened the door and got out, “This isn’t a lie, I’m walking!” She screamed and slammed the door and started down the road
Hilary’s mouth opened and she started messing with her seatbelt to get it off, “Hannah!” She screamed and getting the seat belt undone she opened her door and got out, “Hannah!”
Hannah looked back at her, “Get away from me! I’m heading home! You save that kid yourself!” She said and turned and started walking again
Hilary stomped her foot and ran after her, “Hannah!” She looked down at her high heels she was trying to run in, “Oh god… stupid high heels!” She looked up and grabbed Hannah’s arm, “Hannah please. That boy is in grave danger. We need to help him!”
Hannah looked at Hilary and pulled her arm away, “I’m not going on a wild goose chase lil lady!”  She started walking
“But there is no one here Hannah!” Hilary yelled, “You will probably… die or something!” She yelled
Hannah looked back at her then started walking
Hilary walked around in a circle, “Fine!” She looked at her, “Die! I don’t care!” She walked back to the car and got in and sat down crossing her arms looking at the wheel
A minute later Hannah’s door opened
Hilary looked over
Hannah sat down
Hilary watched her
Hannah sighed and looked at her, “Ok, I will go. But can we find somewhere to eat first?” She asked
Hilary smiled and nodded, “Sure.” She turned the key in the ignition
The car started but died
Hilary blinked
Hannah sighed and looked at her, “Now what?” She asked
Hilary looked at her smiling a little, “Well, the gas is.. O, U, T, out…” She said and looked at the gas tank
Hannah’s hands went in a fist, “Hilary fucking Ann!”
Hilary cringed, “Sorry! I didn’t know!” She covered her face
Hannah turned away mumbling and cursing
Hilary sighed and looked down, “I can’t believe this…” She sighed
A car passed them
Hilary blinked, “A car!” She screamed
Hannah looked at the car, “They probably wont stop…”
The car pulled over and started backing up towards them
Hilary smiled and got out waving to the car
It stopped and the driver side door opened
A guy stepped out, he had an oval face and wore white baggy pants and a white tank top with a white coat, his hair was cut short and he had brown hair and brown eyes. He had a sweet smile while he walked up to Hilary
Hilary’s hand dropped, “Hey he’s hot.” She said to herself smiling
He walked up, “Hey.” He said smiling
Hilary smiled, “Hi…” She said
He looked at the car, ‘”Problems?”
She nodded, “No gas.”
He nodded and looked back at the car, “Benji!”
The passenger side opened and another guy stepped out, you could tell they were twins, but this guy was different, he had dark brown hair and brown eyes, he had a piercing in the middle of his bottom lip and on both sides of that one on the bottom lip and another on the top lip to the right and both ears pierced. He had a bandanna on and a hat and he wore baggy black jeans and a baggy black shirt.
He smiled slightly with both lips tucked into his mouth he waved and looked at the other guy
He looked at Hilary then looked at Benji, “Get some gas please dude?” He asked
Benji nodded and opened the trunk
Hannah got out watching both boys, “Whoa…” She said smiling
Benji looked at his brother, “You want me to fill it Joel?” He asked
Hilary looked at him, “Joel?” She asked
Joel nodded to Benji, “Yeah bro please.” He blinked and looked at Hilary, “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Joel Madden and that’s my bro Benji Madden.” He smiled
Hilary smiled, “Hilary Sangwin, my twin sis Hannah Sangwin.”
Benji looked at Hannah filling the gas tank, “Twin sister’s eh? Joel and I are twins to.” He said looking down
Joel smiled, “Yeah weird.”
Benji looked up and smiled, “Hey Joel, we hit the jack pot. Twins to do!” He laughed
Hannah gasped, “Hello?” She said looking at him
Benji held up his hand, “Just kidding girlie.” He said and looked down again
Hilary smiled
Joel looked at Hilary, “We don’t live far. You wanna come to eat or something?” He asked
Hannah looked at him, “Hell yeah!” She said smiling
Joel smiled and watched Benji put the tank back into the trunk. He looked at Hilary, “Well get in your car and we will head up to Waldorf k?” He said and walked up to his car with Benji
Hilary blinked, “Maryland?” She asked
Joel looked at her, “Yeah.” He got into the car.”
Hilary smiled at Hannah
Hannah smiled and they both quickly got into the car and both cars took off to Waldorf, Maryland
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