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Meet the Family

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Ch. 3
Meet the Family
In Waldorf
Joel and Benji’s car pulled up to a house, it was nice but nothing to much to brag about. Joel got out and watched as Hilary and Hannah got out of their car. Joel smiled and started walking, “Come in and meet our mum.” He said and they got up to their door
Benji stayed behind and started digging around in the back of the car
Joel opened the door, “Ladies first.” He said smiling and looked back at Benji, “Common bro.” He called back
Benji pulled out a bag and smiled, “Coming.” He walked up to Joel and nodded some and walked in
Joel shut the door, “Mum!” He called as he started walking
“Joel you are back!” Their mom ran up and hugged him
Joel smiled, “Yeah and we brought visitors.” He said and moved aside so she could see Hilary and Hannah
Hannah waved shyly
Hilary smiled and looked to the side putting her hands behind her back
Benji walked up to Hilary and smiled, “It’s ok to be shy. But our mom is the greatest in the world.” He walked up next to her, “Her name is Robin.”
Hilary smiled slightly and nodded, “Hello Robin.” She said
Hannah looked back at Hilary then at Robin and the two twins, “Where’s your dad?” She asked
Joel sighed and looked down and grabbed Robin’s hand and started walking with her
Hannah blinked, “Uh…”
Benji looked at Hannah, “He’s gone… forever… He was an ass and left us about two to three years ago.” He said and started walking
Hannah covered her mouth looking down, “My bad…”
Hilary snapped her fingers, “Speaking of fathers. Do you know this boy from anywhere in Maryland that has turned up missing and so has his father?” She asked walking forward
Hannah reached for Hilary, “Hilary not now!” She said
Benji looked back at her, “What?”
Hilary cleared her throat, “Do you know of this boy… I’m guessing around our age, from anywhere here in Maryland that went missing?” She asked
“With his father?” Benji asked
She nodded, “Yes!” She said smiling
Benji looked down, “No…” he said and started walking
Hilary blinked
Hannah sighed, “I told you not now!” She said and looked at Hilary, “For the life of me listen to me once in awhile!” She said and started walking
Hilary glared at her and mumbled snotty, “For the life of me listen to me one in a poo!” She walked after her
Robin put her hands together as the girls walked in, “Now girls. You may take a seat and we will eat. Good thing I made enough.” She turned and started stirring the food, “We are having Beef Stew. It is the boy’s favorite.”
Hannah and Hilary sat down
Benji grabbed plates and grabbed five glasses and tossed the glasses to Joel
Joel caught them one by one and put them down in the spots people sit
Benji smiled and tossed each plate to Joel one by one
Joel caught them putting them down by the glasses
Hilary covered her mouth, “Oh my…”
Hannah clapped
Benji grabbed forks and tossed them to Joel one by one
Joel grabbed them and set them down by the plates
Robin smiled, “Oh you boys belong in a circus!” She said putting the pot in the middle of the table on a cloth
Benji smiled and looked at Joel, “I want to be part of the circus! Do you?”
Joel laughed, “Not my daily job dude.” He said smiling, he grabbed the napkins and put one napkin on each plate
Benji grabbed the milk and started pouring it into the glasses
Hilary smiled at Hannah, “They work as a team!” She laughed
Hannah looked at her, “Yeah, if only we could.” She said and looked forward
Robin watched as Benji and Joel sat down, “Now, let us all say grace.”
Hilary blinked
The twins and Robin put their hands together and the room went quiet
Hilary smiled and put her hands together and put her forehead to her hands and started praying, “Dear God, hear my words sweetly. I really want to find the boy… please let us find him. I don’t care when but just don’t let us be late… Amen.” She opened her eyes and looked around the table as the twins and their mom got finished, Hilary looked at Hannah, “You pray?”
Hannah looked at her and sighed, “Nothing to pray for.” She said looking down
Benji looked at her, “It’s ok… We don’t always have to pray.” He said and started eating
Joel looked at him, “I always do.” He said and looked down
Robin laughed, “Joel you always say things to God.”
Joel looked at her and smiled slightly, “Especially a lot now.” He said and started eating
Hilary looked at the food and started eating. She smiled pleased, “This is good!” She said and looked at Robin
Robin smiled at her and folded her napkin on her lap, “Thank you dear.” She picked her fork up and started eating
Hannah looked at Hilary, “You pray for the boy?” She asked
Hilary looked at her and nodded and looked down, “I want him to be fine if we find him.” She whispered
Hannah nodded and started eating
Benji watched them curiously, “Friends don’t make secrets and secrets don’t make friends… or however you say it.” He smiled
Hannah smiled at him
Hilary nodded, “It’s a girl thing.” She smiled laughing a little
Joel smiled and laughed, “Girl’s are so weird!”
Robin looked at him, “Yes. Speaking of girls where is your sister?”
Joel blinked and looked at Benji, “We didn’t get her a plate or anything… I’ll go get her and you go get her things.” He said and walked out of the kitchen
Benji nodded and walked up to the cabinets
Joel walked up the steps, “Sarah!” He called
Sarah looked from her computer and pulled down her headphones, “Yeah?” She called back
Joel got up to the door, “Supper is ready. Come and eat.”
Sarah looked at the computer and sighed, “Be down in a minute.” She said
Joel nodded and turned to the steps, “Hurry!” He said and started down the steps
Sarah sighed and turned to her computer and put her headphones back on reading aloud, “Eighteen year old boy and father missing from three to two days ago from Baltimore, Maryland. William Dean Martin and Rick Jones Martin, the son and father. Susan Elizabeth Martin, was found in her basement with stab wounds and beating marks all over her body. Rick Martin’s finger prints were all over the body. The cops have discovered a journal of the fathers of many years of molesting of their youngest child William Martin ever sense the boy was seven…” Sarah’s mouth dropped, “Seven years old! And he’s eighteen!” Sarah looked back at the site and started reading, “Police say the father packed up their son and left with no trace of where they were heading…” She sighed, “Then I have no reason to read.” She said and got out of the site and turned the music off and walked out downstairs to the kitchen
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