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Road Trip!

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Ch. 4
Road Trip!
Hilary looked around the table as everyone talked their business, her and Hannah usually kept quiet unless they were asked something
Sarah looked at Joel, “Guess what I found on the computer?” She asked
Joel blinked and looked at her, “Yeah?” He said watching her
She looked down at her food, “About two to three days ago there was this eighteen year old boy from Baltimore, here… and his dad killed his mom and put her in the basement and then he took his son and I guess that the father has been molesting the poor boy sense he was seven years old!”
Hilary looked at her and the fork slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor, she gasped and looked down as the fork hit her lap, “Oh man!” She said taking the napkin and whipping her skirt off
Benji stood up and got a towel and walked up to her and started getting it off
Hilary looked at him, “Thank you Benji.” She said smiling
Sarah watched her, “Why did you do that?” She asked
Hilary looked at her, “What?”
“When I said that…”
Hilary looked down, “Well, see. Hannah and I were coming down this way because we were looking for a boy about or eighteen years old, he called my cell and he was stressing out saying something about.” She sighed and looked up at the others, “He said that his father killed his mom and took him somewhere where he don’t know and he was molesting him.”
Joel stood up, “Did he say his name?” He asked
Hilary closed her eyes thinking
"Who are you? Is this some kind of joke?"
Hilary’s own voice came to her head
"No it's not… I really want to get out of here please help me!"
The boys voice came to her head next
Hilary shook her head and looked at him, “No…”
Benji stood up and ran off
Hannah watched him
Hilary sighed, “He didn’t say. He was crying and he was hard to hear. But I just had to come here and help him.” She said
Joel sighed, “Geez. Poor kid.”
Benji came back in with a bag awhile later, “Ok lets go to Baltimore!” He said
Hilary looked back at him, “Excuse me?” She asked watching him
Benji looked at her and smiled, “Down the yellow brick road to Baltimore we will go!”
Hilary stood up, “Wait, wait Mr. Madden! I don’t think…”
Benji walked past her, “Common Joel! I have your things packed and in front of the door!”
Joel smiled, “A trip?” He asked
Benji smiled, “A field trip!”
Joel and Benji threw their arms up screaming, “Field trip!”
Hannah and Hilary watched them mouths open
Hannah leaned towards Hilary, “They are totally weird.”
Hilary nodded
Robin stood up, “Boys?” She said crossing her arms, “This is a cops job. Not two boys who aren’t even out of school.”
Joel looked at her and walked up, “Mom, these two lovely lady’s cant do this themselves you know.”
Robin shook her head, “Exactly! These young lovely lady’s shouldn’t be doing this at all!” She said looking at Hilary and Hannah
Hilary waved smiling at her shyly
Hannah looked at her, “Told you so!”
Hilary glared at her in the corner of her eye, “Shut up!”
Benji looked down and looked at Joel smiling, “Joel come here!”
Joel walked up
They got in a huddle and started whispering
Robin stood there watching them
Benji and Joel pulled away from each other, “Mother. I suggest you say yes or we will give you the worse treatment ever imagined in human history!” He said like an announcer
She raised an eyebrow, “Which is?”
“I’m glad you asked! Mother I guarantee that you should pick the easy way out and just say yes, and by pass the horrible treatment we with put upon you!” He said smiling
“Now what can that be?” She asked
Benji smiled, “Ready Joel?”
Joel nodded
Benji got in front of Joel, “May I introduce you to the one, the only, puss in boots look provided by Joel Madden!” He said and moved out of the way
Joel stood there and he has wide eyes and his bottom lip is puckered out and he is giving her that big please look.
Robin blinked, “This is your weapon?”
Hannah and Hilary smiled, “Aw!” They both said at the same time
Robin smiled watching Joel. She sighed and looked at Benji, “Ok, ok you can go. But if nothing comes up in lets say… five days you come right back home and we tell the cops ok?” She asked
Benji and Joel gave each other a high-five
Robin tapped her foot, “Understand?” She asked again
Joel looked at her, “Right mom!” Benji and Joel ran up to Hilary and Hannah
Hilary held up her hand, “Hold on! We didn’t say anything!” She said
Hannah looked at Hilary, “Let them come sis. What harm could it do?” She asked
Hilary sat there watching Benji and Joel
Benji bent down by Hilary, “Hilary my brother is really smart! We need a smarty pants sometime in our lives!”
Joel blinked, “Hey!”
Hilary sighed, “Ok, whatever. You guys can come. But no one else!” She said looking at Hannah, “Got that?” She asked
Hannah nodded
Hilary looked at Benji and Joel, “Got that?”
They nodded
Hilary sighed, “Lets go…”
Benji and Joel smiled
After awhile they said bye to Robin and Sarah and were on the road
Benji sat in the back with Hilary and looked at her, “No music?” He asked
Hilary looked at him then looked forward
Benji glared at the mirror and then started searching in his bag
Joel watched him
Benji pulled out a CD an d smiled. He leaned over the seats and pushed the CD into the CD player in the radio
Hilary looked at him, “Hey what are you doing?” She asked pushing on him with one hand
Benji pushed play and turned the music most of the way
Hilary looked, “Oh god!”
The music started blaring
Joel smiled, “Good choice bro but a little loud.”
Benji shrugged, “So!”
Hannah smiled and looked at Hilary
Hilary glared forward her hands tight on the wheel
Hannah shook her head and looked away mumbling, “You wanted to find him…”
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