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The Travel Continues…

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Ch. 5
The Travel Continues…
Billy sat on the floor picking at the remains of the phone, tears rolled down his face. He looked up and hugged himself, “They wont help me… I will die here… I will die…” He closed his eyes crying harder, “Oh God help me! What have I done to you?” He cried and placed his right palm of his hand on his right eye crying
The door opened and Rick walked in and put down a plate of food on the floor in front of the door, “Oh stop your crying!” He watched him
Billy leaned forward and kept crying, crying harder each time
Rick walked forward and grabbed Billy’s hair and tipped his head back, “You listen here you little fucking cry baby! Either you stop crying or I kill you right now!” He screamed
Billy covered his face screaming, “Let my hair go!” he whipped away his tears crying still, “You’re hurting me!”
Rick let go and slapped Billy really hard in the face
Billy fell his head hitting the floor, hard
Billy pushed his face into his arms on the floor crying
Rick stood up and spit on Billy, “Whine and cry all you want, you’re not leaving.” He said and walked up to the door and kicked the plate to where it went flying across the room, the food flew everywhere
Billy jumped taking deep breaths trying to stop
Rick walked out and slammed the door
Billy sat up and looked around, he looked at the food and walked up to a piece of food from the plate and started eating it with his fingers, he ate very starved like. There was meat but he stayed away from that. He mostly ate the potatoes scattered on the floor. Billy sat up and started licking it off his fingers looking at the door. Billy looked at the broken pieces of glass and looked at the door. He stood up and started walking around the room picking the broken pieces up, “If no one comes I will end up leaving the other way.” He walked up to the bed and stuck the pieces under the pillow
At  a gas station
Hilary started grabbing chips and candy
Hannah watched her, “That stuff will kill you one of these days you know that right?”
Hilary looked at her, “Then get your own things.”
Benji ran up, “I’m so bored!” He said stomping his foot
Hilary looked at him, “So?”
Benji blinked and looked at her arms, “Sugar madness!” He said and ran across the store to Joel
Joel stood in front of a stand with little statues of crosses and angels
Benji walked up, “Cool looking stuff!” He said smiling
Joel nodded picking up a angel statue, the angel was above a baby and had a rattle that was like a drum and when you shook it the two small drum sticks would’ve hit the drum
Benji blinked, “So?”
“You gonna get it?”
Joel paused and looked up and looked at him putting it back, “No…”
Benji blinked, “You looked so absorbed.” He said sighing
Joel shook his head, “Naw.” He walked off with his arms behind his head, “Hilary get something healthier?”
She looked at him, “Oh shush up!” She walked up to the counter
The man behind the counter watched her
Hilary smiled slightly, “Um hi…”
The guy watched her and then started ringing everything up
Hilary looked to the side uneasy
Hannah walked up, “I think we should find somewhere to sleep. It’s almost ten.” She said tapping her fingers on the counter
Hilary nodded, “I agree.” She said and looked at the cash register 
“Wow… this gas station isn’t cheap is it?”
The guy looked at her, “$25.53.”
Hilary sighed and started digging in her purse, “Ok.” She grabbed her wallet and opened it. She paused and shut the wallet, “Hold on sir” She held her hand up smiling innocently at the man. She turned to Hannah, “Did we bring money?” She whispered
Hannah blinked, “No! We didn’t cause you were in such a hurry!”
Benji ran up, “I can whisper to!” He whispered by them
Hannah and Hilary looked at him weirdly
Benji shrugged smiling
Joel walked up, “What’s up?” He whispered
Hilary opened he wallet, “No money.” She said and shut it, “Got any? You two?”
Benji pulled his out and opened it, “Um, nope. I used mine all on Hot Topic last  Friday.” He said
They all three looked at Joel
Joel smiled, “I always have money.”
They all smiled and sighed in relief
Joel pulled his wallet out and opened it, his smile disappeared, “Which I don’t now.”
They all groaned
Joel sighed and covered his face, “Here let’s just ask the man nicely to let us take the food and everything and we will pay him later?”
Hilary nodded, “Ok I think we can do that!”
Outside on the side walk
They all four sat there
Hilary looked at Joel, “Lets just ask the man nicely to let us, bah hum bug!” She said snotty
Joel looked at her, “Hey! You didn’t have to listen to me!” He threw his arms up
Hannah rubbed her temples
Benji looked to the side and sighed
Hilary stood up, “I don’t want to be around you twins anymore! I give up!” She started walking
Benji looked at her, “On what? Us or the kid in danger?” He asked
Hilary looked back at him, “No. I’m going by myself!” She started walking
Joel watched her
Hannah sighed, “She’ll be back… Watch.” She started playing with her nails
Benji sighed and looked down, “What if we cant do this?”
Joel looked at him, “Why are we doing this?” He asked bringing his knees up to his chest
Hannah looked forward, “I don’t know. It is all so… sudden.” She said and sighed, “But you know. We might be doing some good…”
Joel nodded, “Yeah I know. But what if it was a joke to you guys and yeah?” He looked at her, “Then what?”
Benji nodded, “Really.”
She looked down, “I don’t know. It was just the way the boy said it. He sounded so convincing that I don’t think anyone could pull it off.” She said and looked at Joel, “Hard to explain.”
Joel nodded, “Ok. I say we go to the police in Baltimore and try to get some information. If we can.” He said and sighed
Hilary ran up, “Hey! Joel Benji! Do you know a Josh Madden?” She asked
Benji and Joel looked at each other then looked at her, “Yeah… he’s our brother.” They said at the same time
Hilary smiled, “Is he a cop?”
They shrugged
She smiled, “Cause there is a cop in Baltimore, Maryland. Where we are heading, and he was part of the case!” She smiled
Benji and Joel smiled, Joel looked at Benji, “We should call him!”
Benji looked at Hilary, “We’ll call him.”
They both looked at each other then looked at Hilary, “Tomorrow.” They both said smiling
Hilary blinked and hit her face lightly, “God!”
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