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Tiffany Johnson

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Ch. 6
Tiffany Johnson
Hilary pulled up to a motel
Joel looked at her, “How do you expect to get them to let us in?” He asked
Hilary sighed and hit her head on the wheel, “I don’t know.”
Benji smiled, “Let me do the honors!” He got out and started walking
Hilary covered her face, “Oh boy, him handle it.” She said unconvinced
Benji opened the door and walked in and up to the counter, “Hello?”
No one was there
He blinked and looked around, “Anyone here?” He called
A girl popped up from behind the counter, “Here!” she said smiling cheerfully
Benji jumped, “Holy…”
The girl had brown hair, that was up in pig tails and blue eyes. She had a big welcome smile and she had on a black belly shirt with a red tie and plaid red skirt with white knee high socks and black high heeled shoes
Benji looked at her with a big smile, “Hey…” He looked her up and down, “What’s your name?” He asked
She blinked and smiled gleefully, “Tiffany Johnson! What’s yours stranger?” She asked smiling
Benji leaned on the counter, “Benji Madden. Hey I got a question Tiffy?” He paused, “Do you mind if I call you Tiffy?” He asked
Tiffany smiled, “No Benji! If I can call you Benji Baby!” She giggled, “Just kidding!”
He blinked and smiled and nodded, “Yeah well. See, my friends and I are going to Baltimore which is only an hour away from here and we really need somewhere to sleep. Can we stay here?”
Tiffany smiled, “Of course! At Bob’s Motel you can always stay with good beds, bath, and shower. How many is in your party?” She walked over to the register
Benji watched her then looked out the window, “Four…” He said and then looked at her, “But I need to make a deal with you.”
She looked at him, “Ok, only if you go on a date with me!” She smiled
Benji sat up, “Wha?” He asked surprised
“Just kidding!” Tiffany giggled
Benji raised an eyebrow, “O…K…” He looked to the side
“What’s your question?” She asked watching him, “I have all night you know!”
“Don’t you mean you have all night?”
“Nope! I do, cause I work all night!” She laughed
Benji backed away a step, “Ok. So… my deal. Ok my friends and I don’t have no money to pay. Can we stay anyways and pay you later?”
Tiffany watched him, “Oooo… I don’t know… I don’t think I can do that.” She said putting her arms behind her back rocking back and forth
Benji put his hands together, “Please!” He pled
She watched him, “Where ya heading?” She asked
Benji looked at her, “I don’t know if I can tell anyone.” He said scratching his cheek
Tiffany turned away, “Then defiantly no room sir! Nope, no room, nope!”
Benji sighed, “Ok we are going on a look for a eighteen year old boy whose father kidnapped him after killing his mom. But they are in the middle of nowhere somewhere here and I guess the kid is getting molested while he is being kept there. So we are going to go save him but right now we are going to go find my eldest brother who is a cop in Baltimore and we need somewhere to sleep right now but we cant pay you so I was wondering if we could pay you later?” He said taking deep breaths
Tiffany watched him her mouth dropped.
Benji watched her
Tiffany squealed and started jumping up and down, “Can I come? Can I come?” She asked clapping her hands
Benji watched her backing up, “I was told no more can come!”
Tiffany stopped and glared, “Then no room! Cause I can go with you to make sure you pay me back! My daddy owns this place and I will take no payment nicely… or something like that.” She said looking down
Benji sighed and walked off, “Be back…” He walked out the door
Tiffany looked out the window
Hilary got out and Benji and Hilary started talking
Hilary shook her head and said something and crossed her arms
Benji threw his arms out and pointed back at the motel
Hilary shook her head again and yelled something
Benji shook his head and shrugged, he looked back at the building and back at Hilary saying something
Hilary covered her face
Benji put his hands on his hips watching him
Joel peeked out of the car window and started laughing pointing at Benji’s hips
Benji looked at him and said something and looked back at Hilary
Tiffany leaned on the window
Hilary looked at him and nodded sighing
Benji nodded and turned and started back to the building
Tiffany smiled and ran up to the counter and started looking around
Benji walked in, “Ok you can come if you only give us a room for the night.”
She smiled and tossed a key to him, “Room #8, Enjoy! I will get ready for tomorrow! Come get me when you are ready!” She said and ran off
Benji sighed and walked out
Room #8
Hilary looked at them, “There are two beds, Hannah and me, you and Benji.” She walked over to the bed, “I warn you. You snore at all you get a fist up your nose.”
Joel blinked and smiled and looked at Benji, “But what if she snores?” He whispered smiling
Benji smiled and started laughing
Hilary looked back at them watching them
Hannah sighed and looked at Hilary, “They are being dumb.”
Hilary looked at her, “How is that new to me?” She asked
Hannah shrugged
Hilary sighed, “I’m going to take a shower, so, yeah, whatever.” She said and walked into the bathroom
Benji sighed and looked around, “I need to change!” He sat on the bed, “Hannah go outside!”
Hannah looked at Joel, “What bout him?”
Joel looked at her, “We are twins, not afraid to change in front of one another!” He smiled
She shook herself and walked outside
Benji sighed and started through his suitcase, “No I’m gonna do my own brother!”
Joel smiled and laughed a bit searching through his clothes
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