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Are We There Yet?

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Ch. 7
Are We There Yet?
Billy laid in bed hugging the pillow, “I need to get out of here.” He thought looking around the room, “If I don’t, I’m sure to die… or something worse.” He closed his eyes, he grasped a piece of glass from the broken plate, “Maybe… if I kill him instead of myself, I will get out of here better.” He opened his eyes glaring at the wall, “I need to..” He closed his eyes and looked at the window, “For mom…” He tightened his grip on the glass
The door knob turned
“Act asleep then get him with the glass!” He thought quickly in his head and laid his head down closing his eyes
Rick opened the door and stepped in shutting the door and locking it, “Oh William. Wake up sleep head.” He said and pulled off his shirt walking up to the bed
Billy tightened his grip on the glass
Rick got up to the bed and crawled on top of Billy
Billy opened his eyes and trusted the glass up towards Rick
Hilary sat up screaming
Hannah sat up and looked at her, “Hilary! Oh my god… are you ok?” She asked grabbing her shoulder
Hilary looked at Hannah then rested her hand on her chest and looked at the clock
3:25 a.m.
She sighed and looked down at her other hand rested upon her lap, “Yes. I am just so scared for the boy…” She looked at her
Hannah sighed and slipped her hand away from her shoulder, “Yes.” She looked at Benji and Joel, “Me to Hilary. I really think we need to hurry ourselves.” She closed her eyes, “But really! What are the odds?” She looked at Hilary, “Of us, four teenagers, finding another kid in the middle of nowhere, anywhere in Maryland? So I say we talk to Joel and Benji’s brother and leave it to him…”
Hilary watched her tears in her eyes
Hannah sighed and looked away, “Hilary, don’t.”
Hilary looked down, “Hannah… that boy. He got a hold of me and expects me to do something…”
Hannah looked at her, “But he doesn’t know you or anything! Why didn’t he call a relative or something?” She asked
Hilary looked at the window, “Maybe he couldn’t…” She sighed, “I don’t know… but let’s sleep for a few more hours then we are off again.” She said and grabbed the clock and started setting it
Hannah blinked and glared, “You didn’t listen to me! We can’t do this Hilary! We just can’t!” She yelled
Hilary looked at her, “Sh!” She put her finger to her mouth angrily, “They are still sleeping and please respect that!” She said watching her, after a few seconds went by she looked at the clock and started setting it
Hannah laid down and covered up her head, “Whatever…” She mumbled
Hilary set the clock down and laid down no facing Hannah
4 hours later
7:00 a.m.
The alarm started blaring its radio at Hilary
Hilary opened her eyes and mumbled something and raised her hand and hit the radio’s snooze button
Benji opened his eyes and rolled over and jumped and rolled his eyes
He was laying nose to nose with Joel
“Bed hog…” He mumbled and closed his eyes again
Hannah shifted but didn’t move more than an inch
Joel stayed asleep like nothing was to wake him up
Hilary sat up and stretched looking around the room. She stood and walked around the bed and faced both beds. She placed her hands on her hips and then grabbed the ends of the blankets and pulled them off
Benji started feeling at his feet, when he noticed the sheets were gone he laid his head down groaning
Hilary dropped the blankets, “Wake up you three. We need to head out again.” She walked off
Benji lifted his head from the pillow and looked around the room, “Gah my damned life.” He got off the bed and looked at Joel. He smiled and stood up on top of the bed, “Wake up sleeping mole prince!” He started jumping up and down on the bed, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”
Joel, bouncing up and down, grabbed his pillow and covered his head, “Ben… Ow!”
Benji ended up jumping right on Joel on accident, “Oh god! Are you ok?”
“My stomach!” He screamed
Benji hugged him the best her could, “I’m so sorry Joel!” He said in complete panic
Joel rolled over, “Ah! That hurt!”
Hannah sat up, “God what now! Benji, what in the hell did you do!” She screamed
Benji looked at him, “I kinda, landed on him.” He said looked back at Joel
Hilary ran out, “Guys we are in a motel! Be quiet!” She yelled
Benji and Hannah looked back at her
Joel looked up at Benji, “Good way to kill your brother dude!” He said grasping his stomach area
Benji looked down at his stomach, “I’m really sorry man…” He said and laid his forehead on Joel’s shoulder
Joel smiled, “It’s ok… just … don’t… touch… me… for awhile.” He covered his face with one arm
Benji leaned off him
Joel looked at him, “Aw… Sorry bro…” He held out an arm for a hug
Benji leaned down and got into his arm
Joel hugged him
The door was knocked on
Hilary looked at the door, “Great! Angry neighbors! Thanks guys!” She said and opened the door, “I’m really…”
Tiffany stood there, “Hiya!” She said standing there with about five bags
Hilary looked at the bags, “Oh… yeah… hi.” She smiled lightly to her
Tiffany leaned in a ways, “I heard you guys were awake so I decided to come!” She smiled at her
Hilary smiled, “Can’t forget you huh?” She said and walked into the room
Benji looked at her, “Hi Tiffany!” He said smiling
She waved, “Hi!” She giggled
Hilary sighed, “Are we there yet…” She mumbled to herself and walked off
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