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At Baltimore!

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Ch. 8
At Baltimore!
They’ve been driving over three hours
Tiffany looked at Benji, “You liar!” She hit him
Benji grabbed his arm, “What?” He asked looking at her
“You said that Baltimore was an hour away!” She screamed
Hilary looked at her, “Well he lied. Now, Tiffany we have some rules that I hope you can follow.” She looked forward, “No more, I mean, no more passengers. No trying to prove I’m wrong with trying to find this kid, and I think that is it.”
Tiffany looked at her, “Sure… So why did this kid call you? Why not 911 or something.”
“Or the police…” Joel started
“Like our brother!” Benji finished
Hilary looked at them, “Oh shut up!” She said
Hannah looked at her, “Don’t worry sis. We will find the kid. When we are old and gray but yeah.” She said then looked away
Tiffany started laughing
Everyone looked at her
She continued to laugh
Benji smiled, “She caught it funny…” He said sighing some
Joel watched her, “Uh Tiffany?”
Tiffany started laughing harder
Benji scooted away, “Not normal!” he said
Joel scooted away, “For once I agree.”
Tiffany bent down laughing, she came back up and took a deep breath and looked around, “So? How are you guys?”
Hilary looked out the window then looked forward, “Why couldn’t I be the only one…” She sighed and looked down
Hannah looked at her, “I will say this once more, you wanted to find him. When he probably isn’t even there!” She yelled
Hilary looked at her and opened her mouth to yell something back
Benji pointed, “Hey it’s Baltimore!”
Hilary looked forward, “Oh than k you!”
The closet door opened and Rick grabbed some rope, “You little bitch! You think you can kill me!” He had Billy by the hair with his bloody hand
Billy screamed and started crying
“I should just kill you! But I’m not ready to yet. No not ready at all!” Rick mumbled and started dragging Billy back to the bed
Billy screamed and started wiggling all over, “Daddy please let me go! I’m sorry!” He pled for his life
Rick pulled Billy onto the bed, “Shut up and act like a man!” He yelled
Billy started pushing on Rick
Rick cringed every time and looked down at his wound, it was on the area around his stomach
Billy looked at the wound and looked at Rick, “Get off!” He punched right on the wound
Rick screamed and let him go grasping the wound
Billy ran to the door and threw it open and started running
Rick stood up, “Billy! Billy get back here!” He stumbled after him, “Billy!”
Hilary opened the police station doors and up to the counter, “Hi! My name is Hilary and I would like to see Josh Madden please!”
The guy sat there watching her
Benji peeked around Hilary, “Hey Josh!” He waved
Hilary blinked, “That… is Josh?” She looked at him
Josh smiled
Joel walked up, “Brother!”
Josh blinked, “Benji, Joel. What a weird and pleasant surprise.” He said tapping his pencil on the desk
Hilary sighed
Hannah looked at Joel
Joel smiled, “Hey!” He walked up, “We need some help, but it’s under cover for us.” He said smiling innocently
Josh looked at Joel then at Benji, “Well…” He sighed and looked down, “It’s against what I do. But I’m on my break soon. So wait about five minutes and I will meet you outside.” He said and started through his paper work
Joel turned, “K, k, lets go gals.” He said and started walking
Hilary looked at Hannah
Hannah shrugged, “Don’t ask me.” She turned and started walking
Hilary sighed and started following her
Benji looked at Tiffany, “Lets go Tiffy.” He said and started walking
Tiffany smiled and skipped off after him
They sat on the station steps
Joel looked back, “Long five minutes bro.” He mumbled under his breath
Benji laid down, “Tired! Bored! Murder!” He moaned
Tiffany gasped, “Murder?” She asked
Benji looked at her, “Figure of speech.” He said sighing
Tiffany sighed and smiled nodded, “Ok then!” She looked around, “Where are we again?”
They all looked at her
She looked at them, “Really? Where are we. And you guys are?” She smiled happily
Joel looked at the others, “You noticed that we have fallen victim of a short term memory looser!” He said looking at Benji
Benji looked at them, “She so didn’t act like this before! Remember! She remembered to come with us so she cant have it!”
Tiffany looked around, “Wow, nice place!”
Joel sighed, “Her dad must have reminded her or someone reminded her. Cause she said to us she heard that we were up, which means someone told her or something.” He looked down, “This trip is going so wrong!”
Hannah looked at him, “You’re telling me? I’ve been saying it forever!”
“No one wants your opinion Hannah.” Hilary said with her face on her legs
Josh walked out, “Here. Sorry it took so long.” He looked at them all blinking, “Why so down guys and gals?” He asked walking down the steps
Joel sighed, “Nothing…” He looked at Benji, “Grab her.”
Benji walked up to Tiffany, “Come on now. We need to go.”
Tiffany watched him then smiled, “Ok!” She said and grabbed his arm. She looked at him, “You’re cute!” She said smiling
He smiled, “Thanks.” He looked to the side turning red
Josh looked at Joel, “I don’t know these other gals so I need all the information I can basically from you…” He looked at Benji, “Well. Mostly from you sense Benji has that chick.” He smiled
Joel looked around, “Can we go somewhere less people-ish?” He asked looking at him
Josh looked up, “Yeah how bout… a restaurant?” He asked
Joel shrugged, “As long as you pay. We are broke.” He smiled innocently
Josh blinked, “Where did your money go?”
“I have no clue…”
Josh side, “Ok, I will.”
They headed off to the closest place that sold food
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