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The Figure Of It All

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Ch. 9
The Figure of it All
Joel sat down across from Josh explaining everything from what Hilary told him to where when they joined the crew
Josh looked down holding his cup of coffee, “Ah. So you guys want to know what I found out on the kidnapping?” He asked looking up at him
Joel nodded
Josh sighed, “I can’t do that Joel.” He looked down, “That is against what my job is.”
“Make a copy or something! We need to find this boy! This boy is in grave danger!”
Hilary looked out the window holding her coffee tight in her hands zoning out Joel an d his brother, “I keep asking myself. What, what if we cannot find this boy. He could be dead already and we just don’t know it.” Tears came to her eyes, “What was I thinking? I couldn’t listen to Hannah for about two seconds before I made my decision. This is my fault. I mean, we wouldn’t even be here right now. We would be with our mom and dad on our wonderful summer vacation.” She closed her eyes tears rolling down her face, “I don’t even know his name…”
“The boy’s name is William Martin, he goes by Billy at the school. He is eighteen.” He started digging around in a folder he had in his bag
Hilary looked at him
Joel blinked, “You had the folder with you?” He asked leaning forward
“Yes…” He pulled the folder up on the table and opened it and started searching, “I have a picture of the boy.” He said
Benji leaned forward with Joel as Josh dug through everything
Hannah turned in her booth and looked at Josh
Tiffany looked at Hannah then looked back
Josh pulled out a picture and put it down, “The boy had a punk attitude, like you Benji.” He said looking at him
Benji smiled some, “A homie!” He said trying to get rid of all the tenseness in the room
Josh smiled then it went to a frown. He looked at the picture, “This boy was very intelligent in Science and Math and a great artist. But he always kept to himself and never had any close reliable friends. He helped people with work but that was about it. He always managed to say things so short that it made sense. He was a loner alright.”
Hilary grabbed the picture and looked at it, she studied it carefully
Josh watched her then looked at Joel, “He was really smart like you Joel.” He looked down at his coffee, “But his father I recently found out, has been in jail for alcohol abuse and even drug abuse. But he always got off it. Don’t know why or how but he always did.” He closed his eyes, “Then in his journal we found that he had many pleasures in  molesting his son Billy.” He looked up at them, “In his journal he put how he did it, what Billy screamed, and how scared Billy was.” He shook his head, “Sick people these days.” He looked out the window, “We also found out from relatives Billy barely ever slept in his room. He always slept with his mom who was in another room from his father, his father didn’t like sleeping with others the family thought over.” He glared, “It’s really weird how stupid people can be. But the mother had to have known what his father was doing.”
Hilary whipped tears away from her face, “Oh my god…” She cried softly
Tiffany put her arms around Hilary’s shoulders tears to her eyes
Benji looked down, “Why does this world have to be like this? It makes no sense, nothing at all.” He shook his head
Billy slammed the stair doors in his fathers face holding the door there
His dad started pounding on the door, “Billy let me out son!”
Billy looked around and grabbed a chair and rested it tightly under the door knob and he ran away from the door
His dad started pounding on the door harder
Billy ran outside and slide to a stop
Three large Doberman pinchers stood there growling
Billy screamed and ran back inside
They started barking and chasing him
Billy shut the front door
On got half way into the door as the door shut on its middle
Billy gasped and looked down at it as it was nipping at his legs
Billy kicked at its chest and face as hard as he could
It yelped each time it was kicked, but kept nipping at him
Billy glared at it and let some pressure off then pushed as hard as he possibly could on the door
The dog yelped and backed out of the door
Billy shut the door all the way
He looked around and spotted no phone. He backed away from the door and looked at the stair door
No noise came from it
Billy started towards the steps slowly. He looked around and at the front door
The dogs stopped barking
He stopped and started listening carefully
Hilary sighed and put the picture down, “I don’t get it. Why would he kill his wife?” She asked looking at Josh
“Because. We found a phone cord that was pulled out of the wall and a phone busted, she was going to turn him in finally. So he killed her and wasn’t done with Billy so he kidnapped his own son and took off.”
Hilary looked down, “Oh. May his mother rest in peace.”
Joel nodded
Benji nodded tears in his eyes
Josh sighed and looked down, “Also pray for Billy, that we find him in time.”
They all nodded
Joel sighed, “Amen…”
“Amen…” they all spoke at once
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