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Urgent Call

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Ch. 10
Urgent Call
Hilary sat in the chair in front of Josh thinking, “I think if we went to the house we will be able to find Billy.” She turned facing the wall, “There is always a clue of what a bad guy is going to do.” She closed her eyes, “Billy…”
Billy looked around the house listening, the quiet very uneasy, “Where is he…” He whispered to himself
A creaking sound came from the kitchen
Billy turned to the kitchen looking at the doorway. He watched it his hands shaking, “I can’t go outside, the dogs are out there and will eat me alive. I am stuck here…” He thought watching the kitchen
The sound of the floor creaking sounded again
Billy jumped slightly, but continued to stand there, “I need to get out of here…” He started to back up, “Run!” He whispered to himself and turned and started running
A gun shot went off and the wall inches from Billy’s head exploded
Billy screamed and toppled to the floor covering his head
Rick stood there with a shot gun watching Billy, “You didn’t think about windows and that I have ways of getting out of here since I built this place, and the window in the kitchen just happened to have been open. But, I know a place for you now boy.” He said and started towards him
Billy slide his hand down his face and pulled his hand from the side of his face, blood covered his hand, he was cut by a piece of flying wood. He looked back at Rick
Rick grabbed his arm, “Looks like you have a bad cut there William. Welp,” He pulled Billy to his feet, “That’s why you don’t run. Anyways, me and you have cuts together, me on my stomach,” He started walking with Billy, “From your piece of glass.”
Billy rested his hand on his face and started walking with him the pain horrible and him unable to react
“And you with that big cut across that ugly face of yours!” Rick grabbed the basement doorknob and opened it, “But now that you hurt me and tried to escape, you will never see the light of day again!” He shoved Billy forward
Billy grabbed the railing stopping himself from flying forward, he looked back at Rick, “Bastard! I will get out of here if you like it or not.”
Rick frowned and pointed the gun to his forehead, “I’m not ready to kill you yet boy. Get your skinny white ass down them steps or your head will be shot right off your shoulders.”
Billy glared at him for a few seconds then he turned and started down the steps
Rick followed him
They got to the bottom and he grabbed Billy’s arm, “I have a room just for you, in case you tried to escape.” He pulled him to the right towards a door, “It has everything you need.” He put the gun under his arm and grabbed the knob
Billy looked at the gun
Rick opened the door
Billy grabbed for the gun
Rick turned the gun away, “Oh, I don’t think so. I never taught you how to use a gun.” He grabbed Billy by the hair and started into the door
Billy closed his eyes letting out a little scream
Rick shoved Billy forward
Billy stumbled catching his balance
Rick shoved Billy forward again onto the bed, “Let’s have a quick one k?” He said tossing the gun to the side
Billy closed his eyes tears rolling down his cheeks, “Help me…” He cried in his head
Hilary looked at  Josh, “We need to get going. Contact us if you find anything.” She said and stood up and started walking
Tiffany looked around, “Whoa, where am I?” She asked

Benji looked at her curiously
Joel stood up, “Ok, see you bro!” he waved
Josh waved
They all walked out
At a hotel
“Good thing our bro gave us money.” Joel said putting his bag down on the bed
Tiffany looked around, “Why are we here?” She looked at Hannah
Hannah looked at her and then looked at Hilary, “So we just… wait?”
Hilary nodded sitting down on the bed, “Yeah, that’s all we can do you know.” She said looking down
Joel sat down and looked at Hannah, “My brother seems to be pretty good at this stuff. Let’s trust him first.”
Hilary closed her eyes, “Yeah…”
Benji grabbed Tiffany’s hand, “Can I talk to you?”
Tiffany looked at him, “Ok who ever you are!”
Benji stood up with her and they walked out of the room
Tiffany watched him, “Yes?”
Benji looked around and then shoved her against the wall, “Ok you don’t have short term memory lose do you?” He said
Tiffany closed her eyes and then opened one eye and looked at him, “What?”
Benji looked around again, “What is your reason for pretending to be stupid?”
Tiffany watched him
Tiffany sighed, “I wanted to be stupid so you guys would treat me like, you know, part of the team, I wanted to be, around you more.” She said and looked away blushing, “I lied about my father owning that place, I really owned it. As you could tell it was going now where, but I saw you and I kinda…” She closed her eyes
Benji backed up and pointed at himself, “You like me?” He asked
She nodded looking at him, “I’m… so…” She started crying
Benji blinked, “Whoa! Oh god! Please stop crying!” He hugged her, “It’s ok, we don’t need to tell the others about this. But lets wait till this travel is over ok?” He said and smiled at her
Tiffany looked at him and sniffled. A smiled slowly came to her face, she nodded, “Ok…” She mumbled
Benji smiled, “See, is that better?”
She nodded
They both heard yelling
Benji looked over at their room door, “Uh oh.” He walked over to the door
Tiffany followed
Benji opened the door
Hilary grabbed her bag, “What did I say! This trip is worthless! Nothing will come of it! We aren’t detectives! We cant save him!” She screamed
Joel looked at Hannah
Hannah pulled Hilary’s bag away from her, “What did I tell you before? Huh! What did I say!” She screamed
Hilary got in her face, “I’m sorry that you are the smart one Hannah! Maybe you would like it better if I was dead!”
Joel ran up and squeezed between them, “Girls! Girls! Calm down!”
Hilary shoved Joel, “Move it! And Hannah, get out of my face! I never want to see you again!” She grabbed her bag and stormed around Hannah and started to the door
Benji opened the door and got in Hilary’s way, “Hilary, you can’t go! That boy needs our help!”
Hilary walked up, “Move it!” She yelled
Benji glared at her, “Nope!” He crossed his arms
“I said…”
The phone started ringing
They all looked at the phone
Hilary looked back at Hannah and Joel
They looked at her
She looked at Benji and Tiffany
They watched the phone
Hilary walked up to the phone and dropped her bag and picked it up, “Hello?”
“Hilary? It’s Josh. I found something you guys might really be interested in.”
Hilary blinked, “You want us to come down there?” She asked
“Yes, please, this has to do with Billy’s location.”
“Why don’t you tell your sheriff?” She asked sitting on the bed
“Because I take pride in people who try to do it themselves. Just get down here.” He said and hung up
Hilary blinked and hung up. She looked around the room. She glanced at Joel, “Your brother wants us down there now..” She said
Joel blinked then looked at Benji
Benji nodded
Joel looked at her, “Ok. Let’s go.”
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