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The Location, the Search

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Ch. 11
The Location, the Search
Joel was the first to enter followed by everyone else, into the police station
Josh looked up holding a journal, “Come, follow me.” He stood up and started walking
They all followed
They entered a room with no windows, all it had was one table and a few chairs, fairly small room
“Sit.” He motioned his hand to the chairs
They sat in different spots
Josh sat at the end chair and opened the journal, “This is his fathers journal.” He started flipping through the pages
Hilary leaned over, “What about it.”
Josh looked around, “Come closer around. All of you.”
They scooted their chairs all around him
Josh grabbed a piece of paper, “Look’s like one paper doesn’t it?” He asked flipping it side to side
Hilary looked at him, “It does.” She spoke for all of them, they were all confused
Josh looked up, “There is two.” He said and started picking at the top corner of the paper
Hannah looked at Josh, “Two?”
Josh grabbed a part that came out and started pulling on it carefully, “I haven’t seen the two papers yet, I wanted you five to be here.”
He pulled it all the way
There were writings like he normally had in his journal.
Josh started reading a loud
                        Dear Journal,
                                                I would like to explain my plan. My wife has being getting really careless on letting me punish our son, Billy, last night during one of the sessions she took him away. I won’t tolerate it. She must be out of my enjoyment over our son. So I have decided to kill her, divorce is to simple, she could tell. But, tonight will be the night, I will kill her, then take Billy on the outskirts or Baltimore. I will take him to a house I built just for me and my boy, deep in the tree area far outside of Baltimore. If he tries to escape he will be lost and die. But I have three Dobermans out in the area that will stop him before he gets from the porch. But, as I said I am going to kill her and take our son out to the house. Wish me luck journal
                                                                                                                        Last time we meet
                                                                                                                                                 Rick Martin
Josh rested the book on the table looking down, “Sick.” He looked at the five teens, “Ready to search the tree land?” He asked
Hilary stood up, “Lets not waste time! Let’s go!” She said and started walking
Benji smiled, “Billy here we come!”
Josh stood up, “Hilary hold it! We need to get prepared.” He walked past her, “Come on, no time to be wasted!” He said
They quickly followed
Billy lay on the bed naked, curled up in a ball, crying. He sat up and looked up at the ceiling, he started singing to himself, “Any moment, everything can change.” He whipped the tears from his eyes looking to the side singing, “Feel the wind on your shoulder, for a minute all the world can wait.” He looked at the door singing, “Let go of yesterday.” He covered his face and started crying again, “I cant take this anymore!” He sobbed, “My life is ruined, nothing is worth living.” He looked at the door, “She didn’t even sound worried on the phone. She wont come.” He covered his face, “I’ve got scars on my heart  and they wont go away because of that sick man!” He cried
The sound of a vehicle started outside
Billy looked up listening to the echoing of the vehicle, it started fading away
Billy sat up, “He’s gone…” He stood and ran up to the door and felt along it, “I need to get out of here!”
Hilary looked at the handgun in her hand, “Ok, since you’re the cop, is this legal?” She asked looking at Josh
They all sat in the cop car, Hilary in front by Josh, the others in the back seat
Josh looked at her, “As long as I let you. Yeah I think it is.” He said and looked forward, ‘There’s the trees. We need to find a house in it. It’s a lot of trees but hey we can do it.”
Hilary smiled, “Then lets go!”
He looked at her, “On foot.”
Hilary blinked, “What! On foot?”
He sighed, “We can’t have it to where he knows we are there. We need to be quiet. And as for the dogs, these guns have silencers on them. Shoot the dogs.”
Tiffany gasped, “Shoot! Can’t we put them to sleep?” She asked
Benji looked up, “Yeah, but anyways bro, wont they start barking and the dude hear them and know we are there?” He asked
Josh looked in the rearview mirror, “Need to take that chance.”
Hilary sighed and looked out the window, “Ok, on foot. Yay.”
Hannah sighed, “It’s gonna suck with high heels.” She mumbled
Tiffany nodded, “Totally…” She sighed, “But lets look at the bright side. We are rescuing!” She smiled
Joel sighed, “We need a plan first.” He said
Josh nodded, “We will discuss that when we get out of the car.”
They all nodded
Josh stopped the car, “Ok ready?” He asked
The group got out of the car
Josh walked around the front of the car and looked at them, “Huddle.” He said
They got into a circle
Josh sighed, “Ok… Benji, Joel, and I will take down the dogs. There are three dogs, one for each.” He looked at Benji and Joel, “Got that?”
The twins nodded
He looked at the three girls, “Tiffany you stay with me since you defiantly don’t know how to use a gun. You just stay with me.” He looked at Hannah and Hilary, “Your job gals, is to go find Billy. Stay together all the time and keep each others back carefully.” He said, “Got that, all of you?” He asked
They all nodded
“Lets go then. We need to hurry. Oh, Hilary, Hannah, if the dad is in there. Kill him if he poses as a threat.” He said
They nodded
“Same with us, Benji, Joel.”
They nodded
“Lets go!”
They all ran into the trees
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