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Final Showdown

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Ch. 12
Final Showdown
An hour later
“My feet are killing me!” Hilary whispered
Hannah nodded, “Mine too! This sucks!”
Joel looked at them and sighed, “Whiners.”
They glared at him
He smiled innocently
Josh stopped, “Guys! I think we found it!” He said and pointed
They walked beside him
The house was a really fancy looking log house, it had a porch, a few balcony’s, and a two door garage.
Growling started around them
Josh looked around, “The dogs! Benji, Joel! Come on. Tiffany with me.” He grabbed Tiffany’s hand and started running with the twins
Hilary looked at Hannah, “Come on! Lets go!” They started running
Hannah grabbed Hilary’s hand, “This is creepy.”
Hilary nodded, “But we are so close Hannah! So close!”
Hannah smiled and nodded
Rick slowed down to a stop in his truck on the road seeing the cop car. He got out and walked up to the car. He looked around in it. He looked up at the trees, “Oh shit!” He ran back to the truck and pulled out his shot gun and got back into the truck and speed off
Hilary opened the door slowly and pointed the handgun inside and looked around. She motioned for Hannah and walked in
Hannah followed her
Hilary looked at the kitchen door then at the stair door
Hannah poked Hilary, “Hilary…”
Hilary looked back, “What?”
Hannah pointed at the wall where Rick shot by Billy, “I’m getting worried. Someone was shot at.” She whispered
Hilary swallowed and started walking
Billy hit the door, “God damn it!” He backed up and rammed his shoulder into the door continuously
Hilary looked around, “What’s that?” She whispered
“Sounds like something pounding.” Hannah looked down, “From down there.” She said
Hilary looked around then at the basement steps, “Is that the basement?” She wondered and walked up to it. She opened the door and looked back at Hannah, “Common. It’s coming from down here.”
Hannah ran up to her and they grabbed each others hands and started down the steps
Hilary bent down and looked under the ceiling part by the steps, both ways
Hilary looked at Hannah, “No one’s down here.” She started down the steps quicker
Hannah followed
Hilary looked at the door leading to Billy, “Someone’s on the other side… Do you think it is him?”
Hannah shrugged
Hilary walked up and tapped on the door, “Hello?” She yelled through the door
The pounding stopped
Billy fell to his knees, “Hello? Yes! Hello? Who are you?”
Hilary smiled, “Billy! It’s me Hilary Sangwin! From the phone!”
Billy put his hand over his mouth in shock, “Hi… Hil… Hilary! Oh my god! You came for me!” He said hitting the door, “Let me out please hurry! Before he comes back!”
Hilary stood up and started messing with the lock, “Billy, it’s locked!”
Billy looked down and peeked through the small spot between the floor and the bottom of the door, “You have a hairpin?” He asked
Hilary looked down, “Yes. I do.”
Billy stood up, “Pick the lock then.”
Hilary blinked, “I don’t know how.”
Billy blinked and walked up to his clothes and grabbed his pants, “Anyone with you?” He asked
“Yes, my sister Hannah.”
“Does she?” He asked slipping on his pants
Hilary looked back at Hannah, “Do you?” He asked
Hannah shook her head
The sound of a roaring truck filled the basement
Benji, Joel, Tiffany, and Josh stampeded down the steps
Joel looked at Hilary, “He’s back! Did you find him!”
Hilary nodded, “But the door is locked!”
Billy grabbed the door after slipping his shirt on, “Shoot the lock!”
Hilary blinked, “What?”
“Shoot the god damn lock!” Josh said and pointed his gun at the lock and shot it
The lock didn’t fall off
Josh started shooting it over and over
The lock gave way
Hilary opened the door
Billy stood up
Hilary and Billy froze looking at each other
Seconds passed, seemed like hours
Joel looked back as the basement knob started turning, “Hide under the steps!” He whispered
They ran under the steps
Joel grabbed a chair and smiled
They all looked at him and nodded
Joel nodded and they all ducked as Rick ran down the steps
Billy hugged Hilary
Hilary hugged him
Rick ran to the door, “Billy!” He screamed and walked into the room, “William Dean Martin!” He yelled at the top of his lungs
Joel ran over to the door and shoved the door shut behind Rick, he pushed the door tightly under the door knob and looked at Josh, “It wont hold long, since the knob was shot in the process of getting the lock. So we need to hurry!”
Josh nodded, “Billy first, then the girls, then you two then me. Go! Go!” He yelled
They started running up the steps
When they were all out of the basement, they heard the chair fall as the door got forced open
Rick came around the steps and raised his shot gun
Josh looked back, “Hurry!” He slammed the basement door shut
The shotgun went off
Holes exploded form the door
Josh backed up and turned running after the others
Billy looked back at Hilary, “We need to do something about my…” He looked back as the basement doorknob was blasted off the door
Rick opened the door and pointed his gun at them, “Bring him back!” He yelled
Billy opened the front door, “Out now! Hurry!”
They ran out the door
Hilary didn’t run out, she stopped by Billy, “We need to stop him, that’s what we need to do.”
Billy looked at his dad
His dad raised the shot gun at Hilary, “Good bye, Billy’s beautiful girlfriend.”
Hilary pointed the handgun at Rick, “No good bye you!” She pulled the trigger
It didn’t go off
She gasped and looked down at the gun
“Remember to load your gun before you leave this station! These guns aren’t all loaded!”
Josh’s voice rang in Hilary’s head
“Oh no! I forgot!”
Rick smiled, he started pulling the trigger
Hilary hugged Billy
Billy closed his eyes
Hilary put her face in Billy’s chest
A gun shot went off
Hilary screamed
Nothing happened to her, or Billy
Rick dropped the shot gun and collapsed to the floor a bullet wound in his forehead
Hilary looked back
Benji stood there his gun smoking
Billy looked back at Benji, a big smile went across his face, “Nice… shot…” He swallowed, “Dude.”
Benji nodded shaking, “Yeah. I guess.” He looked at the gun, “I… shot him…”
Joel hugged him, “You saved them bro!” He smiled
Benji smiled, “I did! Didn’t I!”
Tiffany ran up squealing, “You did it! You did it!”
Billy looked at Hilary, “Um..” He looked away, “Thanks…”
She smiled, “No problem. Lets get you fixed up huh hun?” She asked and carefully grabbed his arm and started walking with him
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