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Chapter Five - Off From The Nest

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The sun that had found its way through the curtains was starting to burn across my face, and frankly, I don't like the sun. I know it keeps us alive and all but it's really only good for that reason.

It may keep us breathing but it also causes skin cancer and wakes me up at impossibly early hours of the morning.

I groaned, damn sun.

I wished it away in my head but it hadn't moved a inch. It's decided, I'm going to have to actually get up unless I want a tanned face connected to a pallid body.

I then realise it's going to be quite the challenge getting out of here, on one side Mikey had his arm circled around my waist and on the other I was half snuggled into Gerard's chest. It was nice, we never really cuddled like this anymore.

Sighing I pull the blanket over my face and push my face more under the covers, moving closer to Gee.

"Frank, you gotta get up", I moved a little, realising I was the only one in bed.

"Frankieee, it's time to rise", I had to stop myself from giggling when I heard that, Gee sounded like a real creep.

"Hey Frankie, get your head out from my blankie", Now I did laugh, Gerard giggled back, his giggle really is the cutest.

"Frankkkk please just get the fuck up", hmm I guess Mikey's here now.

Finally I open my eyes to see Gerard's about an inch away.

"BOO" Gee squealed at me, I sat up to see Mikey walking out of the room with what looked like the last cardboard box. Gazing around the room, I realised the curtains were fully open and I mentally cursed at the sun some more for waking me up earlier.

"What time is it, Gee Gee?"

"It is time you got up, Frankie the Wanker"

"Aww Gee that was totally uncalled for"

I started to fake cry, hunching myself into a ball.

"Frankie, I'm sorry, please forgive me, pleassssssse?"

I looked up at Gerard, he was giving me his best puppy dog eyes, damn they were pretty good.

"Fine, I guess but only cause I want breakfast"

"Yay" Gee squealed, running in circles around the room.

"Okay, did you drug me? Cause right now I feel like some five year old freak." Gerard asked.

"Yeah you're acting like one to..."

"Hey do you [b]want[/b] breakfast??"

"Fine, fine"

We both made our way downstairs, seeing Mikey eating his cereal finally reminded me why I had slept the night.

Mikey had a smile on his face.

"Finally you're up Frank."

"I was up before both you fuckers but I must of gone back to sleep."

"Sure, sure"

"What time we leaving?' I asked Mikey.

"Hmm well I thought we could leave about 12, then we can get there at 1:30pm"

"Okie Dokie", I said back in almost a whisper.

Gee had gotten out two bowls and was filling them both with my favourite cereal, pouring the milk I sat to eat, suddenly I think I became a little over emotional.

I always am.

I ran over to Mikey, wrapping my arms around him carefully. I tend to get uncomfortable with most human contact, awkward I know. Though I'm normally safe with Mikey or Gee, I've known them for so long that I don't usually mind.

"Mikes, I'm going to miss you so much."

Mikey looked a little shocked with my sudden outburst, but the look was soon replaced with a small smile.

"Hell, I'm gonna miss you so much. I don't know a single person, I'll have no Frank to entertain me or to help with my English homework"

"Oh so that's what I am to you, a free tutor!" I joked with him.

All the boxes were packed in his car, Mikey was up the front with Gerard, and I was sitting in the back since there was only room for one with all the boxes.

Mikey had just had a tearful goodbye with his mother, I guess she's going to miss him, I'm glad she feels that way, it would horrible if she didn't care.

Mikey took one last look at the house and we were off.
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