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Chapter Six - Mouths Open Wide To Devour

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Tree, tree, tree, road kill, tree, tree.

Holy hell, I'm so bored and we've only been in the car for 30 minutes.

Mikey was up front, he had insisted on driving since he was the one leaving for college. I was still stuck in the back, next to a cardboard box named "Mikey's Shit".

I turned my head back to facing the window.

Surprisingly, looking out the glass did not shower the eyes with scenic views, there were really only half dead fields with trees and dead animals sprinkled in the odd place.

I looked over to Gee.

Even though he had woken up before me he still looked half asleep. I could just see the faint circles under his eyes as he rested his head against the glass.

Gerard had been staring out that window even since we left Newark and I'm pretty sure it wasn't because he liked the look of run over raccoon. No, I think he's upset over Mikey leaving us for college.

College would be good for Mikey, he likes to be independent, so, this is all some massive present for him.

I could never do it, I don't do to good on my own. I think it's the fact I get attached to people that would drag me down if I left.

I wouldn't be able to leave my mum or Mikey, and I sure as hell couldn't leave Gee. This fear of being alone is completely wacked since I also hate people touching me.

I guess it's really strangers I don't like.

I'm not sure how Gee would do at college, he's seems independent, so, I think he would able to do it. But then again I wouldn't know, it's hard to understand Gerard. He hates Newark, he's always saying he wants to leave but he had a chance, this could have been him. Gee chose to stay behind and go to the art school here, it's not a bad art school but there are better places that would have accepted him in a second.

I don't have a clue what I'm going to do after school, If I do go to college it would have to be close to home, I wouldn't want to leave.

I wonder if mum wants me to, I don't think so, I'm all she's got now, I reckon she's going to want me close.

I would do English as a course, that's for sure, I do pretty well in all subjects, well except sport, so I could pretty much do anything I wanted. I was thinking music, I play both piano and guitar so that would be nice to follow with.

Hmm, maybe music history, I've always liked a little history, mix that with my love for guitar and ...

"Frannnnnkkkk, we're here!" Mikey really was excited about all this.

I stumbled out the car door, looking up at the huge campus in awe, there was no way I'm leaving home for this.

I'll get lost in a blink.

Mikey grabbed his suitcase and the box that had accompanied me in the backseat.

"Do you know where to go Mikes?" It was such a big place if he didn't know we were screwed.

"Yeah, we were shown when I came for the orientation day"

Mikey had his stuff and we were off to the main desk, walking past one building it was evident that today was only for new students, I can just imagine how packed this place would be with everyone here. I shuddered slightly at the fact, I don't like being in places that are crowded.

A large group of people pushed there way past me, the girl up front must have been giving them another tour of the place, just to remind them where all the classes were. But, I couldn't really care, they didn't have to all brush up against me. I was starting to feel sick. Gerard grabbed a hold of my arm, I sighed, I'm glad he knew how I was feeling.

"Hey, you okay Frankie?" Gee asked.

"Yeah, just wish strangers wouldn't brush up against me like that."

"Don't worry, you should be glad not everyone's here."

I remember back to when my mum took me to New York, that was not a fun day. There were so many people all rushing past me, half knocking into me. I got sick that day, thankfully afterwards mum decided to take me home, I still refuse to go back.

Glass doors came into view and Gee pulled me along, up to the front desk waiting behind Mikey.

Mikey had his room key, number 225, his timetable, some newsletters and information crap all with him as we made our way to his dorm.

Soon he had everything unpacked.

Gerard and I didn't really help much, we just rested on the couch, it may be only two pm but we were tired.

I heard a squeal, and quickly opened my eyes to see Mikey standing in the middle of the room with a huge smile on his face.

"I'm Finished Frank, I've unpacked everything, I'm officially a college student!"

I just smiled back, I don't know how anyone finds this exciting.

Gee was woken up by the sound as well, hopping up to hug his brother goodbye.

Damn I was getting emotional again.

"Mikey, I don't want to go, I'm going to miss you so much." I near sobbed to him.

"Hey, you'll be fine, Gee's gonna be there and I'll come visit you on the weekends."

"Okay, yeah I'll be okay, I've got Gee" I answered back with a small smile masking my sadness.

Gerard and I left, I waved goodbye with a smile on my face, I couldn't let Mikey see me so sad, I was just going to miss him a lot that's all, he was one of my best friends.

Gerard started the engine.

"Don't worry Frankie, I'm here..." he almost whispered

Back home I thought about those words, I'm glad he meant it.
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