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Chapter 4

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Inside look.

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Frank's POV

He's gay. Gerard is gay.

That was my main thought as I was late to math class; I couldn't concentrate at all during the lesson. All I could focus on was Gerard, and the fact that he was gay. I couldn't understand why I cared so much; surely girls would be all over him, what with his picturesque eyes that were constantly somewhat covered by his hair. And his voice: his voice was heavenly. He had that natural tone that calmed my nerves whenever he spoke. Everything he had said to me had been said calmly and softly, and I paid more attention to the sound of his voice than to what he was saying.

But I did pick up one thing: he didn't like girls. I was shocked to feel a mixed feeling of relief and hope go through me; I'm not gay, am I?

Gerard's POV

Art is the best. It's my way of dealing with the world, and I can usually manipulate people into thinking my way by drawing or painting a convincing picture. Kind of like propaganda.

But I wasn't thinking about convincing people as much today; since it was my first day, the teacher told me to just make a rough sketch or two while the rest of the class finished up their current projects. I broke out a piece of paper and a pencil and began to draw. A head, eyes, a nose, ears... pretty soon a face had began taking shape, and I filled in the shadows and creases. I held it up a little to inspect my work. Funny; it looked a lot like Frank, minus some eyeliner and a few tattoos. That could be easily fixed...

Taking both a black and a red colored pencil, I began coloring his hair. Black for the main part and bangs, red for the little edge and the side of his head. There, now his hair had character, as it did in reality.

Taking a light peach color, I filled his face with color, careful not to miss his neck and ears. I closed my eyes: did he have his earlobes pierced? Yes, he did. He also had a tattoo on his neck, what was it... a scorpion?

Pretty soon, I had a picture-perfect (literally) version of Frank, and I wasn't even sure why I drew it. Out of boredom, I guess, since I barely knew the guy. He barely knows me as well; I was just the gay new kid that he just so happens to be stuck in science class with.
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