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Tell-Tale Heart

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Gerard recovers from the night before and shares his information with Mikey and Frank.

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There was police and flashing lights. The rain came down so hard that night.

Gerard smiled down at the limp piece of paper he held in his hands. The morning paper. It's amazing how fast news spreads in this town, especially when it just happened the night before. The headline read, 'A Lover Dies, No Tell-Tale Heart Was Left To Find'. Skimming through the article for a hint of suspects, he grinned when he read the line that kept him in the clear, 'At this time we currently have no suspects...' and he knew he'd gotten away with it.
Throwing the paper aside, he jumped off his bed and walked to the mirror on his wall, checking the damage. He had some minor cuts and bruises on his wrist but nothing major. That is, if you ignore the mass amounts of blood that stained his clothes.

"Gerard?" called a familiar voice from outside.

"Shit," mumbled Gerard as he quickly climbed into his bed and covered up, "What is it, Mikey?"

His bedroom door slowly opened to reveal a pale-faced Mikey, holding the morning paper in hand, "Did you see the paper this morning? Rick Adams was murdered last night."

Gerard frowned with mock concern and sighed, "Really? Do they know who did it?"

"No," Mikey shook his head, "They don't even have any clues. They said that whoever did it planned it out carefully. The killer even dusted his own prints so they couldn't pin it to him. Scarey, huh?"

"Yeah," mumbled Gerard, "They, uh, don't have any ideas for the suspect do they?"

Mikey quirked an eyebrow and shook his head, moving over to sit on the bed beside his brother, "Gee? Something wrong? You seem kind of nervous."

"Just a little shaken up, that's all."

Mikey narrowed his eyes, watching his brother closely, and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"I'll get it." said Mikey, stealing one last look at his brother before stalking out of the room.

Gerard leaned his head back on the headboard and bit his lip, realization finally dawning on him. It didn't matter, though. It was already done and truth be told, he felt great that he did it. That meant that Melissa could finally be his... forever. At least until she found out what kind of a selfish murderer he really is.
Gerard was torn away form his thoughts by the sound of shuffling feet outside his bedroom door. Two voices could be heard whispering while their shadows could be seen from underneath the door. It didn't take him long to figure out who they were. Mikey and Frank. Figured that Frank would be over this morning, considering the news.

"Hey, Gerard," grinned Frank, "Did ya see the news? Rick Adams is dead, man."

Gerard easily slipped on a smile and laughed, "I know. Read it earlier."

Frank smiled and sauntered farther inside, closing the door behind him leaving the two boys alone, "Can I ask you a question? Guy to guy?"

Gerard quickly noticed the urgency in his voice and nodded, sliding over to let him sit down.

"Gerard," sighed Frank, "I know you like Melissa and all and I'm not really sure if you're the kind of person who'd do something like this but I have to ask..."

Gerard watched as Frank brought his hand to the top of the blanket and pulled it down, slowly revealing the stains on his clothing.

Frank closed his eyes and sighed, "I had a feeling you knew what happened."

"You don't understand," began Gerard, "It's not like I wanted to do it. If she didn't date those losers all the time then I wouldn't have to."

"And you're better than all of those guys?" demanded Frank.

Gerard let a laugh pass his lips and ran a hand over his wrist, "Most of them, yes."

Frank stood up, bringing the blanket with him, and grabbed Gerard's arm. Frank walked him to the bathroom and locked the door as he ran warm water from the tap.

"Ya know," started Frank, "I didn't want to think you did this again but when I read the name... I mean, shit, Gerard. Do you have to fuckin' kill every guy she gets close to? This better be the last time. I want you to fuckin' promise me this is the last time."

Gerard watched as Frank dabbed at his body with a wet wash cloth, doing his best to get rid of the stains. He wasn't sure he could make that promise but, for Frank, he'd try. After all, Frank did help him burn the evidence and get rid of the body the first time. And still he's stuck by him.

"I'll try." mumbled Gerard as he peeled off his shirt.

Frank collected the discarded pieces of clothes and shoved them into a bag, "We need to burn this shit, Gee. We need to get rid of it before anyone sees it."

Soon enough, Gerard was cleaned off and standing in the middle of the woods with Frank, watching the fire they started.

"Promsie me you'll talk to her," smiled Frank, "I'm tired of cleaning up after you."

Gerard chuckled and lit a cigarette, exhaling the smoke from his mouth, "Soon. Not today but soon."

I don't know much at all and I don't know wrong from right. All I know is that I love you tonight.

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