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Gerard apologises while Harper is planning something.

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Gerard spotted him straight away and tried not to draw any attention to himself.

"See that man over there" Gerard whispered pointing to Rick, "That's Jade's boyfriend. Basically he is trouble so don't draw him over here" he told Harper, bowing his head.

Charli, however, didn't take notice of Gerard's warning and she recognised Rick.

"Wick!! Wick!!" she shouted, waving her arms.

Gerard quickly covered her mouth and pulled her arms down, but it was too late. Rick spotted them.

"Happy Anniversasry dude" he said mockingly as he approached them.

Gerard's eye's narrowed as Rick invited himself over and sat down opposite the three.

"Nah, I'm just kidding" Rick said "How's life treating you?"

"What do you want?" Gerard asked getting straight to the point.

Rick shrugged his shoulders, "Just making polite conversation with an old friend that's all"

"Ha. Friend" Gerard scoffed, "Whatever you and Jade have planned next forget it, your not getting your hands on Charli" he said, tightening his grip on his daughter.

"Oh you didn't hear?" Rick said, "Me and Jade broke up"

Gerard was unsure whether to believe him or not, either way he didn't care, he wanted nothing more to do with them.

"Yeah, yeah, until you guy's get back together"

Rick shook his head, "Nah that's it. She kicked me out, I know it's for real this time"

Gerard noticed he didn't seem to upset about it, he probably didn't really care about Jade anyway. Gerard just nodded in response and Rick got up from the table.

"Well I wish you three luck" he said as he turned around and left the cafe with his food.

Throughout that whole conversation Harper had been looking at Rick, wondering where she recognised him from. She was also thinking about the conversation she and Gerard shared about Frank and his son and how Gerard was totally contradicting himself.

"Sorry about that, some idiots show up at the worst times" Gerard said to Harper as they continued eating.

She just smiled weakly as she was still deep in thought.



"Remember the time you told me about Frank and his s-o-n"

Gerard nodded.

"And you said if you were in that situation 'you would be crushed'"

Gerard rolled his eyes skyward, he could see where this was going and he didn't really wanna hear it.

"Yeah yeah I see what your getting at" he said.

"So...?" Harper asked slowly.

"No. I'm not changing my mind, Jade is not seeing her"

Harper shook her head, "Empathy Gerard, empathy."

"Please can we not fight. Especially about something involving Jade." Gerard asked, taking Harper's hand.

She held his back loosley, she knew it wasn't really any of her business but Gerard needed to see what he was doing to Jade and Charli. Not having a female role in her life surely would affect her.

Gerard sighed and let go of her hand, "I'm going back to the car, bring Charli when she is done. Thanks."

"I am not your nanny, I am your girlfriend" she said, getting up and going to the bathroom.


"Harper what the fuck is going on with you" she asked herself as she stared in the mirror, "Stop getting invloved in business that isn't your own"

"Yeah but you care about Charli, you have to do something."

She hopped up onto the counter beside the sink and dangled her feet, running her hands through her hair.

"Why the fuck am I arguing with myself?" she said, resting her head against the mirror behind her and shutting her eyes.

After around fifteen minutes she got a text, opening her eyes and reading it she let a smile slip out.

Im sorry I have a lot on my mind, please come out?

Your going to have to do better than that

I'm driving away in thirty seconds

"That bastard" Harper said jumping off the counter and running out of the door only to find Gerard standing there grinning.

"You know..."

He silenced her with a kiss and slipped his arm around her waist. They walked out together, with Charli at their side, everything felt perfect.

Little did Gerard know, Harper was plotting a way to get another female involved with Charli, if Jade couldn't see her Donna was the only one left.

A/N- Sorry it's short, had some bad news.

dondon xo.
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