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A show, A suprise and A shock.

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It wasn't a very long ride to the next venue, maybe three and a half hours tops so Gerard and Charli slept all the way through. As the bus pulled into the parking lot Gerard slowly opened his eyes, sesnsing they had stopped moving. He went into the living area which was suprisingly empty and quiet apart from the TV that was playing some cartoon he wasn't interested in.

He looked at his watch that read 4:00pmand noted they had two hours before the show, that was enough time to have something to eat. By the time he had finished making the last pancake, everyone but Charli had gotten out of bed and followed their noses towards the kitchen. Gerard passed some plates around and set his own down, sharing out the pancakes between the guys.

"Mmmm Gerard these are good. You sure you made them yourself?" Mikey said through a mouthful.

Gerard shot him an unimpressed look, "Yes of course I made the myself. I am an excellent cook"

Frank scoffed at this, almost choking on his pancake. Charli came wandering out of the bedroom just as they were clearing away. She was rubbing her eyes as she dragged her feet behind her.

"Hey baby" Gerard said as he picked her up, "Did you sleep well?"

She yawned slightly and nodded her head, resting it on Gerard's shoulder. He patted her back and sat down next to Mikey, keeping her on his knee.

"Hey" Mikey said as he kissed Charli on the cheek.

She giggled and took his glasses, looking through one of the lenses. She blinked hard and looked at them with a confused expression when she realised she couldn't see through them.

Mikey took them and placed them back on his face, ruffling her hair.

"Gerard shouldn't you be getting ready? The show starts in about an hour and we know how long you always take" Mikey said looking at the clock on his cell phone.

"Yeah I'm going now" he said, passing Charli to Mikey.

As the others drifted in and out, getting ready as they went Charli was passed around the guy's so they could all get ready and watch her at the same time. By the time Worm came to tell them it was time to leave Gerard was only just finished getting ready. They all left the bus and headed towards their new venue, being told they could have five minutes back stage before they went on to perform. Almost straight away the five minutes flew by and it was time for the guy's to head on stage.

"Be good" Gerard said as he kissed Charli on the cheek.

"I will daddy" she said, running over to hug Bob and Mikey.

As they went out onto the stage they were blinded by camera flashes and banners. One banner stood out in particular to Gerard.

Happy Anniversary for the 12th Gee

Thanks for the reminder. Not.


Harper was just finishing her work and was heading back to her's. She had just done a hour and a half photo shoot and she was wiped out so decided to get her pyjama's on and have a lie down. This was something she wasn't really used to, resting. Usually she was always on her feet, busy doing something so she just lay there, staring at the ceiling.

I wonder what Gerard is doing

She pulled out her phone and decided to text him.

Call me when you can, I miss you

After waiting for an hour and not getting a reply she yawned and assumed he was busy. Her eyes were getting heavier and she eventually shut them, falling fast asleep.


"This last song is called House of Wolves" Gerard shouted down the microphone as the crowd went wild.

He started parading around the stage as usual but then spotted that banner again, it seemed to hang over him as if he was meant to read it and mope around until the 12th was over.

Jade was nothing to him anymore so why should he be affected by anything that reminded him of her? Maybe cause he still loved her, just a little bit?

He shook that thought out of his head and removed himself from auto pilot, jumping up and down like himself again. He had Harper, Charli and the guys that's all he needed.

After the show they all hung around for a while, going outside to sign stuff although they were sweating and out of breath. Charli had to stay inside with one of the crew members as the guy's were outside and Worm had to be there with them for protection reasons. After about an hour o signing things the guy's headed back to the bus as it was 11pm and Charli was getting really tired, as well as everyone else.

When they got back to the bus Gerard checked his phone, seeing he had a text from Harper he decided to call her.

It went straight onto the answer phone so he just left a message.

"Hey it's me, I just got your message I'm sorry I couldn't call you sooner we were doing an after-show signing. Please take your break soon and come see me, I miss you too. I'm going to catch some sleep now and I'll call you in the morning. Sleep well baby."

He hung up and switched his cell phone off, tossing it into his bunk as he crawled in beside Charli who had just managed to get inside the bunk before crashing out. She was on top of the quilt and he pyjamas were inside out, this always happened when she tried to put them on herself. Or when Bob tried to put them on her. Gerard pulled her under the quilt with him and they both slept soundly.


"You think Harper will definetley come?" Frank asked Ray who was in the living room with him.

He nodded, "Yeah she said she would and I trust her answer"

"Good. I think it will be good for Gerard, take his mind off everything"

"Me too" he yawned, "Well I'm going to head off to bed now, Im beat"

"I will be soon, just gunna have some more coffee. Night." Frank said, getting up to get a cup from the cupboard.

"Catch you in the morning" Ray said as he retreated back to his bunk.

After Frank had his coffee he went into the bathroom to get washed but ended up falling onto the floor and sleeping by the door, he was that exauhsted. This left the MCR bus quiet once again.


"Noo. I don't wanna get up" Harper said outloud as the alarm started ringing in her ear.

She went to hit the snooze button but missed and knocked the clock onto the floor, still ringing. She grumbled and got up from her warm bed, slamming the button down on the top and putting it back on her bedside table. After brushing her teeth and making herself look reasonably presentable she grabbed her phone on her way out of the door.

Frank it's Harper, I'm bored and coming up early. Be there in a few hours

She had to get a cab as seen as she couldn't drive.

This is gunna cost me a bomb she thought as she handed the adress over to the driver who seemed pleased he was getting paid a healthy amount.

But Gerard, my boyfriend is worth it


"Daddy daddy wake up" Charli shouted as she shoved her hands on his cheeks in attempt to make him get up.

He shot up, banging his head on the top of the bunk and looked around, "What? What is it?" he asked quickly getting up.

He noticed his pant's were quite warm and wet. He feared the worst.

Shit, no. Did I have like a kinky dream or something about Harper last night?

"Me's desperate" Charli cried, wriggling about on the spot holding her pyjama pants which Gerard noticed were very soggy.

Phew. It was Charli having an accident.

"Ah shit" he said to himself as he realised he was covered in it as well, "Why didn't you go to the bathroom?!" Gerard shouted to Charli as he started to remove her wet clothes.

"You are potty trained"

"But me couldn't get in" she said as he wrapped her in one of Bob's shirts that was lying on the floor.

He sighed and walked over to the bathroom, shoving the door but finding she was correct. Something was blocking it. Gerard pushed really hard and it slowly slid open, revealing Frank sprawled out on the bathroom floor sleeping like a baby. Gerard took Charli's wet clothes and wrung them over Frank's head.

"What the...?" he said as he touched the wetness on his cheeks. He smelt his finger's and realised what it was so he shot up.

"Omg, what the hell?" he shouted at Gerard who was smirking.

"That's for making my daugther not being able to get into the bathroom, which resulted her pissing all over the bed, herself and me" he replied with a smug look on his face.

Frank rolled his eyes and started to get washed. When he was done he checked his phone, reading the message from Harper which he noticed was sent two hours ago.


Harper cleared her throat as she got out of the cab and handed the money to the driver. She straightened out her clothes and hair and headed towards the venue. She had arrived an hour earlier than planned all because the driver was a speeding maniac. Straight away she noticed which was the MCR tour bus and she knocked on the door.

Suprisingly Gerard answered and he looked confused, then happy.

"What are you doing here?" he asked rushing forward and hugging Harper.

"I came to see you silly" she said smiling, but then she scrunched up her face, "What is that smell?" she asked, stepping away from Gerard.

"Three words. Charli and Frank" he said

She nodded understanding he need not say anymore.

After everyone had said hello and good morning Harper had cleaned Charli up (who was excited to see her) while Gerard got ready. The three of them had decided to go out nd get something to eat before the show that night.


They were in the que at a small cafe they had found up the road when Harper could here someone whispering behind them. She glanced around but only saw two young girls. Shaking her head she turned around and thought nothing of it until it started again. This time when she turned around the two girls were whispering and looking at her.

"Can I help you?" she asked trying to be as polite as she could.

The tall one nudged her friend who then spoke up, "Um, we were just wondering if the rumors are true?" she asked Harper who looked at Gerard slightly confused.

"What rumors?" he asked the girl.

"About you two dating"

Gerard just nodded, "Yeah there true. This is Harper my girlfriend, and of course you will know Charli"

They both nodded and waved. This time the tall one spoke, "We didn't mean to be rude we just didn't want to interrupt"

"It's fine seriously, so what are your guy's names?"

"I'm Karen" said the tall one, "And I'm Neve" replied the other.

Gerard smiled, "Well it's nice to meet you both, are you guy's fans of the band or something?"

Again they both nodded. The tall one had short curly hair and brown eyes while her friend had short brown hair cut into a bob, she had green eyes.

"You should join us for something to eat" Harper said, much to Gerard's silent objection, he just wanted to be with his two girls.

"No it's fine we don't want to bother you" said Neve.

"It was nice meeting you though" Karen said, "We will be at the show tonight anyway"

"I might see you there then" Harper said as they waved and left.

Charli, who had been silent the whole time waved both her hand's to the girls and shouted several times, "Bye-bye-bye!"

Gerard got the food and took it over to a table by the window. He leaned over and kissed Harper full on the mouth, holding her hand in his.

"Don't tell me" she said, "You were being spontanious"

He just grinned and put his arm around her while Charli sat in the middle of them. He felt perfect and forgot all about Jade and what date it was.

That was until Rick walked in.

A/N- This chapter took six hours to complete. Forced out like a newborn minus the blood.

Hopefully more insperation soon!

dondon xo.
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