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Chapter 19

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-Evie- R&R please?

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-Evie’s POV-

After the party was over, Holly led me and Brendon out to the gazebo where she and Bill first kissed. She gave me a smile before scurrying away and leaving Brendon and I standing there together. The twinkle lights then came on and a soft tune appeared out of nowhere. I blushed underneath the light’s glow. I think Brendon saw because he pulled me closer and I placed my arms around his neck, minding my arm cast of course. He was always so kind and caring. And his eyes would sparkle whenever I looked at him. There was no doubt about the love I felt for him.

“It’s nice being alone with you.” Brendon whispered to me.
My blush darkened, if that were possible, and I smiled, “It’s nice being alone with you too.” I told him.
Brendon smiled and began to lower his face closer to mine, almost closing the small gap between us.

This was it, he was about to kiss me. I smiled and closed my eyes, leaning in when somebody screaming in happiness made me jump and back away from Brendon.
“Brendon!” the voice screamed, coming closer, “We’re going on mother truckin’ TOUR!” they shouted excitedly, coming up to the gazebo and hugging Brendon tightly.
It was Jon now that I noticed.

My heart fell as I backed away again after seeing Brendon smile widely and hug Jon back. They’re going on tour... oh well, I suppose it’s for the best. Besides, I’m the one who wanted their band to get signed, I’m the one who showed their stuff to Pete... in a way, it’s my fault. Anyways, Brendon can find someone else, someone beautiful, someone loveable, someone... who knows things about their past. I walked down the few steps of the gazebo and began to make my way back inside and upstairs to Holly’s room.

Their happy words and shouts broke my heart yet I knew, this was my own doing, and it was for the best. I shook my head and held my head high as I made my way inside the now messy home, and proceeded upstairs to Holly’s room. However, my feet changed course as I noticed Patrick sitting in his room writing something down. My feet took me over to his room and I knocked timidly on the door.

His head shot up and he smiled at me, “Hey Evie. Pop a squat hun.” He smiled, patting beside him.
I closed the door behind me on my way in and sat beside Patrick on the bed. I looked at what he was writing and saw it was a sheet of music notes.

“Musical mad scientist busy at work eh?” I asked with a small smile.
He chuckled, “Something like that. Just doing some last minute changes for tour.” He told me.
Again with a tour, “Oh? Who’s supporting the amazing Fall out Boy?” I asked.
“Ryan’s band. Panic at the... something, something.” He replied, forgetting the name.
“Disco. Panic! At the Disco.” I reminded him sadly.
“Yeah!” he replied excitedly with a smile, “They’re good, real good. Haven’t heard anything like them before.”

I nodded in reply and played with my hands, “So... when do you guys all leave?”
“Well, we’ve had this tour planned for a while and we just needed a support act. So, we leave in 2 days.” He told me.
2 days!? That’s not very long at all!
“Oh? Well, I hope you have fun ‘Tricky.” I smiled, getting up and making my way towards the door.
“Thanks, and stay safe Evie. Please.” He said, with a pleading tone.
I nodded, “I’ll try.” I said in a joking way, not sure if I meant it or not.

I opened the door and made my way over to Holly’s room, changing into my own clothes and hanging her dress back up and setting it in her wardrobe. I decided that, because I was sleeping over, for the first time might I add, I may as well have a shower. So, that being said, I grabbed my backpack and made my way over to her bathroom before locking the door behind me.

After I had my shower, I dried off quickly and pulled on the shorts and singlet I had brought in my backpack. Once I was dressed, I shoved my old clothes in the bag and walked out and back into Holly’s room where I let my bag fall haphazardly on the floor. My guitar was leaning against the wall, singing out to me to play it. I smiled to myself before making my way over to the beautiful instrument and sitting down with it in my lap.

I began to play the first thing my fingers thought of, quietly singing along to every word.

‘Blinded by the lights
hold you through forever
never let you go

‘cause if you jump
I will jump too
we will fall together
from the building's ledge
never looking back at what we've done
we'll say it was love
cause I would die for you
on skyway avenue

where are your guts to fly
soaring through, through the night
and if you take that last step
I'll follow you
leave the edge and fly
we're finally alive...’

“Evie?” somebody asked, causing my head to dart up quickly to see Holly and Bill.
“Hey.” I replied, setting the guitar down and crossing my arms over it.
“You alright?” Bill asked, getting straight to the point.
I shrugged and winced, my ribs were still a bit tender, “M’fine.” I told them.
Holly’s eyebrow rose, “Are you sure hun? You don’t need to bottle it up, remember I’m here for you.” She told me with a small smile.
I nodded, “Don’t worry about me guys. I’m fine. Now, I shall let the two of you get changed and we will... I dunno. It is my first sleep over people! Now chop, chop!” I giggled, shooing them away.

They both sent me weak smiles before walking away, grabbing some clothes and going into the bathroom. As I plucked aimlessly at my guitar, I promised myself something. I wouldn’t cry. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t cry. I had to prove to everyone I was strong and it wasn’t affecting me. I had to be strong... please?
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