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I'm A Trouble Maker, Never Been A Faker

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A little filler! xD

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Hola! This is not meg, its her very best friend, CAROLINE! (Iknow, you're all - HOLY CRAP! FROM THE STORY?! No, well yes, but I'm a real person! gasp) Anyways, Meg couldn't update due to the fact that she doesn't have time, sooo I thought i should! xD This is just a little filler, hope you like! xD


~Joe's POV~~~~~~~~~

It's been a couple days since I've been home, but I think Nick should know I broke up with Katie.

I ran into the living room to find Nick playing Sing Along- High School Musical. He's such a little girl.

"NICK!" I yelled.
"WE'RE SOARING! WE'RE FLY- JOE! YOU MESSED UP MY GODDAMN SOLO!" My 17 year old brother yelled.
"Shut up! Listen, Katie..Left..Me..For..That stupid prick Gerard!" I told him dramaticly. He started laughing really hard and fell over, crying from all the laughter.
"Nick! I'm not kidding!"
"Oh..." He realized...Only to start laughing again.
"Ha! She-laugh-left-laugh-you-laugh-for-laugh-an emo kid!" He laughed in between words.
"NICK!" I smacked him upside the head. "Act your fucking age!"
"At least I can get a girl...OH! I KNOW! LETS CALL HER!"
"What?! Why?! No! I love her! Don't!"
But no, my idiot brother dialed the number.

"Hello?" Katie asked.
"Hey! Its Nick!"
"Oh..Hi Nick..Listen now not a g-"
"Do you know where Caroline is?" He cut her off...OH.MY.GOD!
"Um..Yeah..She's out with her friend Brendon..Why?"

"But she's sooo prutty!" He whispered to me.

"I was just wondering! Hey, do you know if she likes me!?" He asked as I smacked my forehead.
"I don't know..Maybe...She did say you were cute.."
"VICTORY! Bye Katie! Oh yeah, Joe's sobbing over losing you!" He quickly hung up.

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You! First, you call my ex! Second, you tell her I'm sobbing! Third, YOU USE THE CALL THE GET HER SISTER WHO ISN'T INTO YOU!"
"Yet." I hate my perverted brother.
"Go have sex dreams or something, you fucking freak."I spat.
"M'kay! Bye Bye Joe Joe!" He walked out of the room.

I need a new family...

Like I said, just a short, silly, stupid, filler...Hehe. I couldn't help it, you know you laughed..I think..

Anyways, REVEIW! Please! PLEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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