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Jaded (Theses Years)

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Jade Armstrong is Benji's personal assistant! She gets what he needs and wants. Joel just came in and out as he plz!

Jade's pov

Damnit I am getting ready for a tour woo hoo with very pissed off Madden! Joel came to sit by me "hey Jade is Benj in a mood to day?" he asked

I looked his way "yes he is Joel why don't you take care of him sense your his twin brother?" I asked him.
"B/c your the one that tends to his every mood and sickness and see thats your job thats not Joel Madden's job!" he said looking at her.
"Are you always this full of your self Joel?" I asked
"Yes only to you my dear only to you!" Joel said

"Your his brother I am just his assistant not yours! And yet your just making me bend over backwards for your ass I am just about sick of it. Seriously I use to love working for him but sense you step in you made this a shitty job! Your just making matters worst between him and myself. Joel I have your brothers career in my hands I don't wanna quit because of you ok?" I got up and left him sitting there with mouth wide open.

I saw Benji standing there with a goofy looking smile on his face. I just walked by him "thanks for putting Joel in his needed place I am sorry that you had do it Jade?" Benji says huging me.

"He is getting on my nerves Benj in a few weeks I me will halfa be on a bus with him! Take me away from him before I quit?" I said grabbing his hand.

"Ok let me ask Joel hopefully he doesn't want to go." he says going to ask Joel.

And of coarse he wanted to go so we took him with us. Benji had some where to dj tonight I am going to get drunk! Joel comes near me I am leaving! I cept my profile low so Joel won't be looking.

Normal pov

Joel saw Benji up in the dj booth he went to him. As he spinning records "Joel I want you to keep eye on Jade for me? Plz don't be a dick to her plz I know you two can't stand eachother. Joel plz do this for me plz?" He asked.

"Ok Benj but she hurts my feelings I am leaving ok?" Joel looked at Benji.
"Yea ok just keep an eye on her bye!" Benji got back to spinning records.

Joel's pov

Of all people in the world he has to pick the one girl I can't stand it her to be his personal assistant! I see her dancing with a boy I stay away for a while then as I am coming up to her. I saw him grab her by the hand lead her. Joel Madden I'm on the case "excuse me what where do you think your going with her?" I asked him!

Guy looked at me and said "I am leaving with her so just leave us alone" he says walking out.
"Joel save me I don't wanna go?" she says
"Let her go she doesn't want to go so just let her go!" I said pulling her behind me she's little drunk ok she alot drunk or she wouldn't even be near me!

Then he left I took her to the back so we can chill "Joel I wanna drink?" she asked
"No Babe you have had enough!" I said watching her sit by me.

Benji was done by 2 am! Me and BEnji carried her into the house "Joel I said to keep an eye on not get her drunk?" he says.

Normal pov

A few weeks later it was tour time woo hoo! Guys had there caffenee they were ready to go Jade is mad in the morning! Benji went out to get something pepsi and cimmunbun for her that made her day. She had Benji's day plan out for the first day of tour! Benji knew she had everything under control but he also knew Joel had a thing for a young lady her name is Jade!

After a few weeks of being on tour Dean and Billy were in the back of the bus playing game cub. Jade is in her bunk this is what she heard "dude I swear Joel is totally like quiet when she's around, he's all the time flirting and making scenes with her that are not big at all! Seriously they just need get together?" Billy says.

"I know you mean Jade flirts back he doesn't do anything about it! He just leaves it makes a sting worst when he gets into Benji's business! Benji feels the same way. I think we should push them together what do you think?" Dean said

"You think both of them! Guys we have to plan to get them together some how?" Paul says

Benji walks in "guys what we talking about?" he asked sitting down by Paul!
"Were talking about getting Jade and Joel together! Joel likes her he like flirts with her when he can does nothing about it?" Billy looking at Benji.
"I agree but Joel is to shy to do anything about it you and I both know that?" He says Benjamin have you whiped to long or something.

"Seriously Benj we know Joel likes Jade but we half to do something this getting on my nerves! He comes to tell me how wonderful it would be if he could take her out with out that stick up her ass?" Paul said laughing.

"He's the one with stick up his ass! I know why he keeps coming over and its not for my benefit its for hers. To be honest you we need to keep them apart until they want to be together!" Benji looked at them.

"You know you maybe on to something there Benjamin!" Billy said
Billy looked over to Paul and Dean and said this "are you two thinking what I am thinking?"
"YEa I am are you Paul?" Dean looked over to Paul
"Yea!" Paul says.
"WHat are yall up too?" BEnji asked
"You just said to keep them apart until they want to be together right?" Dean said
"Yea I did sorry!" he says.
"Hey guys what are we talking about?" Joel asked
"Well were talkin about how we can get away for a few days that is all!" Billy says

After a few days the plan is going down now the boys are in place lets go! Jade was doing her job with Benji that would keep any woman busy the way this boy eats is it! As days turns into weeks without seeing Joel was nice but she did miss him! As did Joel miss her he missed calling her names and helping her out with a few things. He had to admit he actucally like having her around!

Joel's pov

Guys this is not cool I wish I could see Jade it would refreashing then seeing these guys. I love them and all but I miss seeing her! I love my bro but I like her! It took me along time to say that I like her damnit! I miss her talking her and so what if its like arguing with Jade at least we talk to eachother. I hope we have some time soon!

"Have you guys seen Jade?" I asked them.
"Yea she's taking a nap." Benji said
"I gotta tell her something?" I said going back to her bunk.

I looked in she turned over "hey Joel I wanted to talk to you!" she says.
"Can I join you?" I asked her.
"Yea sure come on in dude?" she made room in her bunk.

"How are you doing?" I asked her.
"Im good except for the fact Benj hasn't let my hand go ever since we started this tour!" She says looking at me.
"How are you doing?" I asked her.
"Im good except for the fact Benj hasn't let my hand go ever since we started this tour!" She says looking at me.
"Jade sorry for the guys I know they had this plan. Jade I had this feeling for along time that I like you it just didn't hit me until I missed you I mean I miss talking to you is all" Joel said
"I like you to Joel but I have business with your brother see this wouldn't be fair to Benj. I am sorry but no!" she says like she just killed my heart.

I got up and walked away I went to a bar to drink my sorrows away. Damnit I liked her its obvious she doesn't like me back. I look back its my brother hide me. Benji sat down right beside me "bro stop drinking its only going to make it worst if you don't stop! She'll come around Joel trust me I know she's liking you too so stop drinking. If you want her that bad then go get her then don't sit drink your life away!" he says to me has he took me back to the bus.

He took me to my bunk I got in I started to move but theres something in here! Oh its just a note goodie woo hoo more to read! Then I see Jade standing there "I am sorry Joel I just realize what you said I like you too! Ima little slow sorry can you share your bunk with me?" she asked "sure get in!" she got in. She's like Benji in a way know wonder they get along so good. So we just layed there looking into eachother eyes until we fell asleep.
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