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Never say 'I like you' if you don't care. Never talk about feelings if they're not there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart.

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Rose sat next to her fiancé Scorpius practically glowing. Happiness radiated off her soul as she clasped hands with his, beaming at him. Scorpius on the other hand seemed to be disturbed; it should be a happy moment in his life. He was going to marry a beautiful red-head. The Weasley, Malfoy, and Potter family were here celebrating at the wedding shower. Scorpius reached a hand up to his head scratching his platinum blonde hair irritably, his grey-blue eyes scanning the scene. Hermione, Rose's mother, was dotting her eyes laughing at something Bill, her brother-in-law, had just stated. Ron, Rose's father, was glaring at Draco, Scorpius's father, neither saying a word. Standing Rose announced, "Scorpius and I want to thank everyone for coming. This means a lot to us." Her eyes bore into his head. At first he thought she knew, than realized she wanted him to speak.

"Uh… ya...really nice." Lame, Rose would surely question him about his weak thank you. That is if she still wanted to marry him after he told her.

Sitting back down Rose's brown orb-like eyes narrowed in concern, "Honey is something wrong?"

Startled Scorpius replied, "Nope. After ah...After all this can I have a word, just us two."

She smiled nodding placing her hand on his thigh, tenderly patting it. Scorpius forced a grin which ended up more like he was in immense pain.

"Rosie, come here!" Her Aunt Ginny called to her, beckoning her over. Following her aunt's gazed she noticed her Uncle George doing some sort of jig on the table, he had grabbed Scorpius's mother and swung her around to the melody he was humming crying, "That's my Rosie!" Bursting out in laughter she poked Scorpius in the rib cage, "Look it! Geese, some family huh?"

"Ya some family."

A soft pop erupted off in the distance and a pitiful looking woman stood a few feet away, her hair blowing lightly in the wind. Rose brightened at her appearance.

"Lily it's about time! I saved you seat!"

The girl hesitated than stepped forward; she had a tired expression on her face, as if something dreadful had happened. Hugo came up to Lily,

"Hey bud, you look down in the dumps. What's wrong?" Rose strode over with a panicked Scorpius in tow.

"That's because something happened." Lily's voice came out as a feeble mutter.

Rose embraced her cousin gingerly inquiring, "What's the matter?"

There was an awkward silence in which Scorpius felt as if he was about to pass out. He began to tremble, Lily was going to squeal. He had to tell Rose, not Lily.

"I'm pregnant." Lily murmured folding her arms across her chest, clearly upset. Scorpius's head shot up, what did she say? He must be losing it.

"Lily, are you serious?" Breathed Rose not sure she was getting the whole picture.


"Who’s the father?" Asked Hugo gawking at his cousin in horror. Lily sighed exasperated, just wanting to be alone. She shuffled her feet miserably.

"Rose I'm so sorry."

"What are you talking about Lily?" She whispered a feeling of despair boiling within her stomach.

"Lily, please..." Scorpius pleaded, begging her to let him break the news to Rose.

Lily ignored his protests simply saying, "Scorpius."

It took Rose a few minutes to process what her cousin had told her, the next thing she knew Scorpius was laying on the ground while Hugo shouted, "BASTARSD!"

"Hugo, stop." She whispered; every eye was turned on them. "Rose." Her mother mumbled a grim expression plastered on her face.

"Rose, listen to me. I was going to tell you..."

"But you didn't." Her voice beginning to crack, she felt as if she was being suffocated.

"It wasn't his fault." Lily defended Scorpius, but she knew he would lose.

"Yes it is," She hissed her voice gradually getting louder, "it takes two people to have sex."

Scorpius hung his head low; the entire Weasley family was standing up glaring at him, anger flashing in their eyes. Rose appeared to have been stabbed in the gut, her typically cheery eyes glazed with sorrow.

Taking the diamond ring off her finger she said, "Here take it."

"Rose, no...Please." Scorpius began but Rose silenced him.

"It no longer represents your promise to me." A tear cascaded down her face, splashing unto the dry earth with a heavy thud. Rose thought she would die then and there, but she had too much pride. Standing straight she stared Scorpius in the eye, and with a heavy heart declared, "The weddings off." Turning on her heels, she apparated out of sight, and out of Scorpius's heart.
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