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“Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious...”-Michael Stipe

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Rose sat on the coach in her apartment staring at the floor, her eyes red and puffy. She sniffed looking up at her cousin Roxanne who was trying desperately to comfort her, failing miserably. Roxanne was Rose's best friend, it also helped that Roxanne's father was her Godfather and Uncle George.

"Come on chicka it's been a week since you two broke up."

"Roxy, we were together for 3 years! One of which we were engaged. So it's kind of hard to just get over it."

"It really bites doesn't it?" Roxanne breathed putting an arm around Rose pulling her in for another hug.

"Ya only when I breathe. Anyway it hurts worse that it was with Lily. Gosh I'm so stupid aren't I? It was so obvious, with Scorpius and Lily sometimes being away at the same time, Scorpius's late night meetings." Rose grabbed a tissue dotting her eyes before continuing, "And I guess it was so obvious that I just didn't want to believe it."

"Rose, come on now. It has to be hard for Lily too. She is pregnant after all." Roxanne commented snatching a chocolate from the clear bowl on the mahogany coffee table.

"Oh ya so difficult to have said, 'No Scorp your marrying my cousin. Anyways I'm telling her what you want to do with me.' Or it could have been the other way around she could have forced him." Wailed Rose who started to shiver with anger.

"Rose you don't know anything because you haven’t talked to him. Maybe they both..."

"You’re so helpful Roxanne." Snapped Rose getting up to get a glass of water, chugging it down in one fierce gulp she resumed her position on the coach.

"Rose, that's reality."

Covering her face with her hands she sobbed, "Reality sucks ass."

"I know." Sighed Roxanne, embracing her cousin once more.

"Should I call him or should I let him, explain when he's ready?"

"Rose, call him."

Reluctantly picking up the phone she dialed Scorpius's number. Wizards had recently taken to muggle phones and found them very useful.

"Hello?" A soft voice whispered, Rose felt the color drain from her face. She quickly hung up bursting into more tears.

"Rose you have to get over this now!" Roxanne shouted annoyed at her pathetic attempt.

"I can't...She...Lily answered the phone! I'm not ready for this!"

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