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Ch. 6

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inspired by but not based on a true story

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There they were, just staring, waiting for me to scream and cry. Jeremy notices my scared expression and turns around. He tries to see their faces but can’t because, except for the light coming from the house, it’s practically pitch dark. But I know exactly who they are.
“Can I help you?” He asks them.
“No, but she can.” Mat says pointing to me.
“What does she have to do with anything?” Jeremy asks becoming angry and worried.
“You didn’t tell him, did you Melanie?” Cory asks evilly.
“Melanie, what is he talking about?” Jeremy asks me.
“Well you see Jeremy, Melanie is a part of our little ‘game’.” Larry tells Jeremy.
“Game? You call beating and molesting me a game?” I yell. I feel a lot stronger with Jeremy by my side.
“Now haven’t you learned that disrespecting us is bad for you? I guess we’re just going to have to teach you another lesson.” Cory pulls out a knife.
“You’ll never get your hands on her again.” Jeremy threatens.
“Funny; neither will you.”
“Melanie go inside.” Jeremy orders me.
“No, I’m not going to run from them anymore.”
“Melanie go inside!” Jeremy yells. Nick hears and rushes outside.
“What’s going on?” He asks.
“Oh, we were just going to play a game with your little sister.”
“Melanie go inside.” Nick and Jeremy exclaim at the same time.
“No! I’m not running.”
“That’s too bad; I always liked it when you ran.” Larry laughs evilly
Nick runs inside and grabs a 9 millimeter hand gun. He points the gun at them and threatens them, “You leave right now. Or I’ll kill you motherfuckers.”
“Ooo. That’s so scary!” Mat jokes.
Nick aims the gun right above Larry’s head and shoots the tree branch; a perfect shot. “Now, I’m going to tell you one more time. Get the fuck out of here!” They get scared. Cory drops the knife, and they run. “Melanie, what the hell was that about?”
I look at him right before everything goes black. When I wake up, I’m in my room where Jeremy and Nick are peering over me.
“Good, you’re up.” Nick says sarcastically.
“What happened?” I ask my voice cracking.
“That’s what we want to know.” Jeremy snaps.
“Melanie who the hell were those guys?” Nick asks softer.
I take a deep breath. Trying to figure out what I’m going to say. “Larry Bellhorn, Cory Brooks, and Mat Hill. They are the ones that beat and molested me.” I say looking down.
“Is one of them the guy that stabbed you?” Jeremy asks worriedly.
“Yes; Larry Bellhorn.”
“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”Nick says coming to sit next to me.
“I…I don’t want you to judge me or treat me differently.”
“Melanie Elizabeth Gibson, why on Earth would you ever think I would judge you?”
“Because Mom and Dad did.”
“What do you mean?”
“I told them okay. The first time it happened; but they just said that I was a slut and was asking for it. That’s why they left.” I start crying. “I couldn’t…I can’t take you looking at me the way they did.”
“Melanie, I am so sorry.” He whispers hugging me. I turn to cry into his shoulder.
“We should go to the police.” Jeremy announces. I pull away from Nick to look at him.
“Jeremy’s right, Mel. Those bastards need to be locked away.”
“But we need to go now.” Jeremy says holding his hand out to me. I take it and try to stand but there is a shooting pain in my stomach.
“Ahhhhhhhh!” I scream while tears stream down my face.
“What’s wrong?” They both ask.
“My stomach it hurts.” I sob.
“Okay. Hook an arm around my neck.”
“Why?” Nick and I both ask.
“We’re going to get you to the police, but I don’t know if you can walk. So, I’m going to carry you.” I put my left arm around his neck as he lifts me into his arms. I bury my face in his chest. Taking in his sweet scent; reveling in this moment. He carries me out to his car and sets me down in the passenger’s seat. Nick gets in the back. We drive to the L.A. Police Station. Once we arrive, Jeremy picks me up again. “Excuse me; we need to speak to someone right away.” He says once we’re inside.
“Sir, what is your emergency?” The clerk asks.
“We’d like to report attempt murder and molestation.”
“This way.” The clerk showed us to an officer’s desk.
“I’m Officer Johnson.” The man reached out his hand.
“We’d like to report attempt murder and molestation.”
“First of all, who is the victim in all this?”
“I am sir.” I say quietly.
“Why don’t we go into an office?”
“She can’t really walk right now.” Jeremy says.
“No, I’m fine.” I argue. He sets me down; it takes a moment for me to be able to accept the pain. But I soon follow the officer into an office.
“What’s your name?” He asks.
“Melanie Elizabeth Gibson.”
“What happened?”
“Larry Bellhorn, Mat Hill and Cory Brooks tried to hurt me tonight. Several weeks ago, Larry stabbed me in the stomach. When I was eleven and thirteen, they molested me.” I say as steady as I could.
“Why did you wait so long to come forth about it?”
“I was afraid.”
He sat in his chair thinking for a minute. “Wait, Melanie Gibson? The one that nearly died two months ago.”
“I’m going to need you to describe the molestation.”
So I go in explicit detail, describing how the first time happened. He listens intently and when I’m done he hands me a tissue.
“Can you do something for me?” I ask “Make sure they get locked up. Please.”
“I can assure you, they’ll be doing life.” With that he shows me out the door where Jeremy and Nick were waiting for me.
“What’d he say?” Nick asks.
“He told me to describe what happened, and then he said that there is going to be a warrant out for their arrest.”
“That’s great!” Jeremy exclaims.
“Do me a favor, you guys.”
“Anything.” They reply.
“Don’t ask me to tell you what happened.”
“Okay.” We all get in the car, and start the drive home. Nick leaves me and Jeremy alone on the couch, saying that he has to go to sleep, because he has a job interview in the morning.
“Do you need help getting to your room?” Jeremy asks when Nick is out of earshot.
“No, but I’d like some.” I have a feeling I know what is going to happen. Jeremy picks me up and starts walking upstairs.

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